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Innovative solutions for the rehabilitation of lead service connection lines and adjacent water mains.

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1 Innovative solutions for the rehabilitation of lead service connection lines and adjacent water mains

2 Objectives Restore lead service lines and eliminate risks Clean water main adjacent to the residence (s) Use a trenchless technology having a 25 year track record Use an award-winning water main restoration technology Generate + 75% savings compared to replacement

3 Acuro specializes in the rehabilitation of water and sewer service connections and inside plumbing Acuro and Exotec are teaming to provide unique trenchless services to the potable water industry Exotec specializes in the cleaning and hydraulic restoration of encrusted water mains

4 Epoxy Barrier Coating

5 Work Steps 1 of 6 Project Evaluation 1.Location 2.Entry points 3.System configuration 4.Cost estimate

6 1.Shut water (interior valve or exterior curbstop) 2.Connect hoses to pipe 3.At the extremity of the pipe, install dust collector 4.Complete purge of the line using compressed air Start of operations Work Steps 2 of 6

7 Tracing 1.Trace all pipe 2.Measure lengths 3.Evaluate quantity of epoxy required Work Steps 3 of 6

8 Cleaning with abrasives 1.Heat and dry pipe 2.Inject abrasives to remove all deposits inside the line 3.The line is now ready to receive the epoxy Work Steps 4 of 6

9 Epoxy coating 1.Inject epoxy inside the line using compressed air 2.Cure from 4 to 12 hours Work Steps 5 of 6

10 Final Verification 1.Pressure test and final check to ensure cleanliness and water tightness 2.NOTE: The epoxy fills small holes 3. NOTE: the epoxy spreads throughout the ENTIRE inside wall Work Steps 6 of 6

11 Benefits

12 Some Projects…

13 HUGE Savings…

14 The method presented by Nu Flow is the only one accepted by DC WASA

15 Projects for Medical Centers… Fresenius Medical Care Jay Poswolsky Dialysis Services Division-FDMS 95 Hayden Ave. Lexington, MA 02420 781 402-9000 Renal Care Group Mid America Jay Poswolsky & Marco Zerega Four Westbrook Corp. Centre Suite 620 Westchester, IL 60154 USA 708 836-3821 Baptist Health Center Joyce Blackerby Director of Real estate Baptist Health Systems 817 Princeton Ave.SW Suite 112 Birmingham, AL 35211

16 No Excavation - Quick A few hours per service line restored Durability – Fills small holes T ested to last 100 years, guaranteed for 10 years Low cost + 75 % savings compared to replacement Non destructive - No demolition Landscape and sidewalk stay untouched Safe Epoxy is NSF certified Avantages

17 Sample Project Description

18 1.Survey project site including location of service connection lines, water main, hydrants and valves Work Sequence

19 3. Evaluate ‘C’- Factor (Hazen- Williams coefficient) OR Video inspection of water main Work Sequence 2. Identify lead service connection lines

20 4. Confirm water main structural integrity (breaks history, etc.) 5. Install temporary water supply for residents (if required) 6. Excavate access pit 7. Clean service line using Nu Flow 8. Clean water main using Exotec Work Sequence

21 Water Main Cleaning and C-Factor Restoration Veloce Plus BeforeAfter

22 Preliminary preparation (a few days before start of work) 1.Public notices to residents affected by the work 2.Excavation of access pit by the utility Work Steps 1 of 5

23 Start of Work 1.Measure static - dynamic pressure, test water quality and isolate water main 2.Remove one (1) meter long section of water main to insert cleaning equipment 3.Video inspection to document water main initial condition 4.Optional: Close service connections Work Steps 2 of 5

24 Clean Water Main 1.Insertion of hose and low- pressured water 2.Remove sediments including those from the cleaned service connection line Work Steps 3 of 5

25 Passivation 1.Following cleaning, video inspection of water main to document results 2.Replace one (1) meter long section 3.Inject passivation and disinfection solution 4.Soaking for 2-4 hours. 5.NOTE: Proprietary passivation solution prevents the occurrence of discoloured water following cleaning ENV EXOTEC PASS passivation solution is NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified Work Steps 4 of 5

26 …back in service 1.Flush water main to remove passivation solution 2.Measure chlorine and turbidity 3.Open all valves and restore service to residents 4.NOTE: Lab test, if required, is optional Work Steps 5 of 5


28 Safeguarding our infrastructure THANK YOU Toll free: 1 866 330-6832

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