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The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

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1 The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

2 The Hat Initials H B on the inside
3 year old style – yet can’t afford a new one Tallow stains – has no gas lights at home Ink used to cover damage – retains some self-respect Hairs and the smell of lime-oil - a recent visit to the barber Covered in house dust – owner does not go out much Sweat stains inside – owner out of condition Broken hat-securer – owner was formerly careful but not so now Lack of cleanliness also suggests his wife no longer cares what he goes out like

3 The goose Card attached to the bird’s leg reading:
“For Mrs. Henry Baker”

4 The Blue Carbuncle Present owner – Countess of Morcar
Alexandrite (blue) Stolen recently Found by Peterson in the goose’s crop

5 Breckinridge the Butcher
Physical evidence Witnesses Henry Baker Inspector Peterson Breckinridge the Butcher James Ryder John Horner

6 The Solution Ryder confesses Holmes traces the sequence of events
Decided to steal the gem Put the blame on Horner as he had already been convicted previously Stuck the gem down the throat of one of the geese in his sister’s herd Mixed up the bird with another which had a black bar on its tail Holmes traces the sequence of events The birds go to Breckinridge who sells them to the Alpha Inn Henry Baker unknowingly buys the very goose that has swallowed the gem He is attacked by ruffians in the street and runs away when Petersen intervenes as he accidently breaks a window in trying to defend himself, leaving his hat and goose behind Petersen leaves the hat with Holmes and cooks the goose for himself, finding the Blue Carbuncle inside Holmes sends Ryder away, believing it is better for him than to end up in prison ‘My work is its own reward’

7 The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle in words and pictures

8 Holmes looks at the hat with Watson

9 Inspector Peterson chases the men away

10 Inspector Peterson finds the blue jewel in the goose

11 Mr Henry Baker collects his hat and a new goose

12 Holmes talks to the butcher

13 James Ryder says he stole the blue jewel and hid it in the goose

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