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Third Expedition !!! EcoTurismo Scientific. AUTOMATIC PRESENTATION.

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2 Third Expedition !!! EcoTurismo Scientific. AUTOMATIC PRESENTATION

3 The Natural Reserve is 20 minutes on a boat west of Puerto Carreño on the Orinoco river that offers daily walks and trips on marked trails with ecological information of the region flora and fauna. Contributions to the effort of conservation and propagation of these resources is important because there are very few places dedicated with strength and perseverance. More than 15 years in the Orinoco region give to the O.N.G that administer it the credibility and strength to keep going with developing project in the region. One of these projects and the one that need support is………

4 The Greenhouse !

5 1-. The seeds recollection, its correct drying process and the seedling beds for the different seasons. 2-. The constant watering and dedication for the care of the establishment of the seedlings. 3-. The right scheduling for the planting on the ground process. 4-. The watering and the fire control in the first years of growth for future development. Propagation of Native Species. Reforestation and reclamation of areas and habitats for the local species endangered.

6 All these steps are costly because of the remote areas to work and the immensity of the region. The finance and support is needed more every day to try to balance the loss of forest that is happening for the spontaneous or provoked fires all over the world. Voluntary donations from tourist help to give continuity to this invaluable cause.

7 The Reserve offers the opportunity to contribute to this cause opening its doors to tourist that wanted to enjoy nature, visit new places with purpose and share livelihoods, all within the ecological and natural scene. ! Three nights max.

8 !! Guided half day walks on trails with information about fauna and flora.

9 ! ! ! Row a boat in the lagoon ! ! ! Row a boat in the lagoon

10 Opportunity to see: River dolphins, Otters, Hauling monkeys, Caiman, Turtles, Eagles, Cranes, A big variety of birds of the area, Reptiles etc. ! Other Trips?

11 On site representative : Alejandro E. Siblesz Vera -. EcoTurismo. -. AgroTurismo. -. EtnoTurismo. -. AcuaTurismo. -. GeoTurismo. -. AvenTurismo. Trips to Private Natural Reserves in the world biosphere reserve “El Tuparro” Vichada, Colombia. All day visits to local farms with typical plains activities like cattle and crops business, with cultural attractions of the “Llanos” region. Visits to Indigenous communities in various stages of modernism. Trip could include the sight of Ancient Pictographics. Sport fishing, snorkeling, Kayaks, trips on creeks in rainy season, water Ski... Trips to Geological formations unique in the world charged with renovation energy. What adventure do you have in mind ? “The Autana” ? “BEACHES” spectacular in summer.

12 PP Presentation and pictures: Alejandro E. Siblesz Vera Ambience: Birds of the rainforest and howling monkeys. On site representative : Alejandro E. Siblesz Vera V + 58-416-618-9494 C + 57-314-341-3300 Visit our Web page in construction orinoquiatours2010orinoquiatours2010 How to get here, cost and requirements? Send us an email with all your questions and doubts. We are here to answer and give you all the information Including reservations on airlines and local hotel if needed. If we do not respond within three days is because we are taking care of a client in a remote region. We will respond with the information asked as soon as possible. Thank you.

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