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2 The catholic church is situated at Maryland in Lagos state, Nigeria. It consists of a church and a shrine. The shrine is called the Marian Shrine. The shrine is so called because of its main function which is for prayer (in general).

3 Inside the shrine is the HOLY WATER compartment: This is a section where people can come to drink water freely and have the assurance with faith that they have been healed of their sickness. Holy salt is used to purify the water to make it clean and fit for drinking. It is referred to as Holy Salt because it has been blessed by the priest.

4 The next section in the shrine is the different Stations of the Cross. These stations of the cross are inscribed on the wall for easy accessibility and visibility. JESUS IS CONDEMNED TO DEATH JESUS RECEIVES THE CROSS JESUS FALLS THE FIRST TIME JESUS MEETS HIS AFFLICTED MOTHER 1 st Station 2 nd Station 3 rd Station4 th Station

5 The members pray these stations as they move from one station to another. There are 14 stations in a whole. SIMON OF CYRENE CARRIES THE CROSS VERONICA WIPES JESUS’ FACE WITH HER VEIL JESUS FALLS THE SECOND TIME JESUS MEETS THE DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM 5 th Station 6 th Station 8 th Station 7 th Station

6 They depict the 14 stations Our Lord Jesus Christ underwent in order to redeem mankind and bring salvation to humanity. CRUCIFIXION: JESUS IS NAILED TO THE CROSS JESUS IS STRIPPED OF HIS GARMENTS JESUS DIES ON THE CROSS JESUS’ BODY IS REMOVED FROM THE CROSS 9 th Station 10th Station 11 th Station12 th Station

7 Going through the stations is also a form of prayer. JESUS’ BODY IS REMOVED FROM THE CROSS JESUS IS LAID IN THE TOMB AND COVERED IN INCENSE 13 th Station 14 th Station

8 After the seventh station is the statue of Mother Mary and a little girl called ST. Benedette Subrino. This girl was said to have been praying fervently. During her prayer sessions at Lourdes in France, Mother Mary usually appeared to her.

9 St Benedette Subrino was the only person seeing Mother Mary during the apparition while others could not, so they did not believe her. Meanwhile there was an argument going on in the church amongst the Bishops on the naming of The Immaculate Conception. While this was going on, the girl was at her usual spot praying when Mary appeared to her again.

10 She was the only one who could see Mother Mary so people told her to ask Mother Mary for her name and Mary told her that she (Mary) was the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ! This came as a surprise because the priests could not phantom how she knew. This meant that the name had also been approved by Mother Mary herself.

11 The little girl asked Mary to show her a sign to confirm she was the real Mary, Mother of God. She was told to dig up a little amount of sand which she did and water gushed out of the spot. The water still gushes out till today and has been healing all forms of illness. The apparition is named Our Lady Of Lourdes in France. People go there to cleanse themselves and get healing by faith till today.

12 There is also an altar where the priest conducts the Mass. On top of the building is a big cross. Every thing in the shrine is made of natural things ranging from dry garner leaves to thatched roofs, it is also surrounded by beautiful flowers to show humility i.e. of Mother Mary.

13 The priest in charge of the shrine is called MONSIGNOR. The Shrine is steadily becoming a pilgrimage centre as various parishes and groups organize retreats and days of recollection at the holy grounds. Meetings of any other kind by any group or society is however not allowed in the Shrine.

14 Apart from the regular annual Novenas for the three solemnities of Our Lady, Novena in honour of Our Lady is celebrated every Wednesday evening (6.00p.m) at the Shrine. Pope John Paul

15 This starts with a procession, thereafter the celebration of the Holy Mass. It concludes with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction, prayers for pregnant mothers and blessing of sacraments.

16 The decision to have an Archdiocesan Marian Shrine was taken by the Archbishop Dr. A.O. Okogie in 1984. The purpose was to provide pilgrimage facilities for all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Lagos. Individuals or groups could come to Maryland to pray and give praises to God in union with Mary, our Mother. Archbishop Cardinal Okogie

17 The weekly Wednesday Novena in honor of Our Lady, though a parish event nonetheless attracts Catholic faithful from other parishes within the Archdiocese and visitors from outside Lagos. "A day with Mary is also organized every 1st Saturday of the Month at the Shrine"

18 It was also hoped that those who worship and pray in the Shrine are led to a deeper commitment and renewal of their lives and faith through the sacramental life of the Church, particularly through the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

19 The design of the Marian Shrine was done by Mr. Rudy F. Cemine while the construction was by Messrs Ronika Builders Ltd; George Oye and Ms Selsaabed Construction Company Ltd., under the supervision of Rev. Fr. K. McGarry who was also Co-ordinator of the Shrine.

20 The Shrine which now includes a Grotto of Our Lady, Stations of the Cross and an open-air altar is capable of accommodating about 10,000 people. Pope Benedict XVI

21 The Shrine was opened and blessed on the 8th of December 1985 by the Archbishop, who also said the first Mass on that day. The Shrine is dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of Peace and Queen of Nigeria.

22 MEMBERS OF THE LAGOS CLASS Nwazota Kene. Elias Yewande Suleiman Rukayat Omeihe Oluoma Adebayo Christiana

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