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HISTORIANS REPORT 2009 “ History is just not old stuff anymore ”

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1 HISTORIANS REPORT 2009 “ History is just not old stuff anymore ”


3 Colonel Leonard A. Blascovich, CAP National Historian Heading up the research team to locate a permanent home and Museum for CAP History and archives Working on an in-depth history of the relationship of CAP and the USAF since before 1947 to the present. Completed monograph that covers the history of the CAP/USAF Uniform 1951 to present. History of the CAP’s Board Of Governers Working on the true and factual history of CAP Grade structure and wearing the same as the military and its impact on USC 10 & USAF In the final stages of the CAP Unit Citation Database. Designed of CAP Honor Guard Badge Displays at Waco Museum in Ohio of CAP WW2 Displays at Long Island Maritime Museum CP 17 WW2 Working legal issues on who owns CAP history, photographs and artifacts Working with Jack Faas, Chairman of the CAP Historical Foundation to develop its public awareness program. Completed an in depth inventory of CAP National Archives We now possess the largest collection o f CAP Memorabilia and WW-II documentation in the USA.

4 LTC Todd Engleman, CAP Assistant National Historian Met with staff at National Museum of USAF (Wright-Patt) to locate old CAP display. Currently in “revolving collection” (i.e. – in storage), and not on display. Eventually hope to restore it and have it placed on permanent display (possibly in presidential gallery under the two suspended CAP aircraft). Scanned and organized CAP historical documents for publication/research. Gathered research data on coastal wreck survey from NOAA. Hoping to locate WWII German submarines, with eventual intent to identify those sunk by CAP. Submitted draft CAP Pamphlet on historical preservation (tentatively CAPP 8) to NHQ/HO staff for review. Visited OKWG HQ at Tinker AFB and met with historian. Transferred to NHQ historical staff as Asst. Nat’l Historian. Assisted Curator with data on WWII CAP munitions used for Coastal Patrol aircraft. Attended OHWG conference. Coordinated for Robert Arn (WWII subchaser) promotion to Colonel and DSM. Conducted oral history interview with COL Robert Arn. Planning follow-on home visit in January. Took over records of NB members from WWII to present from Len Blascovich Submitted sketch of Chaplain 60th anniversary coin to Jim Shaw for input. Contacted Chaplain Woodard about 60th Anniversary. Began CAP 70th Anniversary designs. Located full NOAA wreck database identifying known ship and airplane wreck sites off US east coast. Will use this to compare with known CAP information. Met with Curator of VA Museum in Dayton, OH. Began draft of CAPP 5 revision (superseding older CAPP 5 and CAPP 6) for Oral and Written Histories Completed tasks for master rating in historian specialty track. (CAPF 2A attached) Writing revision to Lee Regan’s Collector’s Catalog (1985). Online research on other organizations (NOAA, AOPA, others) to identify connections with CAP and locate documentation. Researching biographical information about the founders of CAP. Researching organizations that pre-dated CAP and became part of it in 1941. Scanning historical documents from private collection into OCR capable files for easier future research. Research into OH Civil Air Guard. Compiling Medal of Valor information and citations for future publication.

5 Major James Shaw, CAP National Curator Created glass chess board for Major General Bowling, Colonel Hodgkins. Provided CAP Historical Graphics CD (1.2GB) to: Wing & Region Historians. Proposed newer version of Homeland Security Ribbon and Medal Recruited 4 new members for CAP Medal of Valor Association. Interviewed former GAWG Cadet Merhert (C/2nd Lt. 1956-1961) Created and printed 300 custom posters with squadron name and new CAP website information on them. Custom designed new version of Eyes of the Home Skies Poster for reproduction and sale through Historical Foundation. Attended GAWG Conference and took personal CAP collection for conference display. CAP Presentation at Westover High School for career day’ -Live Oak Elementary for Aviation Explorer week CAP and Model Rocketry Class at Avalon United Methodist Church - Boy Scout Pack 11- AWANA meeting for Leesburg Baptist Church. Chart and Map reading class at Boy Scout Baloo Family Weekend Lee County Elementary School Attended GAWG Unit Commanders Course. Proposed design for National Staff Badge for National Commander Lead effort to have Col. Ben Stone of GAWG inducted into Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. He is on ballot for 2010 inclusion. Created and printed 300 book markers and poster for sale of CAPHF items at NB 2009 Published historical guideline and presented at NB 2009 Assisted in the publication of CAP Historical Book by Lt Col Perrenot Designed challenge coin for Wreaths Across America and Drug Demand Reduction program. Assisted with the legality of CAP picture rights. Edited CAP historical manual for Lt. Col Todd Engelman Presented Model Rocketry Class Provided historical foundation with music CD to use for fund raising. Acquired Coastal Patrol Base 11 scrapbook. Created two custom glass presentation pieces for Curry family members. Completed test for Senior Safety Officer aircraft ground handling test Master Safety Officer Created custom Curry Awards presentation crystals. crystal eagle for foundation donor Currently working on Kruse Museum panels.

6 LTC Axel Ian Ostling, CAP Archivist-Historian & Researcher Team member to locate a permanent home and Museum for CAP History and archives Key member of the CAP Preservation Team Working on scanning the CAP Colonel Personnel records 1946-to 1980 and developing a database for this information Research for the CAP aircraft at the New England Air Museum (the historically significant Sikorsky S-39 amphibian and a Stinson 10-A from the Coastal Patrol) and developing a new CAP exhibit at the NEAM. Developed a document describing the CAP exhibits at NEAM for the Museum at Lantana, Florida, where CAP had a Coastal Patrol base in WW II. Working with another museum volunteer on an upgrade in the CAP exhibit at NEAM since adding the Stinson 10-A to the Sikorsky S-39B Training the NEAM docents on Civil Air Patrol (history and current operations). Completed an in depth inventory of CAP National Archives

7 LTC Allan F. Pogorzelski, CAP Archivist-Historian Researcher Researching the CAP- NCO History, and rank structure 1941-1991 Supporting New York Wing Historical collection Researching the who, what, and where of CAP’s U- boat sinking’s. Heraldry Advisor for CAP Awards and Decorations. Working with Congresswoman Anita Lowe for recognition for CAP WW2 Member to be awarded the American Defense Medal Researching the history behind the Unit Citation design and awards

8 LTC Joan C. Follender, CAP Historical Aerospace Education Officer Completed a Program and associated test that covers CAP’s historical points as outline in the Flying Minuteman one that seniors and cadets can take on-line. Successfully completion with be recognized by the “Brigadier General Earl L. Johnson, USAAF” History Achievement Certificate

9 Major Geraldine Ostling, CAP Historian-Public Affairs Developing methods and procedures' with list of specific contacts that might have avenues’ of educational and corporate sponsorships. Whereupon CAP Historians would be able to work with colleges & universities along with industry and foundations for money, grants and/or supporting research for CAP History. Coordinate with the CAP Historical Foundation to avoid counter productivity.

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