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AGENDA 1.Call to order 2.Approval of the minutes 3.President's remarks 4.Dean's remarks State of the School and Q&A 5.Old business 6.New business 7.Introduction.

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2 AGENDA 1.Call to order 2.Approval of the minutes 3.President's remarks 4.Dean's remarks State of the School and Q&A 5.Old business 6.New business 7.Introduction of new faculty members 8.Motion to adjourn 9.Adjournment 5 2


4 Joseph Lennis Tucker Edmonds Acting Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Religious Studies PhD, Duke University (Expected 2011) MDiv, Union Theological Seminary AB, Brown University Academic Interests: African and African American Religions, Religion and Globalization, Liberation Theology, Womanist Theology, Alternative Christianities, New Religious Movements in the African Diaspora 4


6 Michael Stewart Brodrick Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies PhD, Vanderbilt University, 2010 MA, Vanderbilt University, 2010 BA, Fordham University, 2002 Academic Interests: American thought, philosophy of George Santayana, ethics, nineteenth century philosophy, Asian philosophy, spirituality, adult development 6


8 Jennifer Bute Assistant Professor of Communication Studies PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, 2007 MA, Ball State University BS, Ball State University Academic Interests: Communication about health in interpersonal relationships, public discourse about women's health, qualitative research methods 8

9 Charmayne Champion-Shaw Visiting Lecturer in Communication Studies Office of American Indian Programs MA, Indiana University, 2011 BGS, Indiana University, 2007 AAGS, Indiana University, 2005 Academic Interests: Development of IUPUI American Indian Programs; Identity & Community,; Social Justice; Media Studies; Interpersonal Communication; Intercultural Communication 9

10 Stephen A. LeBeau, Jr. Lecturer/Director of Public Speaking MA, IUPUI, 2007 Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, IUPUI, 2004 BA, IUPUI, 1999 Academic Interests: Public Speaking; English as a Second Language; Instructional Technology 10

11 Jonathan Rossing Assistant Professor of Communication Studies PhD, Indiana University, 2010 MS Ed, Indiana University, 2004 BA/BS, The University of Texas at Austin, 2000 Academic Interests: Critical Race Theory; Comedy as a source for social justice education; Racial controversies and constructions of racial knowledge 11

12 Jill Cobb Administrative Assistant, Department of Communication Studies 12

13 ENGLISH 5 13

14 Tracy Donhardt Visiting Lecturer in English MA, IUPUI, 2011 BA/BA, IUPUI, 2004 Academic Interests: Writing, literacy, student engagement, writing center, associate/adjunct faculty issues 14

15 Jennifer Mahoney Visiting Lecturer in English BA/BA, Indiana University-Bloomington, 1994 MA, Butler University, 2003 Academic Interests: Business writing, academic writing, British literature, French literature and language 15

16 Megan Musgrave Assistant Professor of English PhD Loyola University Chicago, 2007 MA, Loyola University Chicago, 1999 BA, College of William and Mary, 1994 Academic Interests: Contemporary multicultural women's literature, magical realism, twentieth century American literature, composition studies 16


18 Dana Ward Undergraduate Secretary Department of Economics 18


20 Vijay Lulla Postdoctoral Fellow PhD, Indiana State University, 2010 MA, Indiana State University, 2005 BE, Maharaja Sayajirao University Baroda, India, 2000 Academic Interests: Hyperspectral applications in urban geography 20

21 Pamela Martin Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and Geography PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2000 BA, University of Chicago, 1989 Academic Interests: Paleoceanography and the impact of agriculture on the environment; interdisciplinary, environmental science and studies. 21

22 HISTORY 5 22

23 Rebecca Shrum Assistant Professor of History (appointed 1/2010) PhD, University of South Carolina, 2007 MA, University of South Carolina, 2001 BA, University of South Carolina, 1993 Academic Interests: Public History, Material Culture, North America to 1850 23

24 Jon Delmas Wood Visiting Assistant Professor of History PhD (cum laude), Princeton Theological Seminary, 2008 M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2002 BA (summa cum laude), Vanderbilt University, 1999 Academic Interests: History of Christianity, Reformation/Early Modern Europe, German language 24


26 Julie Goldsmith Visiting Associate Professor of Liberal Arts PhD, Michigan State University MS, Northwestern University BA, Butler University Academic Interests: Cultural history of media, effects of stigma and stereotype in communication, and the mediated effects of color images 26

