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Thank you for joining us! We will begin momentarily. For audio, dial: Telephone: 1-800-791-2350 Participant Code: 72806.

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1 Thank you for joining us! We will begin momentarily. For audio, dial: Telephone: 1-800-791-2350 Participant Code: 72806

2 HBA Mid-Atlantic Chapter 2014 Mentoring Program: Tapping into YOUR potential Mentor Training Sandra Caddell Mentoring Program Director

3 3 HBA Mentor Training - Agenda General Overview of Mentor Training Best practices Requirements Virtual Notebook DiSC Assessment Mentor & Mentee Connectors Key Contacts Next Steps Questions & Comments

4 4 HBA Mentor Training Overview The HBA Mentor Training program is designed to give volunteer mentors information & guidance Offer a ‘road map’ for novice & experienced mentors The training program is NOT to be viewed as concrete rules of engagement, rather as flexible guidelines and best practices Resources and tools provided: –Mentor Quick Start Guide –Program Training Guide –Virtual Notebook –DiSC assessments

5 5 The Ideal Mentor Open-minded and empathic Lifelong & passionate learner Good communication skills –Offers advice, not decisions –Astute enough to observe others’ reactions to mentees –Forthcoming enough to offer honest feedback (style matters) –Not judgmental Understands the big picture!! Can help mentees understand and navigate the politics, providing guidance and support Can open doors for mentees Will help mentees push limits and develop their potential Role model – trusted, respected & leads by example

6 6 Key Mentor Skills Self- awareness Sensitivity to one’s own and other’s ‘undercurrents’: professional/personal Belief in one’s success Ability to time travel Understanding of gender, cultural and developmental influences Active & passive listening skills Reflective reasoning Creative problem-identifier and problem-solver Ability and willingness to provide honest, constructive feedback

7 7 The Ideal Mentee Owns the process Takes initiative Is willing to listen, observe, learn and grow from the example of others Is loyal and keeps confidence Gives candid feedback and challenges the mentor to new heights

8 88 Guidelines and Best Practices

9 9 Rules of Engagement Confidentiality and establishing trust Accountability and commitment Open, honest constructive feedback Provide each participant equal time and attention Take notes and rotate responsibilities Plan agendas and assignments based on group needs Set goals and track progress through journaling Set standards for communication Regularly take the temperature of your group

10 10 Group Structure Mentoring circles are designed to provide a supportive & challenging learning experience –What outcomes do you expect from the experience? –What would you like your mentoring circle to be known for? –What professional issues do you want the mentoring circle to focus on? –What could get in the way of the circle’s effectiveness? –What do you expect of others in the mentoring circle? –How will you know if the circle is working? What would success look/sound/feel like?

11 11 Group Structure – Getting a Quick Start Mentoring groups establish a “flow” from one meeting to the next: –Mtg. 1: Introductions, goals, schedule future meetings –Mtg. 2: Discuss challenge and strengths relevant to goals –Mtg. 3: Share learning, explore approaches, commit to actions related to goals –Mtg. 4: Assess: What worked? What didn’t? what comes next? –Mtg. 5: Assess: What worked? What didn’t? what comes next? –Mtg. 6: Evaluate: Do you see progress toward your goal? –Mtg. 7: Celebrate success! Evaluate mentoring program.

12 12 Benefits of HBA – Part of the Mentoring Experience To enhance the mentoring experience, encourage Mentees to take advantage of the benefits of HBA: Attend relevant HBA programs Take advantage of volunteering – contact Sherilyn George ( HBA Chapter/Affiliate member (optional for Mentors) –individual membership encouraged but not required

13 13 Virtual Notebook Carla Brooks – Information & Platform Manager

14 14 Virtual Notebook

15 15 To Reset Password Select the “Request new password” link above the “Log In” button on the home page Enter your email address and select “Email new password” button You will receive an email from MentorMatchMe - with the subject line: Replacement login information for [Your Username] at Mentor Match with a link to reset your password

16 16 Main Page & Site Navigation

17 17 Key Components of the Site The journey is a structured process to guide the mentee through the mentoring process through goal setting. –The “road map” includes descriptions of each stage in the mentoring process with templates to track the progress of goals. Learning diary is a personal document where users can record thoughts and reflections as you go. –The system will sort diary entries and allow viewing chronologically or thematically. –Reflections and learnings can be recorded at any time, but there are structured opportunities throughout the platform to prompt entries. Guides for both mentors and mentees on how to get the most out of the mentoring process. –The Mentoring guides are specific to each part of the process, and are fully integrated with the learning diary.

