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LEADERS IN…… Youth Friendly Communities and Physical Activity.

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1 LEADERS IN…… Youth Friendly Communities and Physical Activity

2 Play – it isn’t all fun and games Youth has been cancelled until further notice Then there came the…

3 Youth Friendly Communities Ontario, 2005 City of Burlington City of Peterborough City of Pickering Municipality of Chatham-Kent Municipality of Port Hope Municipality of South Huron Town of Ajax Town of Aurora Town of Markham

4 Youth Friendly Criteria Youth have options for play in their community Youth are formally connected to the community Facilities are dedicated to youth play

5 Youth Friendly Criteria It is easy for youth to find information about play activities in the community The community supports public youth events The community celebrates and recognizes its youth

6 Youth Friendly Criteria The community commits funding for youth play The community supports positive youth development The community supports youth volunteerism and leadership development

7 Youth Friendly Criteria The community has effective community partnerships Youth activism and advocacy for play is nurtured Youth feel comfortable in their own community

8 Youth Friendly Criteria Youth can get to the play programs that are offered Schools support the youth friendly approach Adults champion the need for youth play

9 Good Practices What are they? and How do I not sabotage myself?

10 Good Practice – Criteria #1 Program listing Activity card dollars Sponsored recreation programs

11 Good Practice – Criteria #2 Youth and business committee Multi-level engagement Youth councils

12 Good Practice – Criteria #3 Velocity….A Place for Youth Skate parks Youth friendly zone

13 Good Practice – Criteria #4 Transit ads Youth-led website Pocket-sized card list services

14 Good Practice – Criteria #5 Youth and Business luncheon Artfest with local Arts Council Youthfest

15 Good Practice – Criteria #6 Optimist Club 5 awards Night of 1000 Stars Poetry Contest

16 Good Practice – Criteria #7 CARE Fund Youth Development Workers Free programs

17 Good Practice – Criteria #8 Youth as Customers ?

18 Good Practice – Criteria #9 Teen Library Council Volunteer ‘exchange’ program Free bus passes

19 Good Practice – Criteria #10 Integrated partnerships Knowing the community It’s not all about money

20 Good Practice – Criteria #11 Youth surveys ?

21 Good Practice – Criteria #12 ?

22 Good Practice – Criteria #13 Youth on transit committees Dial-a-bus evening service Mobility busses for special needs

23 Good Practice – Criteria #14 Point of contact for information Service exchange ?

24 Good Practice – Criteria #15 Mayors take on youth Paid youth development staff ?

25 Some Final Thoughts What the applications told us What needs to be worked on Youth Friendly works! Next applications are out in late February, deadline is end of May 2006

26 Marion E. Price, CAE Play Works Partnership and Parks and Recreation Ontario 406 – 1185 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto, ON M3C 3C

27 Physical Activity Some Examples…. PROGRAMS THAT PRODUCE RESULTS

28 The New You - Drop In Program After school program Rural areas Choice of a mix of sports, arts and crafts

29 Fun Fit – Public School Kids Recess and classroom activities Eases organizational pressure on teachers Remove barriers and stimulates interest in sport participation

30 Child, Youth Action Team Community team of professionals Health Unit Children’s Centers School Boards Early Years Center Promote healthy living and more physical activity in the community

31 Teacher Kit A walking kit developed focusing on walking games and activities Activities targeted for recess – to and from school

32 Support Sport Resource Centre A sport resource centre in library Unique partnership with Parks and Recreation, library and community sport groups

33 Great Girls Gathering A “try it” program Physical activity space and counselling services Partnership between parks and recreation and the YMCA

34 Introduction To Fitness Targeted to low income youth Short term membership to wellness centre Access to personal trainer and instruction on fitness programs and using free weights

35 Girls Just Want To Have Fun One day event for ages Partnership of Parks and Recreation, Health Unit, Library & Family Resource Centre

36 Girls and Sport Day A program to introduce grade 8 schoolgirls to a variety of sports Leaders were girls in grades 11 &12 As follow up to program, leaders will be sent to a Sport Leadership symposium focusing on role modelling sponsored by the University of Ottawa

37 Bop and Hoppers Program targeted to public school aged girls Focuses on rope skipping – fun approach to skill and routine development

38 Mother Daughter Program 8 week program for school aged children and mothers Opportunity to participate in “skills and drills” of a variety of indoor sports

39 Co-ed Learn To Skate Indoor arena program for school aged children from low income areas Learn to skate program for school-aged boys and girls

40 David A. Clark David A. Clark Consulting Inc Greenwood Lane, RR#1 Lakefield, ON K0L 2H

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