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Estonian Military and Intelligence Technology

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1 Estonian Military and Intelligence Technology

2 Estonia Population 1,340,000 The size of defence forces in time of peace is about 5,500 men The defence union which collects voluntary troops consists approximately of 10,000 men There are about 30,000 men in the reserves Estonian defence forces have 26 different kind of weapons, 9 different kind of vehicles, 7 ships and a chopper Estonia has been a member of NATO since 2004 Defense spendings form 2% of our GDP

3 Estonia’s involvement in operations abroad

4 Engineer Karl Papello (1890-1958)
Estonians have also developed many military inventions and products Engineer Karl Papello ( ) Estonian inventor There are over 100 patents on his name: including the voice measurement system and the fire guidance system

5 Voice measuring system
Fire guidance system Voice measuring system The first big invention by Papello was the voice measuring system which was made for the Estonian defence department in 1924 The purpose of the device was to determine the location of the enemies’ cannon fire The accuracy of this device was about 10 metres The device was used from till 1932 The device showed the position of the enemy’s aircraft and sent the information to the anti aircraft Papello´s invention was considered the best military invention in the world in a conference held in the USA in 1930 This fire guidance system was far more effective than any team of soldiers Papello’s invention was sold to the USA, Sweden and to the UK

6 Walter Zapp (1905-2003) Estonian inventor
The inventor of the Minox spy cam The first prototype was ready in 1936 The camera was used in one of the James Bond movies

7 More inventions by Estonians
Demagnetising system Mine seeker system Weapon locating system ARTHUR Unmanned aerial vehicle SWAN, which was basically one of the first unmanned scouting planes of its kind

8 Demagnetising system The invention was meant to be used on ships
The system is necessary because it ignores the earth's magnetic field The inventors were Estonians but they co- operated with the Swedish company Saab

9 Mine seeking system Another invention by Estonians who work for Saab
The system is used to seek underwater mines The specificity of the system is that it uses lasers instead of the usual equipment The system is able to find mines in the range of 3 km Ships send out a torpedo shaped sonar that makes sure that the ship and the crew are safe

10 Weapon locating system ARTHUR
The purpose of ARTHUR is to find enemy's weaponry The system is easy to install and its position can be changed very quickly It works on spot and in a moving environment The system is quite easy to use, it doesn't need a whole team, only a few people can manage it

11 Unmanned aerial vehicle SWAN
Estonian company Eli Military Simulations invented an unmanned aerial vehicle in 2005 SWAN isn't just for surveillance, it can also be used for rescue missions SWAN differs from other vehicles mostly because of its weight Other vehicles weigh about 200 tons but SWAN weighs about 10 kg SWAN is equipped with a parachute to land the plane and airbags to soften the landing Eli Military Simulations is now involved in developing new and smaller planese

12 This is the American unmanned aerial vehicle
This is the Estonian unmanned aerial vehicle

13 More projects by Estonians
Flying targets

14 Personal Firing Range Simulator
9-position camera-based firing range Personal Firing Range Simulator

15 Infantry moving target set HARDY-M
Pop-up target set HARDY

16 81mm and 120mm mortar simulator M-GOLF
Recoil simulation equipment

17 Forward observer and battle simulator Alfons2M

18 Outdoor antitank weapon simulator ANTITANK3

19 Thank you for your attention

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