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Athena Parthenos and Athena Polis.  n_Page n_Page  Search for: Parthenon.

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1 Athena Parthenos and Athena Polis

2  n_Page n_Page  Search for: Parthenon West Pediment Parthenon East Pediment Parthenon metope Parthenon frieze

3  Sprung from Zeus’ head Virgin Wisdom Appearance Shield and Spear Owl Attendant Nike


5  Poseidon and Athena compete in gift- giving on the Acropolis  Erechtheon

6  Subject of the Parthenon’s West pediment  Seen on arrival to Acropolis  Gods in attendance  Sculptural space

7  Odd space dictates postures  Standing, seated, reclining to fill space

8  Posture  Anatomy  Drapery  All are high Classical in style

9  Figures K, L, and M  Drapery and the bodies underneath

10  N Porch, S porch, main naos  Unusual plan reflects unusual purpose

11  Karyatids on the S porch

12  High classical style  Posture shows gentle movement

13  Ionic capitals are highly ornate

14  He hit the middle of Achilles' shield, but the spear rebounded from it, and did not pierce it. Hector was angry when he saw that the weapon had sped from his hand in vain, and stood there in dismay for he had no second spear. With a loud cry he called Deiphobus and asked him for one, but there was no Deiphobus; then he saw the truth and said to himself, "Alas! the gods have lured me on to my destruction. I deemed that the hero Deiphobus was by my side, but he is within the wall, and Minerva has inveigled me; death is now indeed exceedingly near at hand and there is no way out of it- -for so Jove and his son Apollo the far-darter have willed it, though heretofore they have been ever ready to protect me. My doom has come upon me; let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter.  As he spoke he drew the keen blade that hung great and strong by his side, and gathering himself together be sprang on Achilles like a soaring eagle… Iliad, Book 22

15 Arachne’s contest: What is woven? Marsyas’ contest: What is played? Aulyty, or ‘flute-girl’ in Greece, means a prostitute.

16  A story that begins with puffy cheeks…

17 What are the limits for mortals? When should you hold back? For whom?

18  Sharpening the skinning knife…

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