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How to get into Medical School & What it is like the 1 st Year Zayde A. Radwan

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1 How to get into Medical School & What it is like the 1 st Year Zayde A. Radwan Email:

2 Who am I? Hometown- Deer Park, Tx – SE Houston – Graduated from Deer Park High School 2004 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (2004-2009) – Graduated with a Bachelor of Science Majors: Cell Biology & Psychology Minor: Biochemistry University of Texas Medical School (2009-2013) – Located in Houston, Tx at the Texas Medical Center

3 Medical School Application Process Takes a full year to complete, BUT takes all 4 yrs to PREPARE 1 st & 2 nd year – Take prerequisite classes – Build application 3 rd year – Take Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) (spring) – Begin writing Personal Statement & Application (spring/early summer) 4 th year – Interviews (fall) – Acceptance (spring)

4 Medical School Application Process 1 st & 2 nd year Prerequisites – Vary between schools Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) School’s Websites Building your application #1 Good Grades #2 Get to know your Professors & Premed Advisor #3 Shadowing #4 Volunteering #5 Research (Summer Research Programs)

5 Medical School Application Process 3 rd year MCAT – 3 sections (15 pts each) Physical Science (70 min.) Verbal (60 min.) Biological Sciences (70 min.) – Start early – Take in the spring (March- May) of your junior year – Preparation Classes Course – Kaplan – Examkrackers – Princeton Review Take as many practice MCAT as you can Applying – TMDSAS for Texas schools – AMCAS for out of state schools – Opens May 1 st – Closes Oct 1 st – APPLY EARLY!!! Have everything in no later the Aug 1 st 1.Request committee letter from pre-med advisor 2.Request letters of recommendations from professors 3.Turn in transcript request to the registrar 4.Personal Statement

6 Medical School Application Process 4 th year Interviews – Most schools Aug 1 st to Jan 31 st – Look good on paper, now they just want to meet you – Mock interviews (Student Doctor Network) – Research schools before you interview at them Acceptance – Feb. 1 st Match day – Rolling Admissions – Begin to attain funds for med school & living expenses If you don’t get in – Don’t give up – It is very competitive – Strengthen weaknesses

7 My Bumpy Road to Medical School UMHB 2004 Took MCAT June 2007 Applied in September 2007 for Fall 2008 No interviews Deferred graduation till Spring 2009 Retook MCAT June 2008 Reapplied July 2008 for Fall 2009 Interviewed Fall 2008 Matched Feb 1, 2009 Started Medical School Aug, 2009

8 Now the Work/Play Begins Medical School 4 yrs. Residency 2-7 yrs. Fellowship 2-3 yrs. (Optional)

9 Overview of Medical School Basic Sciences Years – 1 st yr learn about how everything is suppose to work – 2 nd yr learn about how everything can go wrong Clinical Years – 3 rd & 4 th Rotations – Learn how to apply/use everything you learned 1 st & 2 nd yr.

10 Before Starting Medical School

11 After Starting Medical School What makes medical school hard, is handling the volume and rate in which the material is presented to you.

12 What comes out of the hose @UTHSC-MS

13 Coping the Flow of Information Undergrad Classes that reduce the flow Anatomy & Physiology (3) Biochemistry (1) Cell Biology (4) Developmental Biology (1) General Chemistry (2) Genetics (2) Immunology (1) Microbiology (3) Organic Chemistry (3) Physics (2)

14 Coping the Flow of Information Perception changes Become more efficient Study, outline, & learn the material the day it is presented in class Review outlines on the weekends

15 Classes 1st Year Monday-Friday – Usually 8 am to 1 or 4 pm Majority of classes are not mandatory Lectures on demand streaming – Make your own schedule Syllabi – 100-300 pages long – Has everything you need to know for the test

16 Blocks Divides the semesters up into test sections 1 st yr. – Fall 3 blocks 4-5 wks each – Spring 4 blocks 3-4 wks each 2 nd yr. – 4 blocks for the entire year 8-9 wks each

17 2 nd Block for the MS1’s

18 Tests All are in the same week Multiple choice/guess 70-150 questions Timed (2-3 hrs) Some have practicals – Anatomy (fill in the blank) – Histology (multiple choice) – Neuroscience (multiple choice) – Pathology (multiple choice)

19 Daily Life As A Medical Student Varies tremendously from day to day Depends on classes & how close test are 8 am- Start classes 12-1 pm- Lunch 1-4 pm- Class and/or lab 4-9 pm – Read and study/outline class material from that day

20 Where is the fun, with all the studying? Material is much more interesting – You are only studying the human body Block parties Shadowing Community projects Classmates ICM And whatever else you like to do in your free time

21 Highlights of my 1 st year White Coat Ceremony Signing the Hippocratic Oath Retreat Meeting and Interacting with my classmates from around the world Anatomy lab Shadowing Summer Research Program

22 Highlights of my 1 st year

23 In Summary Yes it takes a lot of work to get to Medical School – But it is well worth it – Take it one step/semester at a time at a time Yes you have to do a lot more work/play when you get there – However, the work is very, very rewarding and fun If I had to do it all over again, would I? – With out a doubt!

24 My #1 Piece of Advice Find what it is that interests you Study it Work in it If you study and do something you like, you will never work a day in your life Your passion will drive your success

25 Questions? UT-Med School

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