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Manistee Catholic Central School Christ Centered Excellence in Education Manistee Catholic Central School provides opportunities for all students to reach.

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1 Manistee Catholic Central School Christ Centered Excellence in Education Manistee Catholic Central School provides opportunities for all students to reach their fullest spiritual and academic potential.


3 Academic Year 2014-2015  Children of Veterans Tuition Grant (CVTG)  Michigan Competitive Scholarship (MCS)  Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG)  Police Officer’s and Firefighter’s Survivor Tuition Grant (STG)  Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)  Michigan Merit Award  GEAR UP Michigan! Scholarship  GEAR UP College Day Scholarship  Dual Enrollment

4 Eligible students: Natural or adopted child (no grandchildren or stepchildren) of a veteran who is permanently and totally disabled or deceased due to service connected causes or is listed as missing in action in a foreign country. ◦ Pays up to $2,800 per year regardless of need. ◦ Students must be age 16 to 26. ◦ Students must have at least a 2.25 GPA for renewal. ◦ College will bill SSG AFTER credits are completed.


6  Class of 2015 (current seniors) who will attend in 2015-16.  Based on ACT Score (scaled score of at least 90 or composite score of at least 23) and financial need per the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

7  SSG will send rosters to notify high schools of students with qualifying scores from the Class of 2015 in December.  SSG will ask parents of students to provide their Social Security number (SSN) to SSG. The SSN on the ACT test record must match the SSN on the FAFSA.  SSG will provide certificate templates for high school award assemblies in Spring 2015. NOTE: All qualifiers can receive a certificate of achievement for their score, but only those who have the score AND the financial need will receive a monetary award.

8  Maximum award amount is set each year by the Michigan Department of Treasury. The 2015-16 maximum award is $676.  Awards are pro-rated for ¾ and ½ time enrollment.  Maximums for class of 2015 will be determined in May 2015.

9  Based on financial need only.  FAFSA is source of need analysis.  Available at independent non-profit institutions only.

10  The 2015-16 maximum award is $1,626.  Awards are pro-rated for ¾ and ½ time enrollment.  SSG’s system “sees” only the first college code listed on the FAFSA when awarding. Students must notify SSG of their final college selection as soon as possible.  Students cannot get MTG and MCS at the same time.  MCS students at a private institution may receive a supplemental amount for the difference between $1,626 and $676 from the MTG fund.  2015-16 maximum will be set in May 2015.

11  Also known as the Survivors Tuition Grant.  Provides a grant for tuition for a child or a spouse of a deceased officer or firefighter who died as a result of work related traumatic injury.  Financial need is a factor.

12  Eligible students must have or have had Medicaid coverage for 24 months within a 36 consecutive month period.  Must submit application prior to high school graduation or GED and before age 20.  Pays a maximum of 24 semester or 36 term credits per academic year.  Pays only credit hours. Contact hours or billable hours charged by the institution are not covered by TIP.

13 State of Michigan Student Scholarships and Grants Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)  This program pays tuition and some mandatory fees at most Michigan colleges and universities.  If you finish high school before age 20, TIP funds will help you pay for college.  You are eligible for TIP if you have or have had Medicaid coverage for 24 months within a 36 consecutive month period.  Eligibility period can start immediately preceding enrollment in the sixth grade (age 12).  You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and a Michigan resident to receive benefits.  DO NOT wait until you are a senior to apply for these benefits. DO IT NOW!  You do not need to know which college you are going to attend in order to return your application; simply check the box that says “undecided.” To apply, you must follow these next 4 steps. Complete the application boxes below. (This form is only for use by the student listed above.) Write in your Social Security Number here E-mail Address Date of Birth (DOB) If preprinted DOB is incorrect, correct here Home Telephone and/or Cell Number ( ) Gender Male Female Current Grade Expected High School Graduation Date (month/year) * School Name City Michigan College or University you plan to attend Undecided Make a copy for your records. Visit our Web site at for more detailed information on this program. Mail or fax this application to: Student Scholarships and Grants P.O. Box 30462 Lansing, MI 48909-7962 Fax: 517-241-5835 If we receive your application, you will receive a verification of benefits letter for your college when you are a high school senior. It is your responsibility to notify us anytime your address changes. You may contact us at: Telephone: 1-888-4-GRANTS (1-888-447-2687) Note: By returning this form, the above-named student authorizes the Michigan Department of Treasury to notify postsecondary institutions of his or her eligibility for the Tuition Incentive Program. * A student has until August 31 of the academic year in which his/her class graduates. You must graduate or receive your GED before the age of 20. Student Name Address City, State Zip

14 Pays mandatory fees up to $250 per semester/term. Allowable fees: ◦ Technology ◦ Registration ◦ Student activity ◦ Per hour fees are applied to credit hours only.

