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Georgetown Guyana July 14 - 17, 2008 Churches of Christ Guyana.

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1 Georgetown Guyana July 14 - 17, 2008 Churches of Christ Guyana

2 Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America Nicknamed GT, Guyana is located on the northeastern coast of South America surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Venezuela to the west, Suriname to the east and Brazil to the south.

3 Local Coordinating Committee Coordinating Congregations –Four (4) congregations located in central GT –Chaired by NRCOC (Bro W. Vyphuis) Local Coordinating Committee (chairpersons) –comprised of two (2) representative members from each congregation –the Coordinating Committee shall oversee and ensure all planning and implementation.

4 Areas of Responsibility Six (6) sub-committees Hospitality Transportation & Logistics Facilities Program & Workshops Public Relations Finance & Fundraising CL 2008

5 “And hold NOT thy Peace” Acts 18:9  Lectureship Theme & sub-themes  Draft Program  Preachers/Speakers Program & Workshops Theme:

6 Program & Workshops - Logo

7 Facilities – Sunday Morning Worship  The National Cultural Centre  Guyana’s premier auditorium  Leading space for hosting presentations in Guyana  Seats about 2,000 people

8 Facilities – Workshop Sessions  All sessions will be held at NRCOC and other congregations located in central GT

9  Letters of Interest sent to hotels  Visited sites - negotiate potential packages, quotations Hospitality - Accommodation

10  The food in Guyanese society reflects the range of influences from different parts of the world.  From India came curries  From Africa you find dishes such as foo-foo where plantains made into cakes and metamgee  Specialties of Portuguese garlic pork and Amerindian pepper pot. Hospitality - Guyanese Food & Dining Guyanese people love food. Our flavor is diverse. Our food is a stamp of our heritage

11 Other areas  Finance & Fund Raising oEach congregation has pledged to donate G$6000/US30 oLetters seeking donation from companies oDraft budget prepared oAssistance from Caribbean Lectureship Fund  Public Relations oProduction/Design of Banners, Magazine & Webpage

12 Kaiteur Park The entire Kaiteur National Park area is located within one of the largest and most bio-diversed rainforests in the world. Kaiteur Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. the world's largest single drop water falls - It has a free fall height of over 700 feet Relatively speaking that is five times the height of Niagra Falls

13 St George’s Cathedral – World's tallest wooden church Nature Sites

14 Churches of Christ in Guyana is proud to be the host of

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