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What is KFS and Why Are We Doing it Now? Wednesday – September 4, 2013 12:00 – 1:00 pm McKeldin Library.

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1 What is KFS and Why Are We Doing it Now? Wednesday – September 4, 2013 12:00 – 1:00 pm McKeldin Library

2 KFS is the University of Maryland’s new Financial and Accounting system that will be implemented January 6, 2014 KFS will replace FRS at UMCP, UMES, UMCES and USM KFS Phase I will provide Chart of Accounts/General Ledger, Purchasing/Accounts Payable, Capital Asset Management, Labor Distribution, electronic documents and reporting capabilities that are comparable to FRS. KFS phase II will provide enhanced reporting capabilities and user defined attributes Contact us at kfs@umd.edu2 What is KFS

3 Why Is KFS Important? 3 Contact us at KFS represents a significant step forward for the university …  It moves us to the next generation of ERP systems in higher education  It allows us to automate the final area of paper processing (requisitions)  It provides the opportunity to collaborate across campuses, units and systems  It is a sustainable long-term solution supported by the Kuali Foundation, a consortium of colleges and universities

4 Why are we replacing FRS? Contact us at 4 FRS has reached the end of its useful life. FRS technical staff is not readily available for continuing mainframe technology. UMCP is not up-to-date with “best practice” functionality.

5 What is Kuali? 5 Contact us at What is Kuali, anyway? More information can found at

6 6 Contact us at Why Kuali? Synthesis of best practices across higher education partners from around the country for requirements Includes ten (and growing) commercial partners providing professional and technical services Benefits of commercial support with advantage of local control Commercial off the shelf (COTS) products cost tens of millions of dollars to procure. Implementation and maintenance charges can approach $1 million per year. These commercial programs do not focus on the needs of higher education. What is Kuali?

7 7 Contact us at Maryland is a key player in the Kuali community … BoardNational DevLocal Dev/Impl StudentYes FinanceYes Open LibraryYesNoYes RiceYes COEUSNo Yes ReadyNo KPME*No *Maryland donated PHR Data model and doc to “seed” program Includes staff from Academic Affairs, Finance/Comptroller, Libraries, Research, and OIT What is Kuali?

8 UMCP has been providing functional and technical expertise to the international Kuali Foundation for the past several years. Our central UMCP KFS Team understands how to use KFS to support our business. To the extent possible we have implemented KFS “out-of-the-box”, we also will minimize changes to the current business processes The University hired Navigator Management Partners and Vivantech to provide additional consulting and implementation expertise. Contact us at kfs@umd.edu8 Do We Have the Right KFS Expertise?

9 Project Team Organizational Chart

10 What Will Be Different? 10 Contact us at Transitioning from FRS to KFS will mean some changes … Today (FRS)Tomorrow (KFS) 6 digit account number7 digit account number Separate subsidiary and general ledger accounts One account for both subsidiary and general ledger Subsidiary account expense codes and general ledger account control codes Subsidiary account expense codes remain constant. General ledger account control codes will be redefined FRS Web ReportingKFS Web Reporting Elf Forms process transactions eDocs process transactions through KFS workflow (e.g., purchasing documents, payments, journal vouchers, salary transfers, etc.)

11 Contact us at kfs@umd.edu11 What Improvements Can I Expect? New set of electronic documents that will help facilitate and automate current processes. Requisition form will be automated along with the current financial ELF forms. New system will allow you to better track the status of requisitions and purchase orders as well as provide you with an improved workflow of electronic forms.

12 KFS Highlights – Reporting There are five categories of reports: 1.Enterprise – reports that are used by the campus business community. These are reports similar to what is currently on FRS Web. 2.Central – reports that used by the Comptroller’s Office. 3.Control – reports produced from the nightly KFS Batch processes. 4.Downloads – Financial downloads 5.Historical – FRS Web, FAS Web, PRO Web. Access to these reports are from the KFS Reporting Menu. The menu and reports are protected by the University of Maryland’s Central Authentication Service (CAS). Contact us at 12

13 KFS Reporting Report Menu 13 * Example Screen – still under development

14 The following guidance will help you make a decision on whether you will need access to KFS, and whether you will need to participate in training, or not: You WILL need access to KFS and will participate in KFS training if you execute any the following activities today: You verify Receiving for Goods or Services purchases You submit or approve Paper Requisitions You enter or process Journal Vouchers You request Accounts to be created You process Payroll Transfers You create/enter or approve ELF Small Procurement forms, Master Contracts, and/or Miscellaneous Payment Requests You create or maintain Vendors You look up Payments and Purchase Orders through ProWeb You work in FFX for Capital Asset Management You view/download Reports through FRS Web You will NOT need access to KFS or need KFS training if your system activities are limited ONLY to one or all of the following transactions today: You only enter timesheets You only utilize the Cash Management /Bursar systems You only interact with the SAR Student system You only utilize the Purchasing Card (PCard) System You only utilize Travel Approval Requests (TARs) & Travel Expense Statements You only utilize the Travel Card (TCard) System 14 KFS User Profile

15 Contact us at kfs@umd.edu15 Initial training will begin in October and will continue past the go-live date in January 2014 Training will be delivered a number of ways: 1. Instructor Led Training The ratio of 1:15 instructor: participants will be used. Each workshop will consist of a step-by-step training manual and supporting documentation. 2.User Productivity Kit (UPK) Online Tutorials - Online Tutorials provide a self-paced learning guide. 24/7 access to learning content. Provides users with a flexible training schedule. 3.Drop-In Working Labs Provides a one to one learning environment. Allows users to bring in assignments to work on with someone who knows the process on-hand. Will be held at the Patapsco Building room 2111 4. Brown Bag/Sessions Focuses one topic at a time. Provides a fast refresher course to individuals who have already attended training. Locations, Dates and Times TBD How Can I Expect to Be Trained?

16 16 Training Delivery Methods The KFS Training Registration Page will launch towards the end of October to allow you to register for classes -

17 17 Contact us at

18 July 17 th, 2013 – KFS Reporting July 31st, 2013 – KFS Reporting August 14 th, 2013 – KFS – What about Training? – August 28th, 2013 – KFS Internal Billing – September 4 th, 2013 – What is KFS and why are we doing it now? - September 11 th, 2013 - KFS – What about Training? – - will be rescheduled to October 16 th, 2013 September 18 th, 2013 - KFS Requisitions - October 2 nd, 2013 – Labor Distribution and Preparation of Salary Transfers - Contact us at Brown Bag Series Dates The Kuali Financial System (KFS) will replace FRS in 2014. If you are a current user of FRS and would like to know more about how KFS will change financial processing for the university, join us for the KFS Brown Bag Series. These informal one-hour sessions will be held every other Wednesday and will feature knowledgeable VPAF representatives talking about key features of KFS. All meetings are scheduled from 12– 1:00 pm and, if not otherwise noted, will be held in 6137 McKeldin Library* * As dates, locations and topics may change, please check the website for the latest information

19 For more information on KFS and for the latest Brown Bag Schedule: 19 Contact us at … Check out updates to the VPAF KFS page …

20 For additional information regarding this presentation, please contact:  John Farley  20 Contact us at Contact Us  KFS  (301) – 405-3020 

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