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Scratch Calculator Training Guide

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1 Scratch Calculator Training Guide

2 Select a soup from the drop down menu

3 A basic scratch soup recipe will be displayed for the selected soup. The recipe yield is circled above. The recipe can be edited to match the Operator’s specifications and ingredient costs. To edit the recipe amounts or ingredient costs per measure, click on the cell to be edited. Note the recipe yield cannot be changed. If ingredient amounts are edited, they must equate to the recipe yield.

4 Input the new recipe amount and/or updated ingredient cost for the measure listed in the red pop up box. Hit enter to save the change.

5 To delete an ingredient in the recipe, click on the ingredient name and check the box next to “Yes.”

6 The deleted ingredient will appear at the bottom of the screen. To add it back in, click the ingredient name. It will reappear in the recipe as the last item.

7 Enter in the Operator price for the Heinz Prepared Frozen Soup. Enter in the cost of 2 gallons of milk for a Condensed Tub comparison.

8 Enter in the Operator’s menu price for an 8 oz serving of soup. (Default menu price is $2.00.) Enter the Operator’s hourly labor cost. (Default is $10/hr) Enter the Preparation Time that it takes to prepare the selected soup from scratch. (Default is 1hr 30 minutes)

9 To evaluate the Scratch cost/profit comparison to the Heinz Prepared soup, analyze the results in the table highlighted above. The data is summarized and broken down into 4 portion sizes: Gallon 32oz 12oz 8oz Note: To look at cost/oz, look at the 8oz results and divide by 8.

10 Summary of Results - Definitions Ingredient Total: Scratch Recipe Ingredient Cost. Sum of the cost of all the ingredients listed in the scratch recipe selected. Scratch Total: Scratch Recipe Ingredient Cost including Labor. Cost of the Ingredients + Labor (based on Prep Time X Labor Cost) Heinz Prep Total: Cost of Heinz Prepared Soup (Operator Heinz List Price + Milk Cost if Condensed Tub) Scratch Profit: Menu Price – Scratch Total Cost Heinz Prep Profit: Menu Price – Cost of Heinz Prepared Soup (Operator Heinz List Price + Milk Cost if Condensed Tub) Difference: The difference in profit from using Heinz Prepared Soup versus the Scratch recipe selected. (Heinz Prepared Soup Profit – Scratch Profit)

11 The per oz profit comparison is highlighted at the top of the screen for re-emphasis. Translate the per oz profit into annual $ revenue by multiplying out the number of oz of soup sold in a year. This small difference may translate to thousands $$$ for the Operator.

12 The results can easily be printed out in a customized report for the Operator. Fill in the Operator’s Name and the Heinz Sale Rep name in the boxes highlighted above. Click on the print icon to print the results. (Tip: Select the Microsoft Document Image Writer as your printer to save the file to your hard drive so it can be emailed)

13 Report Example

14 The cost analysis may not come out favorable to Heinz. To help sell beyond price, go to the top of the screen. Key selling benefits of using a frozen soup versus making soup from scratch are displayed across the top of the screen. Hover your mouse over the word “More” to view more selling tips.

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