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EAGLE Program Orientation / 2014 EAGLE / G-T Program 302 West Dunlap Street Lancaster, SC 29720.

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1 EAGLE Program Orientation / 2014 EAGLE / G-T Program 302 West Dunlap Street Lancaster, SC 29720

2 Who are our “gifted” children? They are students who have demonstrated high performance ability or potential in academic and/or artistic areas and therefore require an educational program beyond that normally provided…

3 What are some differences between high achievers, gifted learners & creative thinkers? HIGH ACHIEVERGIFTED LEARNERCREATIVE THINKER Remembers the answersPoses unforeseen questions Sees exceptions Is attentiveIs selectively mentally engaged Daydreams; may seem off task Works hard to achieveKnows without working hard Plays with ideas and concepts Needs 6-8 repetitions to master Needs 1-3 repetitions to master Questions the need for mastery Completes assignments on time Initiates projects and extensions of assignments Initiates more projects than will ever be completed Is pleased with own learning Is self-criticalIs never finished with possibilities

4 How do students qualify for the EAGLE Program? Must meet two out of three dimensions for state qualification: Aptitude test scores Achievement test scores Performance Task scores

5 What about “local” criteria placement? Must meet one of the state-required dimensions and score very highly in a second dimension No distinction is made in services provided Additional testing is required to help qualify for “state” placement

6 What does the “EAGLE” acronym stand for? E = enrichment & A = acceleration for the G = gifted L = learners’ E = education

7 Who’s included in the EAGLE faculty? How qualified are they? FacultyPositionYrs. Exp.Degree(s)Highly Qualified? G/T Endorsed? Sandra Barfield EAGLE teacher 16Masters +YES Marni Peavy EAGLE teacher 20Masters +YES Ar’Reshi Stinson EAGLE teacher 9Masters +YES Kimberly Bunich EAGLE teacher 10BS +YES Chuck Rivers EAGLE lead teacher 8BSYES Tom McDuffie Program Coordinator 37Masters +YES

8 Who’s included in the EAGLE support staff? Staff MemberPositionExperience Teressa StewartAdministrative Asst. 2 nd year Katie KirkleyInstructional Asst. / Computer Lab Mgr. 4 years Tina MorganAdministrative Assistant/ Bookkeeper 17 years

9 Where is the EAGLE Program? Two locations … Classrooms at Discovery School (302 West Dunlap Street in Lancaster) Classrooms at Indian Land Elementary (4137 Doby’s Bridge Road)

10 How do students get to the EAGLE Program? Students from 8 schools meet at their regular schools and are then bused to Discovery School Students from Harrisburg Elem. are bused to ILE Students from Discovery School and ILE walk to EAGLE classes All EAGLE buses are equipped with video cameras for safety purposes

11 What are the Key Components of the EAGLE Program Multiple Intelligences Kaplan’s Dimensions of Depth & Complexity Renzulli Learning System M3 Mathematics Prgm. MI Flow Room Interact Simulations Thinking Maps Prgm. Components of Positive Discipline & Love and Logic World Languages / Junior Great Books

12 3 rd Grade Technology Plus / Renzulli Learning My EQ, Not My IQ Interact: Grammar Zones M3 Math / The Mystery of the Moli Stone Odyssey of the Mind Flow Room Adventures 4 th Grade Interact: King Lexicon Variables Technology Plus / Renzulli Learning Mysteries & Enigmas M3 Math / What’s the ME in Measurement? Flow Room Adventures 5 th Grade Eureka! – INVENT M3 Math: What Are Your Chances? Philosophy for Young Minds Technology Plus / Renzulli Learning Nuestro Mundo Espanol / Junior Great Books Flow Room Adventures Which units of instruction will students work with this year?

13 What are the field learning experiences that are planned? Monday’s Group Bureau of Lectures: Native American Pride Dancer ************************************************ Tuesday’s Group Lancaster Community Playhouse: “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” ************************************************ Wednesday’s Group Bureau of Lectures: African Drum and Dance ************************************************ Thursday’s Group Lancaster Community Playhouse: “The Wizard of Oz” ************************************************ Friday’s Group Beyond Imagination Festival “Anansi the Spider” & “Rumpelstiltskin”

14 What about technology and EAGLE students? Technology is used as a tool to promote & enhance research and communication skills. EAGLE computer lab Renzulli Learning System Digital cameras 3M Camcoder / Projectors I-Pad Mini Labs Android Tablets Technology Plus

15 What about homework, make- up work, and projects? Most schools and classroom teachers understand that students are engaged in learning at a higher level when they are with us and they adjust assignments accordingly. Our “homework” sometimes takes the form of long-term or short-term projects. The EAGLE Program is non-graded and therefore, less stressful for students. For most students, their EAGLE day is the highlight of the week!

16 Why is attendance so important? Our instruction builds from week to week. All units are at least a semester in length and some are year-long. Students are put at a great disadvantage when attendance is not routine. Regular attendance teaches (reinforces) the concept of responsibility.

17 How is my child’s progress assessed? We believe in building a strong work ethic and a sense of continuous improvement with our students. Work is assessed through rubrics. Progress reports are issued twice each semester.

18 How do we collaborate with our students’ regular classroom teachers? At least once each six weeks grading period we communicate with classroom teachers via e-mail and/or phone calls to determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed (i.e. falling grades, lack of participation, etc.) Classroom teachers have the option of taking graduate-level classes in G/T through our district on a regular basis.

19 Nutrition & Learning Proper Nutrition Is Essential For Learning. Students Need to Start the Day Off With A Good Breakfast. Pack & Send a Balanced Lunch (watch the sugar & sodium). Include Fruits & Vegetables. Milk or Water is Recommended / carbonated beverages are prohibited

20 What are the important dates to remember? Aug. 21 EAGLE Prgm. Orientation Aug. 25-29 EAGLE Prgm. Starts Sept. 29 - Nov. 3 EAGLE Prgm. Fall Fundraiser Oct. 21 EAGLE field trip (Tues.) Nov. 6 GT-IDEAS Meeting Dec. 9 & 10 No EAGLE Classes (PD) Dec. 17 last EAGLE day before winter break Jan. 5 EAGLE classes resume Jan. 14Field Trip (Wed.) Jan. 20 & 22 EAGLE Prgm. conferences Feb. 12 EAGLE field trip (Thurs.) Feb. 19 GT-IDEAS Meeting March 17 & 18 No EAGLE classes – PASS Writing Test April 20 Field Trip (Mon.) May 4-8 No EAGLE Classes – PASS Testing May 11 EAGLE Classes resume May 15 Field Trip (Fri.) May 22 Last EAGLE Day for 2014-15 June 15- 18 Camp Adventure

21 How do we communicate with each other? Mailings/Flyers E-mail Electronic Newsletters Our Web Page Telephone Calls (after 1:45 pm) Face to Face Conferences Text Messages You Can Reach Us at 803-416-8910

22 What’s in EAGLE Talk (the parent handbook)? Program Philosophy Information about all three levels of services for students Summer Program information

23 Additional Information… Our web site is: Joining GT-IDEAS T-Shirts & Sweatshirts


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