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Office of Acquisition & Financial Assistance Mary Foreman, Director (303) 275-4762 Financial Assistance Division Vacant Assistant.

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1 Office of Acquisition & Financial Assistance Mary Foreman, Director (303) 275-4762 Financial Assistance Division Vacant Assistant Director (303) 275-xxx Acquisition Division Vacant, Assistant Director (303) 275-xxxx Xxxx/ EE/RE Branch I Matt Baron, Branch Chief (303) 275-4787 Solar, Wind, Industrial Technologies, Native American & Special Energy Projects EE/RE Branch II Jim Damm, Branch Chief (303) 275-4295 Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal & Special Energy Projects FEMP Team Vacant, Team Lead (303) 275-xxxx Effective 10/14/2007 Support Services/Supply Team Vacant, Team Lead (303) 275-xxxx M&O Team Vacant, Team Lead (303) 275-xxxx

2 Office of Commercialization and Project Management Gary Burch, Acting Assistant Manager (303) 275-4801 Renewable Energy Projects Division Doug Hooker, Director (303) 275-4780 Energy Efficiency Projects Division Gary Burch, Director (303) 275-4801 Solar Branch Carolyn Elam, Branch Chief (303) 275-4953 Biomass Branch Jim Spaeth, Branch Chief (303) 275-4771 Hydrogen Branch Doug Hooker (303) 275-4780 Renewable Technologies Branch Gary Nowakowski, Branch Chief (303) 275-4808 FEMP Branch Jeff James Branch Chief (303) 275-4806 Intergovernmental/Outreach Branch Cathy Iverson, Branch Chief (303) 275-4805 Industrial Technologies Branch Joe Springer, Branch Chief (303) 275-4758 Effective 10/14/2007

3 OAFA - EE/RE Branch I Solar, Wind, Industrial Technologies, Native American & Special Energy Projects NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Brodi, PamelaGrants & Dins, RandyGrants & Elkins, AnneGrants & Gorin, MargoGrants & Kiyota, NancyGrants & Liles, PatGrants & Lucero, AndreaFinancial Schledorn, MichaelGrants & Wilson, SaraContract Hernandez, SusanaProcurement O’Keefe, HeatherProcurement Zabransky, PeterProcurement

4 OAFA - EE/RE Branch II Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal/Special Energy Projects NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Stephanie CarabajalGrants & Hank EgginkGrants & Bob KingsleyGrants & Carol Anne MayneGrants & Pete SimonGrants & Melissa WiseGrants & Genevieve WozniakGrants & Danela GarciaProcurement Yolanda RamirezProcurement Carmen WashingtonProcurement

5 OAFA - M & O Team NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Steve ScottContract Jean SiekerkaContract Clyde RailsbackProcurement Krista WeilandProcurement

6 OAFA – FEMP Team NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Daryl BergContract Julia TrautmanContract Diana HornsbyCost/Price John MerendaProcurement Lori RolutiProcurement

7 OAFA – Support Service/Supply Team NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Tammie LawlerContract Jon OlsenContract Carri ThompsonBusiness Management Kathy WharryGrants &

8 OCPM – Biomass Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Kevin CraigProject Roxanne DempseyProject Glenn DoyleProject Fred GerdemanProject Gene PetersenProject John ScahillProject Chad SchellProject Bryna BerendzenProject Renae BinstockProject James CashEconomic Molly HamesProgram Ceth LightfieldProject Josh MessnerProject Liz MooreProject Christy SternerProject William VandermeerProject

9 OCPM – Hydrogen Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Jesse AdamsProject Mgr – Hydrogen Storage Jim AlkireProject Mgr – Hydrogen Storage Paul BakkeProject Mgr – Super Conducting Partnership Initiative Jill GruberProject Mgr – Hydrogen Production David PetersonProject Mgr – Fuel Reginald TylerProject Mgr – Fuel Lea YanceyProject Mgr – Kim CierpikProject Engineer – Hydrogen Henry FowlerProject Analyst – Jennifer ZabelProgram

10 Renewable Technologies Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Curtis FramelProject Mgr – Wind/ Keith BennettProject Mgr – Wind & Hydropower Jay NathwaniProject Mgr – Steve PalomoProject Mgr – Wind & Hydropower Martha AmadorProgram Tim RamseyProject Jennifer ZabelProgram

11 Solar Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Margie BatesProject Carla ClemonsProject Joe LucasProject Manager – Solar, State & Science Initiative Projects Steve PalmeriProject Manager – Solar America Initiative Brad RingProject Manager – Solar, State & Science Initiative Projects Leon FabickPrinciple Project Yana RasulovaProgram Stephanie ReturetaProject Pat SaitoProject Eric HassProject

12 FEMP Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Randy JonesProject Melinda LatimerProject Greg MooreProject Jennifer DavisProgram

13 Industrial Technologies Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Debo AichbhaumikProject Mgr – Sensors & Controls, Steel, Metal Casting & Support Industries Gibson AsuquoProject Mgr – Forest Products Christine CarterProject Mgr – Tech Delivery Jamey EvansProject Mgr – Tech Delivery Sandy GlattProject Mgr – Tech Delivery Mahesh JhaProject Mgr – Brian OlsenProject Mgr – Tech Delivery Bill PrymakProject Mgr – Chemicals, Petroleum & Combustion, State Industries of the Future & Industrial Debbie WeemsProject Mgr – Inventions & Innovations Debbie CloudProgram Chico GonzalezProject Brian HunterProject Kristen McDanielProject Yvonne PierProgram Tim RamseyProject Becky WallProject

14 Intergovernmental/Outreach Branch NameArea303.275.xxxxEmail Address Barbara AldersonProject Mgr – Rob DesotoProject Mgr – Molly DwyerProject Mgr – Carole GatesProject Mgr – Ernie OakesProject Mgr – Clean Cities/National Parks Michael PetersonProject Mgr – Lizana PierceProject Mgr – Tribal Energy Projects Doug SeiterProject Mgr – Stephanie SungProject Mgr – Katherine FooteProgram Cindy SandovalProgram Susan CarolloCommunication Pam MendelsonProgram Vicky DeHerreraProject

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