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EERE Project Management Center Update July 2006 James M. Ferguson States Coordinator National Energy Technology Laboratory.

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1 EERE Project Management Center Update July 2006 James M. Ferguson States Coordinator National Energy Technology Laboratory

2 2 Purpose of Consolidation The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) determined that to more efficiently and effectively manage EEREs deployment and outreach activities to consolidate these efforts in two offices: National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Golden Field Office (GO)

3 3 National Energy Technology Laboratory West Virginia Pennsylvania Oklahoma Alaska Oregon One of DOEs 17 national labs Government owned / operated Sites in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alaska and Oregon More than 1,200 federal and support contractor employees Pittsburgh, PA Morgantown, WV Albany, OR Fairbanks, AK Tulsa, OK

4 4 Programs, Projects, Procurement 10 Programs in EERE; most focus on end-use sector or technology, e.g., Building Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Solar Energy Each Program managed by a HQ Program Manager Programs contain many Projects or activities Projects managed by a PMC Project Manager Projects awarded by PMC Procurement to Recipients, e.g., State Energy Office, Weatherization Office

5 5 HQ Organizational Structure Assistant Secretary Andrew Karsner DAS for Technology Development David Rodgers DAS for Business Administration Rita Wells 10 Tech. Dev. Programs3 BA Offices Project Management Center

6 6 Lines of Communication Headquarters Field DOE National Labs, Work For Others, Industry & Academia Common Business Practices GO NETL Geo- thermal Hydrogen Solar Wind & Hydro BiomassIndustrialWIP Buildings Project Management Center FCVT Implementers FEMP States

7 7 PMC Program Implementation Responsibilities GO Solar Energy Wind & Hydropower Geothermal Energy Biomass Industrial Technologies (ITP) Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Federal Energy Management (FEMP) * Native American (OWIP) NETL Building Technologies (BT) FreedomCAR & Vehicle Tech. Weatherization and Intergovernmental (OWIP) * Mining (ITP) * Biomass and Alternative Methane Fuels (FEMP) * Black Liquor Gasification (Biomass) * Subprograms where Program responsibility resides at the other PMC entity

8 8 EERE Regional Office Consolidation Western RO Offices Consolidate to Golden Eastern RO Offices Consolidate to NETL GoldenNETL Project and Contract Officers by Program Lead Hydrogen Geothermal Solar Biomass Wind/Hydro Industrial FEMP Building Technologies FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs * * For WAP and SEP, NETL is Project Office for Eastern States and Golden is Project Office for Western States

9 9 NETL Organizational Structure NETL Carl Bauer Office of General Counsel Tom Russial Office of Public Affairs Dave Anna Office of Science & Technology Anthony Cugini* Strategic Center for Coal Ralph Carabetta Albany Research Center Rich Walters Strategic Center for Natural Gas & Oil Brad Tomer* Project Management Center Larry Carpenter* Office of Business Operations 1) Tom Torkos Office of Systems Analysis & Planning Jim Eckman * Acting 1) Business Operations contains 5 other divisions; those included will have direct contact with States Acquisition and Assistance Dale Siciliano Financial Management Tom Wilson*

10 10 NETL PMC Project Structure FCVT R&D Clean Cities BT R&D Rebuild America ENERGY STAR Building Energy Codes Building America * Acting Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) State Energy Program (SEP)

11 11 Julie Riel States Coordinator Peter Dreyfuss PMC Coordinator Julie Riel States Coordinator Peter Dreyfuss PMC Coordinator Golden Field Office (GO)

12 12 Activities Not Changing Continue to interface with DOE Feds Formula Grant Awards Processing of Applications Reporting of Information (WinSAGA) Payment of Funds Telephone/E-mail Access Monitoring Visits Technical Assistance

13 13 Activities Changing Losing local access to Regional Office staff Face-to-face communications limited by travel funds Anticipate more telecommunications May deal with two DOE Contracting Offices Former Regional State groupings, i.e., future States activities may be defined by other factors, e.g., climatic, technology, end- use sector

14 14 Program and Deployment Activities GO Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Hydrogen/Transportation Power Park Biomass Regional Biomass Energy Program Bioenergy Special Projects Solar Technologies Million Solar Roofs/Solar Powers America Wind/Hydro Wind Powering America Wind & Water Geothermal GeoPowering the West Industrial Technologies (ITP) Save Energy Now Inventions & Innovations Industries of the Future Federal Energy Management Program NETL FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Clean Cities Building Technologies (BT) Rebuild America ENERGY STAR Building Energy Codes Building America Residential Deployment Zero Energy Homes OWIP State Energy Program Weatherization Assistance Program Distributed Energy (Moved to OE) All Government responsibility will be based on Program/Technology

15 15 PMC Split All Regional Office activity will be split between two EERE Project Management Center Offices (GO & NETL): Formula Awards (SEP and WAP): All Procurement to NETL Project Management split between NETL and GO Discretionary/Competitive Awards: Will be split between GO and NETL based on Program Omnibus Awards: For former Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast states, NETL will hold the Umbrella Award Agreement For former Western, Central and Midwest states, GO will hold the Umbrella Award Agreement Sub-awards will be managed by the PMC (NETL or Golden) based on program funding/technology

16 16 Other Stuff FY2006 SEP Special Projects issued as stand-alone Program announcements, Solicitations Issued: Mid to Late March Applications Due: May 24th for BT, May 31st for ITP, and early June for Clean Cities Transportation Sector Awards: September mandatory for application submittal in FY2007 Listing of EERE Project Management Center points of contact will be distributed using various forms of communication (website, e-mail, newsletter, etc.)

17 17 States Coordinators Julie Riel (GO) States from Midwest, Central and Western Regions James M. Ferguson (NETL) States from Northeast, Mid- Atlantic and Southeast Regions Primary Roles/Responsibilities include: Serve as primary POC for States and other key stakeholders for gathering, organizing and communicating PMC information and activities. Work with each other and PMC Coordinator to ensure consistent information, processes and activities are being used at all PMC sites. Maintain knowledge of all EERE programs and PMC activities in order to provide support for the outreach and communication to key stakeholders.

18 18 Points of Contact for States (Management and Administrative) OfficeNETLGO ManagerLarry Carpenter 304-285-4161 John Kersten 303-275-4792 States CoordinatorJames M. Ferguson 412-386-6043 Julie Riel 303-275-4866 ProcurementDenise Riggi 304-285-4241 Jerry Zimmer 303-275-4748 FinanceFloyd Boilanger 412-386-6197 Tim Rea 303-275-4760

19 19 Points of Contact for States (Program and Technical) OfficeNETLGO Building TechnologiesEddie Christy 304-285-4604 Contact Eddie Christy FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Chuck Zeh 304-285-4265 Contact Chuck Zeh Intergovernmental Projects & Outreach Division Angela Young 412-386-6042 Gary Burch 303-275-4801 - Intergovernmental Team (WAP & SEP) FEMP: Golden (Jeff James) Greg Davoren 412-386-6045 Jeff James 303-275-4806 - Outreach Team (Biomass, Wind/Hydro, Geothermal, Solar, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells) Contact Gary NowakowskiGary Nowakowski 303-275-4808 Industrial TechnologiesContact David BlanchfieldDave Blanchfield 303-275-4797

20 20 How STEAB Can Support the EERE Project Management Center Share this information with other members, associates, partners and stakeholders. Encourage all members and stakeholders to work with the appropriate PMC contacts. Share questions, issues and concerns with the appropriate PMC contacts.

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