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Chapter 2 Section 5 Beginnings of Slavery.

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1 Chapter 2 Section 5 Beginnings of Slavery

2 Beginning of Slave Trade
1510 – Spanish Government legalizes sale of slaves in its colonies 1st full ship of slaves arrives in Spanish colonies 8 years later Middle Passage – Voyage across the Atlantic 1/6 of the slaves loaded on ships died in journey.

3 African Diaspora (scattering of people)
The forced removal of Africans for slave labor In the late 1800’s 12 million Africans had been enslaved Triangle trade- between Europe, Africa and America 2 million died in the Middle Passage

4 Slave resistance Tried to run away or rebel
Spanish passed slave codes, laws to regulate the treatment of slaves Tried to soften harsh treatment but also punished slaves to keep them in bondage

5 Racism Racism is the belief that some people are inferior because of their race Europeans began to associate dark skin with slavery Slave trade lasted 400 years Laws were passed in the American Colonies that allowed harsh punishment of slaves

6 The Columbian Exchange
The movement of living things between hemispheres One result was the transportation of diseases the Native Americans could not resist 20 million died from diseases

7 The Columbian Exchange (positives)
Plants and animals brought to Americas Cattle, pigs, and horses Crops such as grapes, onions, wheat Potatoes and corn moved to the European diet People also moved

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