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Glacier National Park Were the adventures are always there.

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1 Glacier National Park Were the adventures are always there.

2 The climate Glacier has a random change of temp. every night it say to snow on glacier. On the mountings it will go to 90 degrease F then it will suddenly drop to about 45 degrease F in a blink of an eye.

3 Land features Some of the natures beauty is in the woods. Like the mountains and all the animals habitats and homes. There are beautiful mountains that can only be seen there so come on down. While you’re here you could stop to look at the one and only McDonald creek or some of or some of the beautiful waterfalls.

4 The national park of Glacier was founded by George Grinnell In the year of 1890. It has grown its populating up 10,000 people it is a very historical park. The original birthday is May 11,1910. They have clamed to know of Native Americans pasted by thousands of years ago. History

5 The animals Some of the animals are the grizzle bear, the brown bear, the bald eagle, bob cat, and river otter. Some of the plants are a glacier lily, white lily.

6 Activities Some of the activities are camping, hiking, backpacking, horse trails, wheelchair camp. Some water activities are kayaking and boating. Some winter sports are country skiing, snow shoeing, and winter camping.

7 Conservation Glacier National Park is serious about the environment. They are try to stop pollution. They have a special bus that can only be found in Glacier it is the Red Bus. It has been here since the 1936 it is made to make less pollution then normal cars. They also ask the visitors to pick up trash to save the environment and to keep the habitats clean.

8 Interesting facts The park was named for its curved and formed mountains. More then 70% of the visitors say that one of the most important reason to come see Glacier is it wild life. But more of the snow falls over night in Glacier.

9 credits 1. Emily. COM 2. 3. NPS.COM 4. National Park Guide.COM

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