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Atticus Education: - Online Seminars Lord Puttnam of Queensgate, CBE October 2013.

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1 Atticus Education: - Online Seminars Lord Puttnam of Queensgate, CBE October 2013

2 Lord Puttnam

3 The Topline Offer - 1 Via his company, Atticus Education, Lord Puttnam delivers unique, highly personalised, interactive online film seminars Made available on an exclusive basis to selected institutions, universities and colleges around the world A series of streamed, interactive, richly illustrated seminars on the film industry and film culture delivered by one of the world’s leading authorities on the film business and film culture

4 Topline Offer - 2 User focussed – The material is tailored to the needs of a specific institution; wherever it may be in the world The lectures and seminars include extensive use of clips and stills from the history of cinema Delivered in real-time using state-of-the-art video conferencing suite from a location in County Cork, Ireland Interactive Q&A with Lord Puttnam standard for each seminar On-demand archive of material can be made available for students

5 BT HD Video Conferencing – Atticus Education Radio IDU 20Mb Ethernet/IP Internet Connection Customer Router Customer Site Edison Radio Network BT PoP (Cork) Mount Gabriel BT Citywest DC Internet Internet BT Core BT/3 Cisco Profile 65 & C 60 Conferencing System BT Bridge BT Bridge White Board 2 nd Camera e.g. - USA e.g. Australia e.g. UK Direct Call 2 nd Presentation Screen 25/1/2013 - John Murray – BT Ire.

6 About Lord Puttnam One of the world's leading authorities on cinema/ Oscar-winning film producer - Chariots of Fire, The Killing Fields, The Mission Former Chairman of Columbia Pictures Four decades experience of all aspects of the global film industry (production, marketing, distribution) and global film culture Author of The Undeclared War: The Struggle for Control of the World's Film Industry- the most authoritative text on the history of the global film business from its origins to the present day. Published in the UK, Australia, the Commonwealth, the US (as "Movies and Money") China and Italy Current posts include: Digital Champion for Ireland President Film Distributors' Association, Adjunct Professor, Film Studies and Digital Humanities, University College Cork.


8 Core Subjects The core subjects to be offered, tailored to the needs of an individual institution, can include: o The Business of Film – How it works, from script to screen o The Undeclared War - A history of the global film business from its origins to the present day o The Cinema of Hope – Cinema and ethics o Digital Directions – Opportunities and Challenges for Film in the Internet Age

9 Feedback 1 “Thank you David for a wonderful second seminar series. They get better and better.” - Professor Herman Van Eyken, Head of School, Griffith Film School, Griffith University,Brisbane, Australia

10 Feedback 2 “These interactive seminars present a truly unique and exciting innovation that adds greatly to the school’s existing academic curriculum. David has developed a compelling method of interweaving formal presentation techniques with film clips, audio- visual elements and face-to-face discussion that educates, entertains and inspires. The student response has been extraordinary. Not only are they gripped by the seminar content and discussion, but also many insist that they prefer the teleconference format to a normal teaching session.” Professor Steve Dixon, President, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

11 Feedback 3 “Thanks so much for this afternoon David. Lots of really thought-provoking ideas and useful insights. Loved the choice of clips and as ever, full of admiration at the manner in which you engage with your audience. Will report back to the Vice-Chancellor on the success of this and other lectures in the series.” – Graeme Thompson, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, University of Sunderland

12 Further details Website:

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