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Southside High School TX-949.

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1 Southside High School TX-949

2 Overview School/Cadet Leadership Goals Community Service
School Support “Other” Health & Wellness Extra Curricular Teams Curriculum-in-Action Discipline-Teamwork-Cohesion Program Highlights WHITE Welcome to Southside High School home of the Fighting Cardinals and Texas 949. I am Cadet LTC Jose White and I am Cadet Major Kiarah Ferguson. It is our privilege today to brief you on our Cadet Corps. We are have created this slide show along with our Public Affairs Officer Cadet SMSgt Brittany Galicia and we will be taking this opportunity to highlight our Southside AFJROTC program. This briefing is typically designed to brief the Federal Inspector from the Air Force Inspector General’s Office but we have adapted to this forum so we can show Southside how dedicated our Cadets are to making a difference in our own community.

3 LEADERSHIP TEAM Principle Southside High School, Hector Esquivel
Asst. Principle Diana Centeno Asst. Principle Carveth Hall Asst. Principle. Ms Aguilar CMSgt James Stadler Major Edward Bustle Kiarah: Here we have our Senior Leadership for the school We like to highlight this to show people of influence on our program.

4 Deputy Corps Commander
Cadet Leadership Team C/LTC White Corps Commander C/Maj Ferguson Deputy Corps Commander C/1LT De La Garza Executive Officer White: This slide shows some of our Cadet Senior leadership (introduce and have each stand and raise hand) The program is designed to create leaders and better citizens. The chances we are given to lead in this program do not exist in any other forum at the High School Level. We are included in every aspect of planning and implementation of all AFJROTC activities and Corp Management. C/CMSst Jones CCMSgt C/CAPT Botello Support Sqd/CC C/CAPT Jimenez Operations Sqd /CC

5 GROUP GOALS Cadet Goals
1) 90% of Corps Authorized a Uniform and a 100% wear rate in each Flight on Uniform Day - Freshmen must earn uniform through Passing Grades, Passing Knowledge Test, and two community service events - 75% of freshmen in uniform by the end of 1st semester Enforce expectations of unity and develop the concept of team - 76% of entire Corps in Uniform 92% Wear Rate 2) Increase Booster Funds raised by 60% - Help purchase items needed to run cadet functions - Teach business structure - Still in progress X Kiarah: Now we are going to tell the goals we had planned for this year. We wanted our goals to be challenging but attainable. As you can see we have completed some but not all of our goals but the year is just getting started. On the uniform goal we didn’t want just any cadet to wear the uniform they have to earn it by participating in two community service events, pass a knowledge test and be passing all classes. We want people to wear it with pride, behave, and be responsible. Our second goal was to increase funds since everything cost money. In order to do all to make AFJROTC a full experience we have to raise funds.. We raised $8500 last year and spent almost all of that on scholarships, Military Ball, Curriculum in Action Trips, and supporting or Extra Curricular Team competitions. X

6 GROUP GOALS School Goals
1) 85% have at least a B average in JROTC - Improve cadet GPA and ensure learning process - Conduct weekly tutoring for ALL subject after school - 84 Students in the first semester passed with a “B” average 2) Increase Cadet Corps size 25% from 89 cadets to a minimum of 120 - SY13-14 Freshman Class 63 (Success) - Efforts to retain minimum of 50 cadets to Freshmen year - Recruit new Freshmen SY14-15 to a minimum of 70 again (TBD) - Class recruiting SY (4 Cadets) keeps Corps #’s down - Large recruiting function completed w/feeder school in Oct - Last years goal met White Participated in drill performances through the year To recruit from our feeder school Matthey Scheduled another recruit function for October this will get us in well before students make their elective selections We will also have a one-on-one day at Matthey that has been very successful in the past. Three cadets in each class including a freshman and a Wing Staffer, a female and a Senior go and talk to them about AFJROTC. New facilities will definitely attract new cadets especially the firing range for marksmanship teams.

7 GROUP GOALS Community Goals
1) 15% Increase in community service hours from 1126 to 1300hrs - Get AFJROTC to be more involved in the community - Incorporating corps values of service before self Community Service hr SY12-13 - 576 hrs and 20 events completed already 2) 100% of cadets serve at least two community service event minimum - Provide service to the community/help cadets build their resumes - 20 Events complete only 18 cadets have not completed events X Kiarah: We set these to be difficult but we are really getting close to accomplishing them. Goal was to increase to 927 service hours and we surpassed it this year we hope to get to 1300hours. Along with that we are challenging every cadet to do at least three events to make sure we attain the second goal. It is very challenging because we cannot force them into it but we talk to them and explain the importance of giving to the community in service.