27 Melissa Adelman Development Associate Lauralee Stel Senior Administrative Secretary 27

28 Lindsey Smith Academic Advisor, University College School of Liberal Arts Dawn Wheeler Career Coach & Communications Specialist Career Development Office Adjunct Faculty, Africana Studies 28


30 David Luesink Postdoctoral Fellow PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia MA University of Alberta, 2004 BA Trinity Western University 2002 BRE Northwest Baptist College 1997 Academic interests: History of modern China, history of medicine, science and technology studies 30


32 Gregory Witkowski Associate Professor of Philanthropic Studies Director of Graduate Programs PhD University of Buffalo(SUNY), 2003 MA University of Buffalo (SUNY), 1998 BA College of the Holy Cross, 1993 Academic Interests: Philanthropy and Charity, Germany, South Africa, Historiography, Soviet Union, German Language 32

33 Genevieve Shaker Director of Communications and Creative Services, School of Liberal Arts Assistant Professor of Philanthropic Studies PhD, Indiana University, 2008 MA, Indiana University, 1998 BA, Minnesota State University-Moorhead, 1997 Academic Interests: University advancement; College and university faculty identity and work; Philanthropy and the professoriate 33


35 Courtney Abshire Administrative Secretary Department of Political Science 35


37 Stephan Kory Visiting Lecturer in Religious Studies PhD, Indiana University (ABD) MA, University of Colorado, 1998 BA, Washington and Lee University, 1991 Academic Interests: East Asian religious and cultural history; Chinese religion; classical Chinese literature; medieval Chinese history; divination and mantic culture 37


39 Amy Lynelle Visiting Assistant Professor in French PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2008 MA, University of Pittsburgh, 2000 BA/BA, Indiana University, 1993 Academic Interests: Nineteenth and twentieth century French and Francophone literature with specific interests in French Caribbean fiction, Haitian Romanticism, and poetry as a genre 39

40 Amira Mashhour Lecturer in Arabic & Director, Arabic Program PhD, Cairo University, 1986 MA, Cairo University BA, Cairo University, 1971 Academic Interests: Arabic Language 40

41 Kate Miller Assistant Professor of French PhD, Indiana University, 2011 MA, Indiana University, 2008 MA, Miami University, 2004 BA, Berea College, 2001 Academic Interests: French Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Syntax of French, History of the French Language 41

42 José L. Vargas-Vila Visiting Lecturer in Spanish MA, University of Miami, 1992 BA, Florida International University, 1978 AA, Miami-Dade College, 1976 Academic Interests: Spanish language and instruction, Latin American History, and Iberian History 42

43 Iker Zulaica-Hernández Assistant Professor of Spanish PhD, The Ohio State University, 2008 MA, The Ohio State University, 2002 BA, Universidad de Alicante, 1994 Academic Interests: Discourse semantics and pragmatics, Syntax, Corpus linguistics, Discourse representation theories, Discourse anaphora 43

44 FUTURE FACULTY TEACHING FELLOWS 44 Shannon Bennett Department of History Zohra Ismail Beben Department of Anthropology

45 FUTURE FACULTY TEACHING FELLOWS 45 Sharon Wailes Department of World Languages and Cultures, German

46 INDIANA CENTER FOR INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Zhiqing Hu, Visiting Scholar Susan Hurt, Office Coordinator Xiaojun Zhang, Visiting Scholar 46

47 POLIS CENTER Gloria Harmsen-Hastings, Financial Assistant Richard Ryan Stevens, GIS Analyst 47

48 CENTER ON PHILANTHROPY Kelly Albertson, Assistant Director of International Programs Meg Ban, Asst. Manager of Communications and Marketing Wolfgang Bielefeld, Director, International Programs Emily Blyze, Manager of Research & Proposal Development Caitlin Deranek, Senior Administrative Secretary Melanie McKitrick, Managing Editor of Giving USA Jason Ward, Project Coordinator 48

49 INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON SOCIAL ISSUES Mary Cox, Visiting Research Associate Elizabeth Erbaugh, Visiting Research Associate, Adjunct Faculty, Sociology 49

50 INSTITUTE FOR AMERICAN THOUGHT Whitney Smith, Visiting Research Associate, Fredrick Douglass Papers 50

51 AGENDA 1.Call to order 2.Approval of the minutes 3.President's remarks 4.Dean's remarks State of the School and Q&A 5.Old business 6.New business 7.Introduction of new faculty members 8.Motion to adjourn 9.Adjournment 5 51


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