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Dan Gillmor BlogTalk: Journalism and Weblogs BlogTalk: Journalism and Weblogs.

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1 Dan Gillmor BlogTalk: Journalism and Weblogs BlogTalk: Journalism and Weblogs

2 Journalism’s New World:  Ubiquitous networks  Powerful new tools for reporting  Anyone can publish  Empowers not just the “former audience,” but also the people (and institutions) we cover  Uncertain business models

3 Convergence  We Started with “Old Media”  We added “New Media”  Then we added “We Media”  Making the News is now possible for anyone

4 Weblogs  Yes, some are journalism  Some are not  That debate is endless – And pointless

5 Weblogs  Blogs and traditional journalism – Complimentary, not competitors – A world full of stringers (Doc Searls) – Stems from long tradition  Reporters read trade journals, etc.  Blogs can break news and keep issues alive

6 December 5, 2002: Trent Lott’s nostalgia for segregation

7 February 1, 2003: Space shuttle Columbia is lost

8 Columbia -- 2

9 Columbia -- 3

10 Journalism has been a lecture  We say, “This is the news.”  You buy what we sell – (Or you don’t)

11 Journalism becomes a conversation… or maybe a seminar  We tell you what we have learned.  You tell us if you think we are correct.  Then we discuss it.  “We can fact-check your ass” -- Ken Layne

12 A Foundation Principle:  My readers know more than I do.

13 My Readers Know More Than I Do  This is true for all working journalists  This is not a threat  This is an opportunity

14 My Readers Knows More… and this guy probably wishes they didn’t Joe Nacchio Former CEO

15 My Readers Knows More…


17 My Audience Learns More

18 Reporting & Distribution  Digital cameras, etc.  Text – SMS etc.  Write on the Web – Radio, Moveable Type, Blogger, Etc.  Audio  Video  The “former audience” joins the party

19 Tools/Toys

20 Newer Tools  Newsreaders  RSS  Social software

21 Newsreaders

22 RSS

23 Social Software

24 “Newsrooms” of the Future: Ad Hoc and More

25 The Self-Assembling Newsroom

26 Multimedia Blogging

27 New Media and Trust  What is true?  How can reader/viewer verify? – KayCee Nicole – Drudge – Rumors move at the speed of light; corrections follow slowly  Retreat to quality?

28 New Choices for the “Covered”  Judo journalism: – Washington Post  Corporate communications – Ozzie blog  Involving your audience, too – Alpha users

29 Corporate Communicating

30 Democracy and an Informed Public  Concentration of media is a danger – Fewer voices – Vanilla journalism – Wall Street’s pernicious influence  But “big media” do vital work – Investigative journalism – Covering the city council; keeping an eye on government and other powerful players – Ear to the community

31 Financial Model, “Old” Media  In jeopardy, as advertising revenue streams are under attack as Wall Street insists on ever-higher profits  Industry is fearful -- and should be -- but experimenting, at least in case of newspapers  Broadcasters and entertainment media want total control of digital media

32 Financial Model, New Media Journalism  No one really knows how to make (serious) money on the Internet journalism  Online an adjunct to old media  New media still waiting for a solid business model  It will happen

33 One New Approach

34 Another New Approach

35 And Another …

36 Big Problem…

37 How Hollywood Sees the Internet:

38 Intellectual Property Rights  Digital content: Who sets the rules?  Rest of the world is following U.S. lead  DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act – Owners Exert Absolute Control – Threats and “suggestions” – e.g. Felten  Copyright Extensions – Mickey Mouse loves Scarlett O’Hara

39 Why Worry?  New media entrants may be thwarted  More power to incumbents  Less useful information for citizens

40 Contact: +1 408.920.5016

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