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360-degree Look at Me The Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) Presented by Kimberly Robinson.

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1 360-degree Look at Me The Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) Presented by Kimberly Robinson

2 Introduce the Leadership Effectiveness Inventory Review the Executive Core Competencies LEI Interpretation Sally Sample Receive Personal LEI Feedback and target areas for growth Tools for interpretation Agenda

3  The LEI 360 assessment tool is built on the 28 competencies under the Five Executive Core Qualifications  The report provides feedback from those that work around the participant (self, supervisor, peers and direct reports)  The design is a bi-level gap analysis, measuring:  What is required of the job  What is the current level of competency  LEI provides a safe platform for providing feedback  A 360 is non-threatening  A 360 presents statistics rather than emotions  The assessment is intended to be used as a tool for personal and professional development The Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI)

4  Identifies strengths  Identifies developmental needs  Broadens perspective of self  Helps to more clearly define one’s role as a leader  Balances one’s perspective and others in a non-performance based setting  Serves as a tool for a conversation with the supervisor  Serves as a foundation for creating a developmental plan for personal and professional growth  Involves peers, direct reports, and supervisors, thus bringing global attention to the importance of developmental effort Value to the Individual

5  Serves as an investment to the employee and organization  Provides a platform for open discussions  Encourages the organization to foster a more receptive environment, placing an emphasis on continual learning and development.  Identifies specific needs for organization-wide training  Identifies potential hiring needs  Helps guide the organization to develop training for succession planning Value to the organization

6  Open communication of purpose and process  Ensure confidentiality  Senior leaders are participants or openly onboard  Organizational support  Supervisor buy-in (or participation)  Good communication  Tying the plan to the organizational goals  Not a one time event  Not delivered during organizational stress  Not delivered during performance evaluations What makes a 360 successful…

7 A pre-briefing is scheduled to advise participants of the purpose of conducting the 360 assessment. Details of the process are shared. A timeline is established. Organization provides a list of names and addresses of participants to the Graduate School Electronic invitations are sent to the participant The participant invites others (raters) to complete the LEI on his/her behalf The LEI report is generated A group interpretation session takes place using Sally Sample to understand the report Individual reports are delivered Reflection and coaching Planning for growth and development Ongoing coaching Group reporting is made available to the organization Follow-up and celebrating success Process for GROUPS Participation

8 Define a 360 assessment and discuss why the LEI was selected Discuss the importance of Feedback Provide a complete description of the process Establish a timeline Discuss how to select raters and create a list of names and addresses Encourage participants to send a note to the selected raters prior to the invitation being distributed Assure participants of the confidentiality of the responses and the report Automatic reminders are sent to raters via Questions are addressed Pre-Briefing

9 Differing Perceptions

10 360-Degree Feedback SELF Supervisor SelfPeers Direct Reports

11 A competency is a set of skills, behaviors, or attributes that can be observed and measured. WHAT IS A COMPETENCY?

12 Executive Core Qualifications

13 28 86  LEI is made up of 86 leadership tasks, activities, attitudes and behaviors  Each of the 86 behaviors is linked to a competency

14 Conflict Management  Anticipates and defuses conflict situations.  Manages conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner.  Addresses formal and informal complaints from employees. COMPETENCY BEHAVIOR

15 REQUIRED Proficiency What level of proficiency does the JOB require? (Regardless of who is in the job)

16 CURRENT Proficiency What level of proficiency does the person possess? (Based on what the respondent perceives)

17 5— Very High Proficiency 4— High Proficiency 3— Moderate Proficiency 2— Low Proficiency 1— No Proficiency D— Don’t Know SCALE Anticipates and defuses conflict situations

18 Competency: Flexibility Understanding Negative Gaps BehaviorRequiredCurrentGAP Adapts behavior and work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, unexpected obstacles, or ambiguity

19 Competency: Integrity/Honesty Understanding Positive Gaps BehaviorRequiredCurrentGAP Models honesty and trust

20 Sample LEI Report

21 Self - perceptions….


23 Sharing strengths… Sharing areas for growth….

24 Identify 3-5 competencies and/or behaviors to be strengthened For each competency and/or behavior, select related activities to enhance performance and measure success Activities might include: Developmental, rotational or temporary assignments Readings Self study Formal training (classes, workshops, seminars, etc.) Higher education Shadowing leaders in the organization Volunteering for assignments Joining committees or teams outside the usual work requirements Soliciting feedback Develop a plan for growth

25 25 Developmental Suggestions Guide

26 Next Steps……………. STEP 1Revisit the report and clarify any questions or concerns STEP 2Receive input from others STEP 3Consider other sources STEP 4Select 3-5 behaviors or areas of growth to focus on for development STEP 5Create a written plan with specific tasks to measure and a timeline Share the plan with others STEP 6Measure successes and celebrate

27 Feedback….

28 Administration of the LEI The Graduate School USA serves as the administrator of the LEI report to include: Contracting for all LEI services Distributing electronic invitations Oversight of the rater process Maintaining the participant and group database Providing status of completion reports to client Delivery of electronic LEI reports to the client Delivery of requested Group Reports to the client Providing ECQ Cards and Developmental Suggestions Guidebook Certified LEI Trainers Graduate School USA - Point of Contacts Tracie Madden Kimberly Robinson

29 Q&A

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