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A Look at the Factors that Create Cultures Through You Due A-11.4. B-11.03.

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1 A Look at the Factors that Create Cultures Through You Due A-11.4. B-11.03

2 Culture The beliefs and actions that define a group of people’s way of life. sc2=features&sc3=&id=1488

3 The Culture of Me Project What is It Create and illustrate your own personal culture presentation based on the different aspects of culture we have learned in class. Every page will discuss one aspect of your personal culture. They include a family tree, migration maps, and personal culture descriptions with illustrations that are apart of your life. Illustrations may be computer images, actual photographs, magazine pictures, or hand drawn. Each cultural element should take up one page (or the inside of an opened page) of your booklet.

4 The Culture of Me Project Requirments PART.1 1) Create a Family Tree (3 Generations w/ Pictures) 2) Create a Map that traces the movement of your family from their countries of origin to Austin, TX today. 3) Oral History Interview: conduct an oral history interview with one of your relatives, preferably a Grandparent or a Great Grandparent that discuss family history and culture.

5 The Culture of Me Project Requirments Part.2 4) Choose 2 elements of culture from each column of grouped cultural elements. 2-Personal 2- Ethnic/Social 2-Society 2 Physical Geography You will have one slide in your presentation for each element. You will have a Total of Eight Elements of Culture

6 The Culture of Me Project Requirments PART.2 Cont… 5) Put the elements in alphabetical order on the Table of Contents page that directly follows your cover page. 6) Refer to your notes on the ABCs of Culture to help you decide which type of information and pictures to choose for each element.

7 The Culture of Me Project Requirments PART.2 Cont… 7) Fill-out Cultural Template which is to include: - Term - Definition - A paragraph with a minimum of 5 sentences in each describing the element of culture in your life. Your sentences should be typed. Refer to your notes on the ABCs of Culture to help you decide which type of information and pictures to choose for each element. 8) You will need a minimum of 3 images (of you) that represent the cultural element and how it links to your paragraph description.

8 The Culture of Me Project Requirments PART.2Cont… 9) When writing about your personal culture you may include the influence of family. You may also want to consider future goals you have for yourself.

9 The Culture of Me Project Requirments PART.3 10) Select one of your ancestral countries and using the eight elements of culture you chose for yourself describe that countries culture. 11) Include a political and land use map of the Country 12) Write each, a compare and contrast short essay describing your culture with your ancestral countries culture…how do you fit in?

10 The Culture of Me Project Requirments 13) Your presentation is ready the day it’s due. This Grading Rubric should be filled out and should be immediately be printed behind your Cover Page. 14) This is a project about YOU. Have fun with it, BE CREATIVE and go the extra mile to create a spectacular project.

11 PERSONAL_Beliefs Religious Superstitious Top: A Muslim in Egypt prays toward Mecca Bottom: Jews praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

12 PERSONAL_Communication Language Signs Body language Slang Top: In Japan, China, Korea and other Eastern countries, people show respect by bowing in greeting. Bottom: In France, people greet each other with one or more kisses on the cheek. catholic-practice.html

13 PERSONAL_Dress & Appearance Clothing Jewelry Hairstyles Fabric Physical features Makeup For many men in West Africa, scarring is a form of tribal initiation and a sign of bravery. Done with razor blades, the painful process starts at puberty and continues into adulthood. Each tribe has distinctive tattoo designs.

14 PERSONAL_Jobs Ways to make a living Economic activities week_in_pics.shtml

15 PERSONAL_Knowledge Education Length Formal Informal Literacy rates 7

16 PERSONAL_Lifestyles Daily Routine Personal Hygiene Dining Dating Dining http://developingthefourskills.blogsp beginners-aim-at.html

17 PERSONAL_Movement Migration Colonial expansion Transportation Immigration

18 PERSONAL_Relationships Ancestors Parents Siblings Friends Co-workers Boyfriends/Girlfriends

19 PERSONAL_Shelter Style Materials Shape Size Color Arrangement of furniture

20 PERSONAL_Vacation/Recreation Leisure activities http://www.sunshine- formation.htm

21 PERSONAL_Zoology Indigenous wildlife

22 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_Art Types Visual Theatre Poetry Music

23 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_Foods Types Spices Taboos Number of meals Special occasions Lengua cooked in white wine- Tongue of beef simmered to tenderness in white wine and served with green olives.

24 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_History History Holidays Concept of time Ancestry Three Vietnamese men celebrate Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, in Hoi An.

25 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_Language Written Spoken Slang Body Language

26 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_Organizations Membership in organizations World Nation State Local

27 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_Taboos Unacceptable behaviors Tattooing Body Piercing Language Foods Clothing*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*

28 ETHNIC/SOCIAL_Tradition National, State & Local Family Traditions Wedding Customs

29 SOCIETY_Economy Trade partners Imports/exports

30 SOCIETY_Ethnocentrism Believing that one’s own culture is best or better than others. Anti-US banner in a demonstration in Brazil, stating: USA It is necessary to resist. Long live Brazil!!!

31 SOCIETY_Government Laws Values Titles Social roles Social order Top: Iraqi women show off their dyed fingertips after voting for the first time. Bottom: Iraqi election officials with two ballot boxes.

32 SOCIETY_National Pride Things that spark feelings of loyalty and patriotism Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in class following a moment of silence in remembrance of the September 11 attacks.

33 SOCIETY_Population Size Composition Where was this photograph taken? Homogenous or diverse?

34 SOCIETY_Quality of Life Birth rates Death rates Access to medical care Life expectancy (Feb. 3, 2002) Yukichi Chuganji, a 112-year-old retired silkworm breeder from Japan, has inherited the Guinness Book of Records title for the world's oldest man.

35 SOCIETY_Resources Natural resources Human resources 20031003172546.html

36 SOCIETY_Urban/Rural Population distribution and density Dense? Sparse? s_New/whatsnew.cfm

37 SOCIETY_ X Marks the Spot Absolute and relative What country can be found at 33N, 44E? What area of the world is this?

38 SOCIETY_Yearly Income Average earnings per capita

39 PHYSICAL GEO._Environment Physical features Landforms Waterways rest.html

40 PHYSICAL GEO. _Human/Environment Interactions Adaptation of the environment Modification of the environment Expanding deforestation in Mato Grosso, Brazil. (Top: August 1, 2001; Bottom: August 15, 2006)

41 PHYSICAL GEO._ Weather/Climate Regions Temperature and precipitation patterns Think LACEMOPS and Climographs!

42 PHYSICAL GEO._Xeriscape Natural vegetation of a given climate region

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