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Role of A Special Educator By Rukhshana F. Sholapurwala.

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1 Role of A Special Educator By Rukhshana F. Sholapurwala

2 Who Is The Special Educator Spectacular Perfectionist Expressive Confident Innovative Able Listener

3 Enthusiastic Dedicated Unusual Caring Approachable Trained Opportunist Resourceful

4 Role 1.Undertake individual assessments 2.Prepares an IEP 3. Works as a team 4. Keep the Parents Informed 5. Keep monitoring the progress 6. Praise & Encourage

5 Funding 1.Education Department 2. School Authority 3. Parents Teachers Association 4. Parents 5. There will never be enough – so get on with the teaching as the best things in life are free.

6 Need of the Hour 1.More Special Educators 2. Work on the Strength of the children 3. Fill in the gaps in learning ( Innovative ways/games) 4. Enable the child to achieve mastery

7 Motto A CHILD is a CHILD and the ability, disability or giftedness as secondary.

8 Specific Learning Difficulties By Lorraine Petersen

9 Specific Learning Difficulties Dyslexia: difficulty with words Dysgraphia: writing difficultyysgraphia Dyspraxia: motor difficultiesyspraxia Dyscalculia: a difficulty performing mathematical calculationsyscalculia Attention deficit disorder, or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADD or ADHD): concentration difficulties with heightened activity levels and impulsivenessAttention deficit disorder Asperger’s syndrome and autism: emotional behaviour or even social communication difficulties.Asperger



12 Overlapping Difficulties Sequencing Organisation Phonological Processing Auditory Perception Visual Perception Retrieval Language Memory Attention

13 Supporting Classroom Practice Shared programme Relevant, supportive resources Pupil’s strengths Presentation of information in accessible way Multi-sensory approaches Clear and consistent rules and instructions Memory strategies Time allocation

14 AIDS TO ASSIST ACCESS DIGITAL CAMERAS FOR Visual and/or auditory learners Sequential stories Working Memory Language work

15 Special Suitcases Low Level / High Interest Readers - Rising Stars Coloured Overlays Trackers Pencil Grips/Highlighters Numicon 2Simple – Maths games Mind Genius Mind Mapping Dragon 8 (Voice Recognition) Listening Skills Speechmark Memory Games Surer Steps Behaviour Digital Camera Lap Top Memory Stick

16 Organisation and Administration Undertake individual assessments or follow individual programmes Keep individual dated records Work as a TEAM (Together We Achieve More) Keep parents informed Keep monitoring progress Praise and Celebrate

17 Keeping All the Plates Spinning Just because there is an overloaded curriculum is no reason to hold the child responsible for failing to learn it all. Curriculum Extra Time Expectations

18 A Sense Of Humour

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