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Advantages of Postmodern Times  2005 G. Lee Griffith, Ph. D.

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2 Advantages of Postmodern Times  2005 G. Lee Griffith, Ph. D.

3 2 Rejection of Science No need to fight old battles over evolution and creation.

4 3 Openness to Mysticism The aspects of Christianity that appeal to mysticism are no longer an embarrassment but an advantage –Trinity –Miracle –God-Man –Bread = Body, Wine = Blood

5 4 New Emphasis on Art Conveying Meaning Great Christian Art and Music take on new significance.

6 5 Community The Christian Faith is a community faith. PM emphasizing community fits with this. People feel very alone and without meaning. Christianity offers this meaning in community

7 6 New Openness to Diversity The openness of PM to other views and ideas challenges us to be open to others. Less need to draw in-group out-group lines More freedom to see coming to faith as a process

8 7 Greater Emphasis on Narrative With the decline of reason as the basis for argument there is a corresponding increase in the importance of story.

9 8 De-emphasis on “Objectivity” PM says that objective knowledge is impossible. While we may disagree about God’s knowledge, we must strongly agree about fallen human knowledge. Encouraging people to examine the point of view from which they accept or reject a view is consistent with our task.

10 9 Emphasis on Social Justice

11 10 Respect for the Environment

12 11 Humility To listen and learn from other views

13 12 Examining Categories Birth control vs. Conception control Gun crimes vs. Weapon Crimes

14 13 Metaphysical Comfort Finding the balance Desire for too much certainty— dogmatism Too little certainty—metaphysical and emotional disorientation Importance of unforced agreement and tolerance of disagreement in democratic society

15 14 Conclusion Much different in Postmodern times Adapt to the changes Enjoy the advantages

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