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Prostitution and sexual exploitation in the North East and Cumbria.

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1 Prostitution and sexual exploitation in the North East and Cumbria

2 Introduction Since 2007 mapping sex markets: 2008 Northumberland and Tyne and Wear; 2010 Co. Durham and Darlington; 2012 Cumbria; and 2014 Teesside. Part of NRF’s Safety and Justice Programme Worked with CSPs, DAATs, LSCBs and Probation Studies of adults and children

3 Women involved in prostitution across NE and Cumbria

4 Distribution of women involved

5 Children who are sexually exploited in NE and Cumbria

6 Local differences Off street markets associated with high numbers of brothels and escort agencies: high numbers in Newcastle, Durham and Darlington; low in Hartlepool and Redcar On street markets associated with low numbers of brothels and escort agencies: large street markets in Stockton and Middlesbrough; low in most other areas High male sex markets in Darlington and a trafficked Chinese female brothel population High end sex markets in Newcastle and pull factor influencing areas across the North East

7 Reasons behind involvement Many involved since children: cycle continues with roughly one third have had children who have been removed into care From care system and outside Substance misuse: opiate and crack Encouraged by peers, drug dealers, role modeling: some generational involvement Debt and access to essential resources, esp. accommodation Very difficult to exit; no other survival strategies/options, debt cycles

8 Impact on health Substance misuse: opiate, crack, pills, alcohol – much survival sex is self medicating because of historic abuse and trauma and linked very poor mental health, depression, PTSD, bipolar Experience of extreme violence, especially women involved in street prostitution Poor diet, exposure to BBV and infections, dental problems, abscesses, lack of shelter, weak immune system

9 A few illustrative examples Female in an abusive relationship as both a victim and a perpetrator, suffered sexual abuse as a child, sniffs gas and drinks alcohol, considered to be at a very high risk of death due to ill health and dangerous substance use. 20 year old female, known to exchange sex for accommodation and money. Heroin and crack addict. One incident included being held hostage and raped over a period of several days, refused to press charges as felt this was “an occupational hazard”. 31 year old female, learning difficulties and very challenging behaviour, alcoholic and intravenous heroin user, poor physical and mental health, epilepsy, asthma and depression, three children adopted. 42 year old female, ex-street worker, mental health problems of bipolar and depression, addicted to benzos, tablets and ex-heroin, had a child who was being looked after by her mother. She worked up drug and housing debts and returned to prostitution to pay off debts.

10 Targeted services Those involved engage poorly with community services: sporadic, resistant, perpetrator/victim, behaviour problems Housing options are few, such as Roc Solid Need targeted services, such as A Way Out and Barnardo’s Hard work, using different approaches to what is available – for some maintaining safety, for others there has been exit successes

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