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The Student as a ‘Global Citizen’ A case study, Griffith University Ms Stephanie Jackson.

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1 The Student as a ‘Global Citizen’ A case study, Griffith University Ms Stephanie Jackson

2 What is a 'Global Citizen’?

3 however it’s more than being ‘globally competent’ ‘Global Competency’ is about having skills and knowledge…

4 empowered by the understanding of interdependence and having a sense of social responsibility Global Citizens are…..

5 Global Citizens are socially responsible on a day to day basis in their respective communities… regardless of where they are in the world.

6 What role do universities play?





11 Griffith is an ‘Engaged University’

12 ….. is a choice.


14 Griffith’s Community Internship: 3002GIH ›A minimum 50 hour community-based project with an non- government or community organisation ›An enriching and reflective experience focusing on equalizing disadvantage and supporting the environment ›Aims to transform students and provide ‘Reason and Purpose’

15 Griffith’s Community Internship: 3002GIH ›Over 450 placements in Brisbane and the Gold Coast ›Program tailored to the student: they choose what type of internship placement they want ›No additional fee for students to participate ›Available to Study Abroad students

16 Community Internship Examples ›Sport and Recreation Worker ›To assist in the delivery of sport and recreation programs for people with a disability. › Marketing and Fundraising Officer ›To research grants and sponsorship for the impending Community Carrols Event held in Christmas. ›Education Film Designer ›Education films which are available online via this company’s website to provide information for parents and students in areas such as bullying and homesickness ›Community Nutrition Project Officer ›To undertake a project management process which will research, consult, design and deliver a nutrition information session for Somali mothers and children.

17 & Academic Learning Volunteering

18 & any academic grades any discipline

19 The Community Internship was the best thing I've done in my life! It broadened my social conscience, I saw how my actions make a real impact on a child's life, and it influenced my career. It opened my eyes to inclusive practice which is now a life-long commitment for my personal and professional life. Phillip Poulton, Bachelor of Music (Southbank)

20 Griffith Innocence Project ›Griffith University Innocence Project is committed to freeing innocent persons who have been wrongly convicted. ›Elective course for Griffith Law students ›Pro-bono project ›By working to correct failures in our criminal justice system, we will foster an Australian legal culture that champions the defence of the innocent and protect the marginalised ›The Project invests in lawyers of the future who uphold the values of truth in justice. “Freedom is something that can be taken for granted. Until it is taken away.” - Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter


22 Griffith’s MBA ›Have sense?? Focuses on: ›Responsible & ethical leadership ›Sustainable business practices ›Global orientation

23 Griffith’s MBA ›Have sense?? Rankings: ›#1 in Australia ›# 26 in the world ›in the Aspen Institute's Centre for Business Education's: Beyond Grey Pinstripes ›for responsible leadership, sustainable business practices

24 Be Different … and make a difference in the world.

25 Generation G

26 Generation Greed?

27 Generation Generous

28 Generation Green

29 Generation Grateful

30 Generation Giving

31 Generation Global







38 How are you developing the next generation of Global Citizens? REFERENCES Hollister, R., & Gearan, M., Moving Beyond the Ivory Tower, Forum Summer 2013, pg 11 – 13, 2013 Lawrence, R.,Understanding Generation G, AIEC Conference Presentation, October 2013 Ouyang, G. & McAlpine, S., Global Competency is not enough, Forum Summer 2013, pg 09 – 10, 2013

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