18 18 Setting Goals

19 19 Setting Goals

20 20 Tracking Goals Enter your Goals Discuss your Goals with your Mentoring Circle The platform allows you to track the progress of the goal over time by –Setting clear objectives and desired outcomes –Capturing your thoughts and feelings and notes from your mentoring circles throughout the process

21 21 Journal in the Diary Go to “Diary” from the Main page Scroll down on the page and Select the “Add diary entry here” button You can enter a high-level title for the Journal Entry and enter more details in the Comments section. You can also upload an optional reference document and attach it to the Journal Entry

22 22 Resources {Have an email into Chris to find out the status and location of our HBA mentoring resources within the platform}

23 23 Contact for Help If you are having difficulty with the site, email –CC: so that I am aware of any platform Please give details of your problem and the browser you are using to view the site. –This will help the support team to quickly troubleshoot your issue

24 24 Mentor & Mentee Connectors Kathleen Butler – Mentor Connector Athena Colucci – Mentee Connector

25 25 What is a Mentor or Mentee Connector? 25 A former mentor or mentee who can relate to the challenges and perspectives of the current mentors/mentees in an effort to guide them through the mentoring program and serve as a primary point of contact. Who: To connect or proactively reach out to mentors/mentees offering them a line of sight into the program, providing a ‘safe harbor’ for expressing issues or concerns, and to give the mentoring participants a feeling of community in an effort to foster engagement and maximize the collective impact of the program. Objective:

26 26 How does this connection work? 26 engage Introductions at the Kickoff event Email follow-up with contact information and logistics for monthly calls listen Monthly conference calls for questions, hot topics, learnings/sharing Available as needed to mentors/mentees to provide guidance, trouble shoot issues or serve as a sounding board Survey to get the pulse of the groups improve Catch concerns or challenges early in order to course correct and make the experience a valuable one for all mentors and mentees Utilize experiences and survey results to improve program for next year

27 27 Who are your Connectors? 27 Kathleen Butler – Mentor Connector Clinical Project Physician for Teva Pharmaceuticals Mentee 2012 Mentor 2013, 2014 Athena Colucci – Mentee Connector Organized Customer Group Lead for AstraZeneca Mentee 2013

28 28 Using DiSC in Mentoring

29 29 DiSC Behavioral Profiles DiSC is a personal assessment tool Non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences Profiles help you and your team: –Increase your self-knowledge and awareness –Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict –Manage teams more effectively by understanding members dispositions and priorities –Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders

30 30 DiSC Journey Purpose: To understand your behavior preferences, behavior preferences of others, and how they work (or don’t) together in a professional environment Take the assessment: rtForm_quick.php ‎ rtForm_quick.php Kick-off Event: Discovering Yourself through the Eyes of Others By Amy Bakewell –“I am from Venus…Everyone else is from Mars” Your behavioral preference and how it differs from others. –“No good deed goes unpunished. Or, do you just need more creative communication?” How your behavioral preference impacts others. –“Learning to speak Greek.” Increase your influence by learning to adapt to other styles.

31 31 Requirements & Next Steps

32 32 Mentor Program Requirements Commit to 1½ to 2 hours/month in person and/or virtually (phone or web) for 7 months (April-October) Attend program Events: – Kick off: Tuesday, April 15 @ AstraZeneca (1800 Concord Pike, Wilmington DE) – Mid-Year: Wednesday, July 24 – Year-end Celebration: Thursday, November 9 @ MedImmune (Gaithersburg, MD) Take the DISC assessment Participate in check-in calls and surveys – monthly call, mid-year & year-end survey Encourage mentees to participate in check-in calls and surveys

33 33 Next Steps for Mentors Take the DiSC assessment ( ‎) – send results to Connect with your fellow Mentor Start thinking about your goals and goals for your circle Reach out to our Mentoring Circle members Log on to our Virtual Notebook; get familiar with what’s there Send titles of resources you’ve found successful to: for posting to our Virtual Notebook Accept invitation to join LinkedIn group Add Mentor calls and events to your calendars

34 34 2014 HBA Mid Atlantic Key Mentoring Contacts Kathleen Butler, Mentor Connector – Athena Colucci, Mentee Connector – Carla Brooks, Information & Platform Manager – Sandra Caddell, Program Director –

35 35 and comments questions ? ? ?

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