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ArAND Organizational Chart, Committees and Duties 2013-2014 Margaret Pauly, MS, RD, LD Executive Director.

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1 ArAND Organizational Chart, Committees and Duties 2013-2014 Margaret Pauly, MS, RD, LD Executive Director

2 Shannon Hendrix Past President Nina Roofe President Stacee Smith State Fundraising Chair April Hobbs Annual Meeting Chair Kathy Murdock Annual Asst. Meeting Chair Polly Carroll Delegate Sara Long Dir. of Member Services Vacant Asst. Dir.Member Services Lori Dather Dir. of Communications Katie Rhodes e-Commun. Ed. Ashley Meek Asst. e-Comm. Ed. Stacey Finch Media Rep Brooklyn Pyburn Social Media Rep Andi Ridgway Webmaster Jessica Burgess Asst. Webmaster Ashley Anderson Asst. Director Comm. Ruth Johnston Director of Governance Carole Garner Parliamentarian Renee Morgan Continuing Ed. Chair Debie Head Strategic Planning Coor. Carole Garner Public Policy Coordinator Michelle Justus State Policy Rep/ADLB Liaison Michelle Morgan Reimbursement Rep Erin Moore State Reg.Specialist Amanda Dawson Secretary/ Treasurer Brandi Nichols Secretary/ Treasurer Elect Margaret Pauly Executive Director Stacey A. Finch Incoming President Elect Taryn Hehl President Elect ARKANSAS ACADEMY OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS 2013-2014 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART

3 Fundraising & AME Committees Fundraising Committee Consists of:  State Fundraising Chair  Appointed members (2+) Annual Meeting Committee Consists of:  Annual Meeting Chair  Asst. Annual Meeting Chair  President  President-Elect  Incoming President- Elect  Past President  State Fundraising Chair  Dir. Of Communications  Executive Director

4 Duties  Organizes fundraising activities throughout year and at State Meeting for ArAND and AND Foundation  Plans and executes all aspects of the annual meeting and exhibition  Meets member needs for CPE and raises funds for the association

5 Member Services Committee Consists of:  Director of Member Services  Asst. Director of Member Services  SPRC (State Professional Recruitment Coordinator)  SPRC Assistant  4 District Presidents  ArDHCC Chair

6 Duties  Recruits and maintains members  Communicates benefits  Honors/awards and scholarships

7 Website Committee Consists of:  Webmaster  Asst. Webmaster  e-Communique Editor  Asst. e-Communique Editor  Social Media Coordinator  Director of Communications  Asst. Director of Communications  Media Rep

8 Duties  Markets the ArAND member as the nutrition expert  Assists with marketing and media training  Maintains an attractive and functional website for ArAND members and the public  Keeps members informed via the website and e- Communique as well as e-blasts and alerts

9 Public Policy Committee Consists of:  Public Policy Coordinator  State Policy Rep  State Regulatory Specialist  State Reimbursement Rep  Student Representative  Other appointed members

10 Duties  Guides the establishment of ArAND’s public policy work (including national, state, legislative and regulatory issues)  Reports to ArAND’s Board of Directors.  Meets once a month via conference call and other times as needed as well as in conjunction with Public Policy events

11 Nominating Committee Consists of:  Nominating Chair  Chair-elect  Members (2+)  Past President

12 Finance Committee Consists of:  President  President-Elect  Incoming President-Elect  Past President  Secretary/Treasurer  Secretary/Treasurer-Elect  Executive Director

13 Duties  Administrative functions for all  Policies/Procedures & Bylaws  Approves CPE for State  Records minutes for all meetings  Budget preparation and maintenance


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