15  Student must enroll within four years of high school graduation or eligibility is forfeited.  Student must fully utilize eligibility within ten years or eligibility is forfeited.

16  High School Graduates ◦ Diploma, “Certificate of Completion,” or GED are acceptable for eligibility for TIP. ◦ TIP is last dollar, which means other tuition- specific aid must be applied first. TIP will pick up balance.

17  Incarcerated students are not eligible to participate in TIP.  “Incarcerated does not include detention of a juvenile in a state-operated or privately operated juvenile detention facility.”

18  SSG works with Michigan College Access Network (MCAN), Local College Access Network (LCAN), and other community groups to identify TIP eligible students.

19  By taking dual enrollment classes in high school, students can get a jump on college credits.  It also saves money because they don’t have to pay for these credits in college!

20 NOTE:  All programs are subject to approved and available funding.  Maximum award amounts may fluctuate from one year to the next based on funding limitations.


22  Start in junior/senior year of high school.  Check with your high school counselor for available community scholarships.  Check local sources like Lions and Kiwanis clubs or other civic groups.  Use Internet search service ( Be on time with deadlines. Be persistent.  Don’t pay for search's – use only free programs.

23  Toll-free: 1-888-4-GRANTS (1-888-447-2687)  E-mail:  Web:   


25 Grant Programs Loan Programs

26 Work Study Other Sources

27  Grant Programs ◦ Generally doesn’t have to be repaid ◦ Federal Pell Grant  For undergrads with financial need ◦ Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant  Pursuing elementary or secondary teaching certificate  Commit to teach in a high-need field at a low-income school for at least 4 years.

28  Grant Programs ◦ Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant  Undergrads with exceptional financial need at participating schools ◦ Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant  Student of a parent who died while in service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

29  Loans ◦ Direct Subsidized Loans  Interest paid by USDE while student is in school ◦ Direct Unsubsidized Loans  Borrower is responsible for all interest ◦ Federal Perkins Loan  Loan made by participating school  No interest accrues while the student is in school  Low interest 5%  Depend on financial need ◦ Direct PLUS Loan  For parents of dependent undergraduates  Borrower responsible for all interest

30  Work Study ◦ Federal work program allowing undergrads at participating schools to earn money

31  The FAFSA is a ‘must do’ step in order to be considered for any financial aid regardless of parents’ income, grades, age, etc.

32 Faster turnaround; more accurate Submit after January 1, 2015 NO FEES Apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to sign your FAFSA (Parents and Students each) Due date for many scholarships is March 1, 2015. May submit by June 30, 2015

33 Required Data Who is the Parent? 1. Student demographic Information 2. Student financial information 3. Dependency Status 4. Parent Financial Information 5. Independent student household information 6. List of colleges to receive results 7. Signatures and certifications 1. Parent is biological or adoptive. 2. Parents living and married answer questions about both. 3. Parents are living together and not married answer questions about both 4. In case of divorce or separation answer question about parent you lived with the most in last 12 months. Or answer about parent who supported you the most. 5. If divorced or widowed parent has remarried provide information about stepparent.

34 If Parent Won’t Complete IRS Data Retrieval Tool 1. Student may borrow an unsubsidized loan only – must document with college or university. 1. Documentation required 1. Contact financial aid office at college/university 1. Available first Sunday in February 2. Log in to FAFSA 3. Click “Link to IRS” 4. Check “Transfer My Tax Information” 5. Review Tax Information that was transferred 6. If you submitted FAFSA before filing taxes you may still transfer tax data.