8 COMMUNITY SERVICE Color Guard Board Meeting Adopt-A-Highway White:
BBQ Plate Sale biggest fund raiser Color Guard at each board meeting Concessions at tons of school events for fund raising Adopt-a-highway, Southside Night out, more community involvement We really want this to be a return of service to the community we want to give back not just recite the core values of service before self but display them and live them Southside Night Out Concession BBQ Plate Sale

9 School Support Cardinal Fest Wellness Extravaganza Adopt-A-Highway
Ferguson: Involved in a bunch of events compared to the last years. We did a booth for cardinal fest, pull up challenge for prizes. Drill teams perform at National night out, as well as set up and tear down Color at Veterans day events Our color guard has been at every school event to represent the corps We also did a pull up challenge at the welllness extravaganza We also make sure our school looks great with our adopt-a-highway events We want to make sure our corps is giving back and repaying the investment that our school and the administration has given us. Wellness Extravaganza Adopt-A-Highway 19 Color Guard Events

10 Black Eagles & Scarlet Falcons Drill Teams
OTHER….. Mustang Classic Academic Bowl Southside TX-949 “Top Performer” White: Other important things we do: Academic Bowl 1st team ever and they reached the Level 2 competition Mustang Classic and getting ready to go to Hal Erwin for Drill Competition Talked about our two Drill Teams Warren 5k where our ladies trophied and we won some individual awards Weekly Staff Meeting to discuss past events the events coming up this week and what the staff and cadets need to do for them and all upcoming events From this meeting we produce a weekly Ops Orders so the flights know what to expect each day and develop pass-ons to each Flight Commander so they can tell all cadets what is happening Flight leader meetings, drill practice for our three extracurricular teams Armed, Unarmed, and Marksmanship, regular physical fitness training and a host of other things. We are staying engaged and involved. Black Eagles & Scarlet Falcons Drill Teams Weekly Staff Meeting

11 Health & Wellness Weekly PT Operations Orders
- Created each Tuesday via Flt CC/PT Leader - Posted in each class and on HQ Board Presidential Fitness Test (PFT) - Oct – PFT (Initial) - May – PFT (Final) Ferguson: Now for Health and Wellness. We want all our cadets to be fit. Every Tues our PT Leader sits with the Ops Commander and each Flight Commander to discuss PT training, determine the Friday events, and create the PT Ops Order for the Cadet Corps There is an entire academic day dedicated to PT as well as every Friday before school a training session run by the cadets, and there is also PT every morning before drill practice that over 50% of our cadets attend.

12 Extra Curricular PT Team
Warren Meet Warrior Challenge 31 Mar 12 & 20 Apr 13 Kiarah: Here are some photos of our trip to the Warrior Challenge at Warren HS and we are scheduled again this year for 9 Nov. Last year we took 1 male team and 1 female team. This year we are set to take 2 male teams and 2 female team so we believe we are making some positive changes. Last year our girls team came in second in the 5k run and our Cadet Corps Commander won the individual pull-up record

Battle of Flowers Military Ball White: The majority of cadets participate in this parade. It gives us a chance to use what we learned in drill, and also to show our pride in our program and school entire city of San Antonio. We have been working on this throughout the year and really look forward to it. Our biggest challenge is transportation to these events. Attended Basic Military Training Graduation Ceremony

14 Discipline, Teamwork, Cohesion
Veteran’s Day Event Freshman Orientation Pep Rally’s Ferguson: We teach Discipline, Teamwork, and cohesion through the year. Right away in the Summer Freshman Orientation we set them on the right path. We teach them to buckle down and learn how to be a proper citizen, the core values, basic drill, and customs and courtesies. We also host a summer leadership camp for all cadets entering into leadership positions, and a camp for drill teams all before the school year even starts. Our drill teams learn to work together and support one another and how to work through difficult personal conflicts. Commanders Call we get all together for team building and also let them know what is coming in the future and promote the cadets in a public forum. After all the discipline and hardwork we do some fun things also like going for the giant pizza at big lou’s. Commanders Call Big Lou’s

15 Program Highlights Unit Coin Unit Shirt PT Ops Order New Facilities
JOSE: These are examples of some of our programs highlights New Facilities Recruiting Fair

16 Summary School/Cadet Leadership Goals Community Service School Support
“Other” Health & Wellness Extra Curricular Team Curriculum-in-Action Discipline-Teamwork-Cohesion Program Highlights

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