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Gloucestershire Highways Area Parish Council Meetings West Area (Forest Division) – Wednesday 26 April 2006.

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1 Gloucestershire Highways Area Parish Council Meetings West Area (Forest Division) – Wednesday 26 April 2006

2 Today's presentation  Welcome and Introductions  What is Gloucestershire Highways?  Your local team  Customer Contact Centre  2006/2007 Works Programme  Questions  Any other business

3 Welcome and Introductions  Philip HoareHead of Gloucestershire Highways  Mark DaunceyNetwork Manager  Nigel PowellArea Manager - West

4 What is Gloucestershire Highways? Philip Hoare

5 What is Gloucestershire Highways? Background  Need to renew contracts  Changing local and national drivers  Further development of the service in Gloucestershire What happened  Negotiated tender process  Single provider of services  Flexibility in contract arrangements  Opportunity to have a fresh look at service provision

6 “A single organisation delivering highways and transportation services to the people of Gloucestershire” Halcrow Ringway GCC Gloucester City Atkins What is Gloucestershire Highways? Safer Roads, Better Journeys

7 What is Gloucestershire Highways? How is it different from now?  Single team to remove interfaces  Outcome and performance driven targets to improve: Safety Customer satisfaction Serviceability and best value  Profit only on success – bonus payment  Performance measured against two sets of indicators: Strategic indicators – strategic aims of the Council - 75% of the available bonus Operational indicators – key aspects of the service - 25% of the available bonus All leading to improved service delivery…

8 Improved service delivery How will the service be improved?  Communication  Right first time  Responsiveness  Long-term planning  Co-ordination  Value for money

9 Gloucestershire Highways

10  Single office at Imperial Gate, Barnwood  3 areas of operation – supported by 5 depots  New vehicles, plant, equipment and PPE  Works delivered locally but with central co-ordination Offices at Imperial Gate

11 Gloucestershire Highways

12 Our new workforce…

13 Construct/ Maintain Data Collection Management Customer/ Communication Plan Design Our Organisation


15 Your Local Team Nigel Powell

16 Your Local Team Stakeholder Manager To be appointed Area Highways Representatives Keith Jones Clive Saunders Douglas Smith Colin Brown Contact the team direct on: Telephone: 01594 860777

17 Customer Contact Centre Mark Dauncey

18 Customer Contact Centre  one easy to remember number: 08000 514 514  This is not about limiting access, it is about making it easy  All divisional telephone numbers still exist, so you can still call them if you prefer  If you call this number, the request for action will go straight to the SMC for action  It is not a call centre – it is a contact centre  The staff will take ownership of the call, they will not just take a message

19 Customer Contact Centre  Out of hours you can call the same number and the phone will be answered  This is a county-wide number, we will not be treating Cheltenham and Gloucester City any differently

20 2006/2007 Works Programme Nigel Powell

21 2006/2007 Works Programme Maintenance Schemes  Minor Roads Overlay  Minor Drainage Schemes  Minor Structural Repairs  Ruardean Hill Impact Scheme  Oakwood Road  Woodgate Road, Cinderford  Manor Road/Naas Lane, Lydney  B4215 Rudford  Park Road/Eastern Avenue Carriageway, Mitcheldean  Lower Lydbrook Ross Road  Klondyke Avenue/Steel Avenue, Lydney

22 2006/2007 Works Programme Maintenance Schemes cont.  Newent Footways  Forest Rise, Lydbrook  Sunny Bank, Coleford  Ruardean-Lydbrook  Primrose Hill, Lydney  Church Road, Cinderford  Orridge Street Phase 2  Pillowell  B4215 Dymock

23 What happens next? Philip Hoare

24 What happens next? Keeping you informed:  GH leaflet updating on works/contact numbers  Liaison with your stakeholder manager/area highways representatives  Continuation of current meetings cycle Capturing your views:  Feedback today   Personal contact

25 Your questions and views  Opportunity to give your views

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