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DBQ Great Depression- FDR vs. Hoover

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1 DBQ Great Depression- FDR vs. Hoover
1) Re-write question Liberal (define) open to change, want Gov. to help people in need Conservative (define) Old School, Laissez-Faire- feel Gov. should do less for the people and more to help business (b/c business creates wealth and jobs) Re-Write Question DO WHAT How true/ How much FDR a liberal, Hoover a conservative

2 Doc A (Conservative or liberal)
ID- Who is giving the speech (notice his title)? What yr? What is important in infer about the yr?  Candidate Hoover, 1928, running for President (will say things to help get elected) Summary- Analyze what he is saying is the role of government? Gov. should get somewhat involved to prevent abuses by business and not be completely Laissez-Faire  *Explain how Progressive Republicans are different than Republicans in 1920’s? Republicans used to be the party of change and reform (repeal slavery under Lincoln. Pres. TR 1st Pres. to stand up against business and set rules that businesses had to follow

3 Doc. B- Liberal or Conservative
ID- ID person? Yr? What is different about his title? Explain if you feel this speech will be similar to Doc. A? Why? Pres. Hoover, 1930 (Probably not because he is President and will say what he feels needs doing, not what people want to hear) or (Probably because it is 1930 and the country is in the Great Depression and needs the Pres. to tell them something supportive) Summary- Explain how he fells the Government reaction to the Depression is going? (Hint-look at P2 and quote the numbers as evidence in your summary) Gov. is doing more than ever to create jobs and help the unemployed by spending $520 million on infrastructure improvements compared to $253 million in 1928 #Look a P. 766 P7 and explain Kennedy’s opinion of Hoover as President (Conservative or Liberal) Kennedy feels that Hoover actually did more than people give him credit for, problem was that the GD was a bigger problem than anyone knew how to solve

4 Doc. C- Liberal or Conservative
ID- Who? Yr? How long has he been President? Pres. Hoover, 1931, 3rd year as Pres. and GD Summary- Analyze his view on what the government’s response has been in trying to solve the Great Depression (focus on P3/5) Hoover is willing to commit the Federal Government to help by spending over $750 million on construction and public works in farm areas affected by the drought, compared to $275 mil. the year before

5 Doc D- Liberal or Conservative
ID- newspaper, yr Des Moines Register, 1931 (DM is in Iowa, an area affected by the Dust Bowl) OI- Analyze what the cartoon saying about how well Hoover is responding? (look at what Hoover is trying to do? Who is in the boat? Where is the boat located? What has happened to Europe? Who is running away?) Pres. Hoover is trying to help but cannot offer any real help, where as the Democrats are doing nothing to help Hoover.

6 Doc E- Liberal or Conservative
ID-Who and title? Yr (analyze why it is important to recognize title and yr? What might a person say in that situation?) Candidate FDR, 1929 (FDR might say anything to win the election) Summary- What is FDR’s solution to solving the Great Depression? (Focus on P1/2/3/4) FDR wants the Democrats to cut federal spending by 25% and will only spend more money is absolutely needed.

7 Doc F- Liberal or Conservative (depends on what yrs you look at and use as evidence)
Summary 1) (Hoover’s Presidency) What has happened to expenditures (spending) those four years? How much? What happened to deficit spending (Gov. spending more $ than it has) b/t ? What does this imply about Hoover’s response to the depression? Hoover- Liberal or Conservative Spending under Hover from has increased by $1.5 billion and deficit spending is $2.7 billion, so Hoover is spending large sums of money to help during the depression. 2) Look 1932 (Hoover’s last year) and 1933 (FDR’s first year) Explain the change in spending when FDR took over for Hoover. Analyze what that could imply about FDR being a Liberal or Conservative. Spending under FDR has gone down by approxomately$50 million. 3) Look at 1932 and Explain the change in spending between FDR and Hoover. Analyze what that could imply about FDR being a Liberal or Conservative. Spending under FDR has doubled from $4.5 billion to $8.5 billion as has deficit spending, so FDR is spending large sums of money to help during the depression.

8 Doc. H ( Liberal or Conservative)
ID- Who? Year? How long has he been President? President FDR, 1936, 4 years (running for re-election) Summary- Explain what FDR is saying his response to the Great Depression has been. FDR has changed from candidate FDR in 1932 and is willing to use the Government to help people NOW!

9 Thesis How true is it that FDR was liberal and Hoover was Conservative
Required- 3 argument thesis Think (look at docs for clues) 1) Are you shock at the direction the Docs took you with the your view Presidents during the depression (think, discuss, 2 arguments) 2) Do you still believe that both or ONE President was still true to the idea that you had about that President (think, discuss, 1 argument)

10 (write down argument #1)
Rough cluster- list your argument and Docs and OI you will use in the paragraph (the explanations will be added as you write) (write down argument #1)

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