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FireMonkey Deep Dive The Next Generation of Business Application Development.

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1 FireMonkey Deep Dive The Next Generation of Business Application Development

2 Media and graphics Rich user experiences Intuitive and interactive – easy to learn Simulated real world physics Touch and motion interaction Consumer Software Renaissance

3 Business/Industry Software Stuck in Past 90’s Windows user experiences Confined to mouse/keyboard interaction Complex to learn - slow to use

4 Key Markets ISV’s / Packaged Software Healthcare / Medical Manufacturing Financial Services Telecommunications Energy Aviation & Automotive BioSciences Pharmaceuticals Utilities

5 User Experience VCL MFC UE Performance UE Richness Business SW is stuck here FireMonkey

6 Introducing… FireMonkey!

7 FireMonkey Rich Application Platform for Business Native CPU and GPU performance Built-in Enterprise Database connectivity Windows, Mac, and iOS

8 FireMonkey is not … ManagedRIA HTML5/CSS3 Game Engine

9 FireMonkey is… App Development Platform Delphi C++Builder Windows Mac OS iOS

10 VCL and FireMonkey WinMaciOS VCL FM

11 Native CPU/GPU Application Platform Compile natively to Windows, Mac, and iOS Application, Database, and Animation are CPU powered All UI, Graphics, and Effects are GPU powered

12 HD Forms High performance GPU powered Scalable Vector Uis Maximum resolution on any device Hundreds of visual UI components GPU based Style Engine to control UI look & feel HUDs with transparencies and transition effects

13 3D Forms GPU powered 3D Forms Hardware based lighting, textures, and animation 3D Forms can contain HD UI elements and effects

14 Effects & Animation 50+ Photoshop-like GPU Effects Simultaneous multiple effects without performance hit Path based animation for all HD and 3D UI and graphics

15 FireMonkey Overview Cross-platform Modern themed/skinned UIs Real-time image and animation effects Direct2D, D3D, Quartz and OpenGL Native Delphi and C++ 100% Object Pascal Framework

16 FireMonkey technology Mac HD use Quartz 3D rendering on Mac is OpenGL Windows Direct2D for HD Direct3D for 3D FireMonkey use GDI+ for HD vector forms/controls, when Direct2D is not available

17 “FireMonkey” – HD, 3D, and GPU FireMonkey takes advantage of GPU whenever possible HD Form can be rendered on a computer without a GPU with a few restrictions: – No TViewport3D, No Shader based Filters A 3D Form requires a GPU - performs sophisticated transitions and manipulations of the user interface… … in other words, a 3D form may be the best choice for building a sophisticated HD user interface

18 “FireMonkey” Architecture TFmxObject = class(TComponent) – Create, destroy and release object – Cloning, storing and loading object from a stream – Child object manipulations (add, remove, search) – Free notifications – Abstraction layer for tab order – Support for FireMonkey resources – Support for FireMonkey animations IControl – Handles Focus, Mouse and Keyboard events – Implemented by TControl and TControl3D

19 “FireMonkey” Architecture IRoot – Interface for top-level containers – Handles Focused, Captured, Active controls – Implemented by TCustomForm IScene – Container interface for 2D objects – Implemented by TForm, TCustomLayer3D IViewport3D – Container interface for 3D objects – Implemented by TForm3D, TViewport3D

20 FireMonkey Styles FireMonkey Stylebook – Any object inherited from TBaseObject – Set StyleName to identify – Found using FindStyleResource method from parented object – Stored In / Loaded From a stream file FireMonkey Styles – A collection of FireMonkey resource style – WPF type of implementation – Styles can be inherited, saved, loaded – Look and Feel style files for Win7, MacOS, iOS and custom themes

21 “FireMonkey” – Animation Used to modify property values over time Machine speed independent Can be looped and / or reversed Can follow a variety of time / value curves Can be triggered by MouseOver, Focus, Visibility, etc.

22 “FireMonkey” – Effects / Filters Can be applied to bitmaps Can be applied to controls Can be triggered by MouseOver, Focus, Visibility, etc. GPU shader based implementation

23 3D Programming One object model to target multiple platforms FM uses right-handed orientation in 3D Hardware acceleration – Windows – DirectX – MacOS – OpenGL – iOS – OpenGL ES

24 FireMonkey and Cross Platform FM is a platform that supports – RTL – GUI – Database – Operating System Compile / Run on all platforms we support * * subset for mobile platforms

25 Fire Monkey - Demos Your first FireMonkey App Windows Mac OS X HD / 3D GPU/Shaders

26 Summary FireMonkey - The Next Generation Business Application Platform Fully harness the powerful GPU graphics hardware Rapidly build visually spectacular applications Invest in one platform and deploy to numerous OS-s Delphi and C++ compiled, native executable Fully programmable animations and effects Your imagination is the only limit !!! Go FIREMONKEY !!!

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