35 Special Circumstances Supplemental Forms 1. Contact Financial Aid Office at each College or University 2. Change in employment status after filing FAFSA 3. Medical expenses not covered by insurance 4. Change in marital status after filing FAFSA 5. Unusual dependent care expenses 6. College will review special circumstances 7. College may request additional information. 1. Other forms may be required by a college or university. Check with school for documents like: 1.Institutional application 2.Stafford loan request 3.Parent (PLUS) loan application

36 Corrections on the Web FAFSA 4Caster 1. Student or parent’s PIN required to update student or parent information. 2. Update tax data or correct errors online 3. Pop-up message will appear if transaction already corrected by a school 4. May use to retrieve tax data after filing a return

37 How is Aid Awarded FAFSA Processing Results Need = Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution Cost of Attendance: Direct Costs billed by school such as tuition, fees, room and board) Indirect Costs: Transportation, books and supplies, housing and food if living off campus. E-mail notification regarding Student Aid Report (SAR) Student may view application with PIN at

38 Important Tips 1. Submit between January 1 st and March 1 st. 2. You may submit after graduation but that is considered late 3. Respond PROMPTLY to requests for information 4. Don’t get hooked by Misleading Scholarship Offers Everywhere; Social Media, Mail, Newspapers, Magazines, Phone 5. Warning Signs of a Scam High Application Fees Guaranteed awards Everyone is eligible Masquerading as a Federal Agency Time pressure Unusual requests for personal information

39 Scholarship Postings and Applications Hard copy handed out to students Scholarships listed on Master Scholarship Profile Scholarships posted “Counselor’s Corner” on website Manistee Catholic Central School Scholarship Profile December 2014 Available at Scholarship Application Available Application Deadline Elks Student of the Month Manistee Elks Lodge #250 c/o Gini Pelton, 432 River Street, Manistee, MI 49660 MCCJanuary –May due by 10 th of the month prior Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship Manistee Elks Lodge #250 selects local winners c/o Gini Pelton, 432 River Street, Manistee, MI 49660 Applications at: or OnlineDecember 5, 2014

40 EVA SENG MEMORIAL GOOD WORKS SCHOLARSHIP MANISTEE COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION COMMUNITY SERVICE INFORMATION Provide a brief description of community service project(s) completed during high school. List them in chronological order beginning with the most recent. Please see the examples below for help. Attach an additional sheet if necessary. Service/ProjectDate s Hour s Role or Position Major AccomplishmentContact Person Dog Walking Service for Homebound Citizens [example] 9/06 - 5/07 150 Project Coordinator and volunteer dog walker Organized and scheduled volunteers to walk dogs for 12 homebound citizens; walked dogs twice a week. Barbara Smith 723-5555 Project Park Pick Up [example] 4/06 20 Worked on planning committee; worked on clean up day Cleaned up and helped make improvements to three parks in Manistee County. James Jones 398-0000 Approximate hours completed: _____________ Provide the name of the supervisor of your most significant service project: Name: _____________________________ Phone Number: ________________________

41 Scholarships & Awards (Not all inclusive) Local Elks Student of the Month Daughters of the American Revolution Clara Kraus Saari David “Rudy” Peterson Knights of Columbus Manistee Catholic Central Schools Kiwanis Rotary Life Leadership Scholarship Walter Fischer Scholarship VFW Arcadia Post #3314 Scholarship Filer Credit Union Scholarship Morton Salt University of Michigan Alumni Dr. & Mrs. John & Shelby Baribeau Manistee County D.A.R.E. Student Award Manistee County MSU Alumni Association MCC Alumni Association

42 West Shore Community College Manistee Community Foundation West Shore Community College Distinguished High School Graduate High School Academic Scholarship Werle Memorial Scholarship Warren Kaines Memorial Scholarship Foundation General Scholarship  Manistee Community Foundation Eva Seng Memorial Good Works Scholarship Disabled American Vets Manistee County Scholarship Karl & Irene Hermann Family Scholarship

43 University Scholarships National  University Scholarships Central Michigan Centralis Scholarship GVSU Award of Distinction GVSU Award for Excellence WMU Medallion Scholarship Aquinas Academic Leadership Scholarship  National Elks Most Valuable Student Elks National Legacy Award Best Buy Scholarships AXA Achievement Scholarship RMHC U. S. Scholarships

44 Scholarship Applications College Applications  Scholarship Applications ◦ Student Profile/Bio Sheet ◦ Activities: Academic, Athletic, Extra-Curricular, Community. ◦ Activities: Frequency ◦ Accent Leadership ◦ Awards / Recognition ◦ Special Events: CLI, 4H, FTE, NCYC ◦ Letters of Reference  College Applications ◦ Online or Paper ◦ Counselor’s Page – Transcripts ◦ Dual Enrollment Transcripts ◦ Contact college if no timely response Reputation o Social Media o Background checks o Counselor Recommendation form



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