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John Griffith Lafayette College 2009 Drexel University College of Medicine 2013.

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1 John Griffith Lafayette College 2009 Drexel University College of Medicine 2013

2 Who am I?


4 SMAC Peer Tutor

5 My experience as a student representative on the admission committee…

6 Applicant X MCAT = 40 S BCPM GPA = 4.0 Accepted?

7 REJECTED. Why? MCAT BCPM GPA – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math Clinical Experience Motivation for Medicine Community Service Extracurricular Activities +/- Research

8 MCAT Do whatever works for you. No simple formula for success. Class vs. No-Class Review Books Practice Tests ** Preparing for test day. Take multiple times? Penalty for not improving? IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR!

9 BCPM GPA Course Requirements – All you need to take? Non-science Majors - take more than one science course at a time If this is your weakness, what to do next? Post-bac? – Different types

10 Clinical Experience Volunteering Research Shadowing – Where? School specific? – How long? – Get recommendations from – Different specialties

11 Motivation for Medicine Ever since I was born……. Please don’t. Because my father/mother is a physician….Fine if they are but need to justify why it is for YOU. At birth I had a PDA……Not going to do the trick. GET OUT AND EXPERIENCE! Why is this important? Med school ain’t easy or cheap.

12 Community Service Can be anything really. Do what interests you. Number isn’t important, quality and dedication towards means a significant amount more. Examples- Hospice, Nursing homes…etc.

13 Research Experience GREAT opportunity here at Lafayette. EXCEL Scholars, Independent Study, Honors Thesis Can really distinguish you – but you need to have a genuine interest in the research you are doing

14 Extracurricular Activities This is really just where anything else that interests you falls. Although, it can make a BIG difference

15 DO NOT APPROACH THIS AS A CHECKLIST! “Seems to have just checked the boxes, without any real passion for any of the things listed”

16 Personal Statements Important but doesn’t usually make a difference. Don’t try to do too much with this. NO TYPOS Answer the prompt- why you want to be a doctor Don’t just rehash your credentials

17 Random other thoughts… Its not the end of the world if you get in trouble in college – just admit it and take responsibility Except if its plagiarism. That’s not good. A DUI isn’t either. If you are disadvantaged or under represented in medicine, please note that you are, but do not try to stretch the truth with these things.

18 Life in Medical School Questions….

19 Basic Science Coursework Year 1: – Anatomy – Microanatomy – Embryology – Genetics – Physiology – Neuroscience – Biochemistry – Immunology Year 2: – Pathology – Pharmacology – Pathophysiology – Microbiology – Psychology

20 Year 3 - Core Rotations 6 Week Rotations – Pediatrics – Psychiatry – Family Medicine – Ob/Gyn 12 Week Rotations – Surgery – Medicine

21 Questions? Contact –

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