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Inspiring Families Awareness Presentation Meeting the Troubled Families/ Families First Agenda in Cheltenham V4 11/2012.

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1 Inspiring Families Awareness Presentation Meeting the Troubled Families/ Families First Agenda in Cheltenham V4 11/2012

2 Cause high costs to the public purse No adult in the family working Children not in school Family members involved in crime and antisocial behaviour Local discretion factor: Child Poverty IF Project: Troubled Families Who are they?

3 Change the trajectory for these families Change the way services are delivered to them - re-designing these services for longer term Taking a ‘strategic and systematic’ approach. IF Project: Troubled Families Programme Aim

4 £4,000 At least one adult has moved off working age benefits and into continuous employment in past six months £3,900 Reduction in exclusions and truancy over three terms, a 60% reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 33% reduction in youth offending in past six months £100 No adults have entered work, but they have made “progress to work”, such as volunteering for the Work Programme in past six months or IF Project: Troubled Families PBR - Terms and Conditions

5 GCC is collating data currently held- within IS guidelines Partners are sharing TF data – within IS guidelines Regulations have been changed nationally to allow DWP to share data for the purpose of supporting TF Police; YOS; probation; housing are sharing TF data Matching the data sets is taking time.... However, Cheltenham currently has 127 children within 64 families on the present list. IF Project: Troubled Families Data Sets

6 IF Project: Troubled Families Delivery in Gloucestershire: Families First Sponsoring Groups & Programme Board Process planning, Data Analysis/ Tracking, Delivery, and Finance Groups Positive Lives Partnership (District Partnership) IF Steering Group (Local Delivery Group) Team Around the Family (including the Trusted Individual) County Structure

7 IF Project: Families First Delivery County Pathway 1. Troubled Family Identified 2. Local multi-agency discussion 3. Identify best contact for family 4. Contact visits family to gain consent 5. Family gives consent 6. Family identifies TI 7. Approved TI forms TAF 8. Case Work 9. Audit Process 10. Funding Claim Process 11. Transition Process

8 Inspiring Families Project: Delivering Families First in Cheltenham Created by CSP in response to high concentration of child poverty Developed through partner approach: – To provide support for families and communities – To impact on families in the long-term – To build the capacity of families to make decisions that would lead to a more positive path Designed in order to: – Support families live successfully as part of their community – Lead to families being able to continue making positive choices without support services – Align existing resources to create a sustainable delivery model, type in ‘ifcheltenham’

9 Inspiring Families Project Agencies who have helped develop IF Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) Cheltenham ASB Working Group Cheltenham Strategic Partnership Total Place Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) Gloucestershire County Council Gloucestershire Police County Community Partnership (CCP) Cheltenham West End Partnership Family Action Programme (FAP) Adult Education In Glos The Rock Third Sector Services Rethink NHS Glos Family Information Services (FIS) Homegroup/ Stonham Fairshares Glos People and Places in Glos Independence Trust Integrated Youth Services Hester’s Way Partnership Cheltenham Ladies College University of Gloucestershire Primary Schools Children Centres Community Resource Centres IF is seeking more partners to support families and community strands. Please contact us if your agency is interested in joining the IF Project.

10 Inspiring Families Project Strands IF helps all people become ‘successful’ by: 1. Intensive interventions that target families with complex needs. Support includes: – Trusted individual negotiates with the family – Single plan through asset map – Monitoring from Outcome Star TM Tool

11 Inspiring Families Project Trusted Individual: – Overviews whole journey – Removes support barriers – Monitors journey and records learning – Advocates for family when needed – Identifies who works with family at all stages

12 Inspiring Families Project Asset Map Who We Are Places We Go Our Gifts Our Stories Agencies We Work With Our Networks Our Family

13 Inspiring Families Project Outcomes Star Tool TM

14 Inspiring Families Project Strands IF helps all people become ‘successful’ by: 2. Wider community support aimed to help families by aligning exciting embedded resources to reduce intensive services needed. Includes: Links to economic wellbeing initiatives Timebanking and volunteering Student reward scheme Veg box scheme Befriending programme Active Steps training Universal support

15 Inspiring Families Project How could IF benefit your organisation? Additional support and resources for most challenging families Opportunity to get involved in wider community issues Added opportunities for your clients

16 Inspiring Families Project How can you help? 1. Disseminate this presentation to relevant staff members. 2. Arrange an individual meeting with IF to discuss how your organisation can become involved in IF. 3. Identify families that you work with who you feel would meet the criteria. Send this information to IF to compare to the compiled list. 4. Arrange a meeting with IF to discuss individual families you work with who are on the TF list. 5. Identify staff who may benefit from further training around Families First or Inspiring Families. – 3 hr training during day or broken into 2 pm sessions

17 Contact Details: Samantha Morine, IF Project Officer 01242 77 5172 Charles Welsh, IF Chair/ Primary Head 01242 51 5775 or 01242 51 5761 Tracy Brown, CYP Partnership Officer- CBC 01242 77 5176

18 For More Information: IF Project Information for Families: Type in ‘IF Cheltenham’ IF Project Information for Professionals: Click on ‘Inspiring Families’ Huddle Share Site Request Log On From IF Project

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