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Student Meetings. Mission  To provide each student with a quality education in a safe, nurturing and learner-centered environment. This educational foundation.

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1 Student Meetings

2 Mission  To provide each student with a quality education in a safe, nurturing and learner-centered environment. This educational foundation will enhance the students’ opportunities of becoming productive citizens of our global society.

3 Our Goals  To make AYP  To become an Exemplary School  To increase the number of students scoring at the commended level on STAAR and EOC  To increase the number of students graduating from high school  To increase student scores on college entrance exams

4 Expectations  Come to school everyday and be on time to class  Bring all supplies to class that are necessary for learning  Be on best behavior in the classroom and around the hallways  Give your best effort everyday  Complete your homework

5 Zero tolerance  Disrespect  Tardies  Bullying/Fighting  Drugs and Alcohol

6 The Discipline Center and Alpha splits  Ms. Villarreal – Asst. Principal Alpha Split (A-Gl)  Mr. Cervantes – Asst. Principal Alpha Split (Go-O)  Mr. Jaster – Asst. Principal Alpha Split (P-Z)  For campus infractions, all students will continue to report to the Discipline Center (N104).

7 Dress Code for all Failure to correct dress code violations on the first incident is a full day of ISS.  NO hanging chains or gang related apparel  NO bare feet or house shoes (even for finals)  NO hats, berets, head rags, stocking caps, bandanas, sunglasses, headbands, etc.  NO torn jeans with holes above the fingertips  Hair must be neat & clean (out of eyes & not causing a distraction)  NO extreme hair styles (lines, designs, vivid colors, mohawks, etc.)  NO pajamas (even for finals)  NO baggy pants or sagging (Students will use a cable tie)  Tattoos MUST be covered at all times, every day

8 Dress Code - females  NO bare midriffs  NO visible cleavage  NO halter tops/spaghetti straps  NO short skirts, short shorts, or short dresses (fingertip length—even with leggings)  NO tight or revealing clothing (leggings or jeggings must be covered by a long, fingertip length, shirt/skirt)  NO facial piercings – eyebrows, lips, nose, etc. (the ring must be removed and not covered by a bandaid)

9 Dress Code - males  NO facial hair (including mustaches, beards, or goatees)  One earring allowed for males (including studs and gauges or spikes)

10 Dress Code correction  Dress Code Violations  Student calls parent to correct the problem. If parent unavailable, student spends the remainder of the day in ISS. This includes earrings, sagging, etc.  Shaving Issues  In the event that a student is sent to the office for a shaving issues they will be allowed to do so in the AP’s office or will spend the remainder of the day in ISS.  Refusal to correct/comply = ISS Persistent issues about dress code/shaving may result in suspension.

11 Busses & Bus Porch  All district rules apply when using district transportation regularly and on field trips.  If a student does not ride the bus, they MAY NOT come to the bus porch after school! Students are required to wait at the front or side of the school for your ride. The BACK of the school is not a student drop- off or pick-up zone, and must be reserved for busses.

12 Student Arrival/Dismissal  AM arrival-bus porch/student drop off  Student parking-designated areas  Student parking tag is required. Infractions associated with driving: 1 st - warning 2 nd - loss of driving privileges for 2 weeks 3 rd - loss of driving privileges for remainder of the semester 4 th – Loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the year

13 Electronic Device policy Student cooperatively gives phone or device to adult. $15.00 fine NO ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINARY ACTION NECESSARY Student refuses to give phone or device to adult. Suspension (Parent Conference to return) Refusal to pay the $15.00 fine will result in your name being added to the fine list, which will impact exemptions, etc. If Seen in Use or Heard: 1.In used means checking the time, seeing who texted, updating your status, etc. 2.Taken up by ANY adult (and we take the word of the adult – regular or substitute) 3.Turned into Discipline Center 4.A parent or guardian ONLY may pick up the phone after school

14 Phone Use  You MAY use your phone anywhere on campus until the 1 st bell of the day, once the 1 st bell of the day (8:07am). Once the 1 st bell has rung, all electronic devices must be powered off and put away until the final bell of the day. (Students MAY NOT use your phone between classes, in the restrooms, during lunch, etc. )  You may use an office phone with a valid reason.  If your parent/guardian needs a message delivered to you, they may call and leave a message with Ms. Gilson or Ms. Pineda in the AP offices—the message will then be delivered to you.

