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1 Florida Formula for Student Achievement: Lessons for Improving Student Learning John L Winn.

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1 1 Florida Formula for Student Achievement: Lessons for Improving Student Learning John L Winn

2 2 Of inmates in our prisons cannot read above a 4 th grade level. Of food stamp recipients are high school dropouts. Of all kids brought before the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate Of welfare recipients are high school dropouts +70% 75% 85% 90%

3 Advanced Degree $73,798 $56,665 $30,627 $20,241 Average Earnings by Education: 2009 Source: US Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012 Bachelor’s Degree High School Diploma No Diploma

4 Education doesn’t get enough money. It’s unfair to hold all kids to the same standards Poverty and broken homes are to blame. Labeling kids hurts their self- esteem Dismal Student Achievement 4

5 FORCES AGAINST REFORM Not the schools’ fault You don’t understand the kids we serve Everyone is working hard Why now? No local demand for reform Parent satisfaction with child’s school Education groups resist interference The real problem is lack of money General aversion to conflict? 5

6 WHY REFORM EDUCATION? Low student achievement Inequities in education quality Poor public and parent understanding Lack of credible performance measures Lack of accountability for performance Few or no choices for families Low public support for education 6

7 High expectations and support for all students Rigorous academic standards Clear accountability for schools Choices for families Rising Student Achievement 7

8 8 Florida’s Diverse Student Population 2.7 million students Majority minority student population Large population of students learning English as a second language About half of students are eligible for free and reduced priced lunch

9 9 Florida Reforms 1999-2011 A – F School Grades based on student learning Rewards for High and Improved Academic Results Alternatives to Attending Failing Schools Promotion and Graduation Requirements A Laser Focus on Reading Added Support for Teachers and Students Incentivizing Educators for High Performance Choices, Choices, Choices (charter, private, digital) Strong Interventions for Failing Schools

10 Create incentives for rigor and college readiness –Reward teachers with cash bonuses for every student who passes an Advanced Placement exam –Provide free PSATs for all 10 th Graders –Increase access to Advanced Placement courses for minority students. 10

11 Closing racial and economic achieveme nt gaps Largest gains for Black students Largest gains for low- income students Florida Rising in the Ranks 5th 4th 3rd 1st Largest gains for students with disabilities Since 2003, when all states began participating in NAEP



14 14 Modernizing the Teaching Profession –Evaluate teachers based on student learning –Initiate performance based teacher pay –Professionalize hiring and retention practices –Replace life-long guarantee of employment with annual contracts –Alternative paths to certification

15 CHOICE Students with Disabilities Tax Credit Scholarships Digital Learning Pre-K Vouchers 15 Charter Schools

16  Student-Centered Education: Own style Own pace Anywhere, everywhere Anytime, all the time

17 CHALLENGES The desire to water down or soften accountability seems to never go away Missteps produce opportunities for opponents Educators scare parents and students and blame accountability for putting too much pressure on them As metrics become more complex, more tweaks are introduced to lower standards Constant demand to add features of schools that can be manipulated Supporters grow weary of the continuous struggle 17

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