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How to Create a Gooru Collection Mrs. Austin Bryant School of Arts & Innovation.

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1 How to Create a Gooru Collection Mrs. Austin Bryant School of Arts & Innovation

2 Log in to Gooru Click Log In

3 Log into Gooru Log in using your rusdlearns (Hauiku) email address and password

4 Getting Started Search for resources Help guides

5 Creating your collection Click Organize to get started. Click New Collection to create. A new screen will pop up to name the collection

6 Naming a Collection Give it a Name… For Example: Roman Art Pick a Grade Level Pick a subject Select Public to share Select OK to complete

7 Searching for Resources Click Discover to search Type Key Words Here to search resources You can use either method to search

8 Sorting Through Resources Key Words Resources found Types of resources Click on the title to view the resource

9 Adding a Resource to a Collection This heading will come up at the top of every resources found in Gooru. Title of the resource Add this resource to a collection button

10 Adding Resources to a Collection Select which collection you want to add this resource to Click ADD to Add to the collection

11 Adding Resources from a Search List Click and drag here to add resources to create a new collection Click and drag resources to an already existing collection in the list

12 Working on the Collection Click Organize to enter editing mode of creating your collection

13 Adding Narrations  Narrations are the instructions at the top of the resource. It give the reader instructions for what to do, or what they will learn from the resource. Hover your mouse (or tap) over this area and edit button appears Click Edit Narration

14 Adding Narration Enter what you would like to see above the resource and click Update Sample narration

15 Adding Resources to your Collection from Places other than Gooru Click Add Resources to add resources not found in Gooru, or to upload from a file

16 Adding your own Resources Select Where your Uploading a Resource from Enter the web Address of the Resource Type a description Of the resource Select the type of resource Click Add

17 Adding Resources Uploading a PDF Find your file Give it a title Give it a description Add resource Type of Resource

18 Sharing your Finished Collection Click Share

19 Sharing your Finished Collection Your collection must be public to share it This gives you the URL to your collection This gives you the code to embed the web Highlight and copy the code

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