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Health Care Society Kidney Dialysis Project Preparation for Dialysis Session.

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2 Health Care Society Kidney Dialysis Project

3 Preparation for Dialysis Session

4 Project Components A- Kidney Dialysis Services B- Nutrition Program

5 A- Foundation of The Kidney Dialysis Center Initiation: A vision made possible by efforts of the Late Mr. Hussein Tabari in 1996 Location: Hamshari Hospital in Saida- South of Lebanon

6 Beneficiaries’ profile Number of beneficiaries Age Gender

7 Number Ranges between 60 and 62 patients per month Patients come from all regions in Lebanon  Distribution according to region: Beirut 28% South 65% North 5% Beqaa 2%

8 Age Not to Scale

9 Gender

10 Achievements 2009 Number of dialysis machines:  16 machines work efficiently per session  3 new dialysis machines replaced the old ones  3 machines are reserved in case of emergency

11 Installation of New Dialysis Machines

12 Achievements Cont‘ To improve the quality of the water that passes in the dialysis machines, and to prevent any health risk that might affect the patient, a new water treatment machine was installed in July 2009.

13 Installation of New Water Treatment Machine

14 Achievements Cont‘ Source suppressor was installed for the UPS system to protect the dialysis machines from breakdown due to thunderbolts in winter.

15 Source Suppressant Installation

16 Evaluation of the Project Evaluator (Position)Year Dr. Majida Daouk (Nephrologist -AUBMC) 2004 Dr. Ahmad Fawwaz (Nephrologist -AUBMC). 2005 Dr. Walid Mdawwar (Nephrologist at AUBMC) 2008

17 Evaluation of the Project Cont’d Conclusions made: - All evaluations were promising - Good quality services are provided to the patients - All machines and consumable items are of good quality and recommended by nephrologists

18 Cont’d - Recommendations were made, taken into consideration and implemented by HCS staff - All medical staff at the center are professionals, and run the center efficiently (4 doctors & 6 nurses) - Professional exchange with AUBMC dialysis unit was done to better the standards of care

19 Dialysis Session in Action

20 B- Nutrition Program Health awareness programs started in 2009 and will continue till 2010 - Nutrition sessions were conducted by a dietician (Ms Riwa Kahhali) - Each patient was given a special diet program according to his medical problem

21 Cont’d HCS follows up the patients and make sure that they follow the diet that is assigned for them, giving advise whenever needed.

22 Nutrition Sessions


24 Results 1.Kidney dialysis service is made accessible for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon 2.Health conditions of refugees are improved & lives are saved

25 Results Cont‘d 3.The socio-economic status is improved for the long-term 4. Diet is improved for the patients.

26 Indicators 1.1 60-62 patients use the service of the dialysis unit. 2.1 Patients are able to lead a normal life. 30% of them have jobs. 3.2 Young people are able to continue their studies.

27 Annual Budget ItemExpenses in USD Filters, solutions, supplies 170,000 $ Maintenance of dialysis machines 23,000 $ Maintenance of UPS and water treatment machine 3000 $ Compensation salaries for PRCS staff 14,400 $

28 Cont’d Nutrition Sessions Administrative cost 1000 $ 4000 $ Total Expenses215,400 $

29 Comments HCS works hard for sustainability of this project Interviews and short film showed the importance of continuation of this project

30 Comments Quoting: -“We are glad that you are taking care of us, God bless you”, said Mr. Khalid Hamid 36 yrs -“We have no other alternative if this center stops working”, said Mrs Donia Khalifeh 42 yrs.

31 Quotes Cont’d - “I can study while I am dialyzing, I have passed the Bac II certificate and I will be continuing my studies to get a diploma in business. I am able to achieve this with your efforts and generous support”, said Bilal Aslan 20 yrs

32 Some Patients and Staff at Dialysis Center celebrating the success of Bilal Aslan



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