15 Verbal Conflict (Student to Student) Class or Hall Disruption Due to Verbal Conflict Conference with Assistant Principal and Counselor / ISS Suspension (@ AP’s discretion) OR

16 Daily arrival  1 st bell 8:07  1 st period minute bell 8:14  1 st period tardy bell 8:15 If you arrive late 8:16-8:29, they must report to the Tardy Calculator for a pass – Excused or Unexcused If you arrive after 8:30, students are absent. You must check in with Attendance.

17 Truancy  Students must be in class at all times. Skipping on campus is automatic full day of ISS.  Students may NOT leave campus without parent/guardian and a principal’s permission.  If a student needs to leave for ANY reason, they must see their AP (lunch is not a valid reason to leave campus).  If students are caught off-campus during school hours – they are truant and will be placed in ISS for 2 full days.

18 Absences  If you have a note to excuse an absence, you must turn it in to Mrs. Vargas in the attendance office within 10 days of the absence or it will remain unexcused.  Frequent Unexcused/Excused Absences may result in:  Loss of credit for classes (Credit is lost after 9 absences)  Retention in current grade  Saturday Clock Hours: Failure to attend when on probation= contempt of court  Truancy filing with the Courts---up to $200 fine plus court costs  Absences are counted PER class.  Medical Absences- You must attend school a portion of the day and return with a signed statement from the health care professional in order for it to be coded as a medical absence. Full day absences for sickness are not considered medical by district policy.  Once a six weeks ends, absences CANNOT be corrected.

19 Attendance and Exemptions  Students must attend class regularly.  Students that accrue more than nine absences in a course will be referred to the Fort Bend Court System for truancy.  Excessive absences (excused or unexcused) will eliminate students from potential exemption status.  18 year old students are NOT automatically their own legal guardian! The same rules and guidelines that apply to everyone under the age of 18 also apply to students over the age of 18.  By law, the school must file truancy on all enrolled students that accrue nine absences, regardless of age.  Even 18 year old students MAY NOT leave campus without the permission of your AP.

20 Tardy calculator  When the tardy bell rings, all students in the hallway will report to the Tardy Calculator location (G105 or B Hallway Attendance) to receive their discipline notice. The system is also designed to call parents to alert them to the tardy and the pending consequence.  Tardies will generate discipline referrals. Warnings will count toward exemptions this school year.  Forgery of Tardy Calculator passes will result in 5 full days of ISS.  Tardies will count for lunch, advisory and exams.

21 2012-2013 Tardy Policy Warning After- School Detention Saturday Detention 1-5 6-10 11-15 Failure to attend Saturday Detention = 2 days of ISS 1 day - ISS 16-? Refusal to attend After- School Detention = Suspension/Mandatory Parent Conference On your 4th Tardy – No longer eligible for semester exemptions

22 Passing zones  Passes are only allowed during the middle 20 minutes of class. Teachers do not have to let you out of the classroom during the first and last 15 minutes of instruction.  Students in the hallway (with or without passes) will be questioned by security, passing teachers, or administrators and escorted back to class.  During Advisory or Lunch, passes are not available. The only exception is Wednesday, which is designed for tutorials during advisory.  Students should use the restroom on the way to or from lunch. Passes are not allowed in ANY academic class during 4 th or 5 th period.  Passing periods are five minutes long.

23 Advisory Period  All students will be assigned an advisory period in coordination with their lunches.  Advisory teachers will work with students on grades, campus improvement and testing preparation.  Accumulation of absences in advisory can result in loss of semester exam exemptions in all classes as well as truancy filings.  Passes are only available for Tuesday Advisory Tutorials Only.

24 Mandatory Removal Offenses Will result in ALC, Boot Camp, or Jail!!  Documented gang activity (activity, affiliation, writing/emblems)  Title V felony activity  Class A or higher assault  Drug/Alcohol use, possession, selling, or distribution  Profanity towards LCISD employees  2 or more fights/citations

25 Mandatory Removal Offenses Will result in ALC, Boot Camp, or Jail!!  False alarms (pulling fire alarms, fraudulently calling 911)  Assault/Retaliation/Threat against school employee or volunteer—verbal or physical  Public lewdness  Indecent exposure  Use, carrying, or concealment of a weapon or item used as weapon

26 The End

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