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The Family Interaction Program Griffith University.

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1 The Family Interaction Program Griffith University

2 Details About the Program n Goal: 80 families n 40 families will receive 12+ weeks of PCIT immediately n 40 families will be placed on a wait-list (12- week wait) n Children aged 4-8 years n biological or adoptive mothers & 1 child n Treatment available at 2 clinic locations

3 Goals of PCIT n PCIT increases positive interactions through direct coaching n Increases positive communication strategies n Discipline strategies that focus on positive reinforcement rather than punitive measures to gain child compliance n mastery criteria in PRIDE skills reflect habitual processes

4 Relationship Enhancement Goals n Enhance the quality of parent-child interaction by creating or strengthening a positive parent-child relationship

5 Specific Skills of Relationship Enhancement Praise the child Reflect the child’s statements Imitate the child’s play Describe the child’s behaviour Enthusiastic play Ignore undesirable behaviour

6 Discipline Goals n Decreasing inappropriate behaviours too harmful to be ignored by learning to direct the child’s behaviour when necessary using effective commands and specific consequences for noncompliance.

7 Specific Skills of Discipline n How to give effective commands n Coaching of the time out procedure n Establishment of house rules and public behaviour





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