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If the weather is fine….

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1 If the weather is fine…

2 It’s winter, it’s winter,
Let us skate and ski! It’s great fun… for me!

3 What is the weather like in different seasons in your village?
autumn winter spring summer

4 First Conditional. Придаточное реального условия.
Conditional sentence (придаточное условия) Present Simple Main part of sentence (главное предложение) Future Simple придаточное предложение содержит условие, при котором возможно осуществление действия главного предложения What will (you) do if the weather is (frosty)? Что (вы) будете делать если погода будет (морозная)? If the weather is If it is foggy rainy snowy windy hot cold stormy I and my friend my mother my grandmother will (won’t) ski. will (won’t) skate. will play (football) will watch TV. will stay at home. will make a snowman (лепить снеговика). will play snowballs (играть в снежки). will ride a sledge (кататься на санках). will go for a walk. will have a headache. will ride a bike. will go on a picnic. If there is If there is no If it does not fog rain snow wind If it rains winds snows freezes

5 What will/ won’t you do in dangerous weather?
If it is stormy I will (won’t)… stay in open fields stay near an open window

6 What will you do if the weather is warm?
Sunny – солнечный Hot – жаркий Cold – холодный Frosty – морозный Foggy – туманный Rainy – дождливый will (won’t) ski skate play (football) watch TV stay at home make a snowman (лепить снеговика) play snowballs (играть в снежки) ride a sledge (кататься на санках) go for a walk have a headache ride a bike go on a picnic

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