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The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV Executive Master’s Program Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Ft. Worth.

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2 The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV Executive Master’s Program Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Ft. Worth

3 The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV March 2004 From the Class President Fellow Classmates- With the semester half over, I would encourage you to make sure you finalize your tuition reimbursement forms and get that send in to EFS. Be looking for a flyer soon from Alicia regarding the planned Happy Hour after next class. Also, as David mentioned last class, there will be some info sessions in April, May, and June for the next group of starting students. Our goal is to have representatives from the different majors at each session. We hope to have sessions at Bldg. 200 and Bldg. 500. If you are willing to help out let me know and I will keep a list of names to give to David. Sessions in Bldg. 200 will likely be well covered, I am more concerned with covering Bldg. 500. Don’t forget about referrals!! Should you have any questions, concerns, or ideas feel free to contact me. Until then, I remain Sincerely Yours, Johnathan Foster SE-IV Class President x32679 Upcoming Events Apr 9 – EMIS 7300 Ind HW Due Apr 12 – EMIS 7301 Ind HW Due Apr 23 – EMIS 7300 Class EMIS 7300 Quiz Apr 24 – EMIS 7301 Class EMIS 7301 Project Pres. SE-IV HH @ Fox & Hound (tent.) April Birthdays Apr 14 – Jeremiah Stoker

4 April Profile One: John Bui John Bui is a Vietnamese who has a dream as an Electrical Engineer to be successful in his career. He was born two months before Saigon fell to the communists in 1975. After the communists took over the south, John’s father was imprisoned at a re-education camp because he was an officer of the south government. His mother continued to raise three children while his dad was in the camp. Four years later, his father escaped from the camp and left his family behind in Vietnam. Eleven years later, John and his family reunited with his father in the United States. As a sophomore student at Trinity High School, he had dreams like other kids to become a professional and have a successful career. Three years into high school, he tried to learn English and other courses as much as he could to prepare for his future higher education. After graduating from high school, he entered into the University of Texas in Arlington, being a local university that was only twenty minutes away from his house. As a college student, he spent most of his time with school and worked a part-time job in the library. Finally, he finished his undergraduate degree in December of 1997. John took his first job at Raytheon in Lewisville, Texas. The most interesting program that he had a chance to work as a System Test Engineer was for the Paveway program. He gained a lot of test experience and earned many awards for his successful contributions to the program. He did not want to keep his career focused in one area, so in July 1999, John took a new challenging position as Software Test Engineer in Tucson, Arizona. With his new position and new challenge, he started learning to write software and adapted to a new technologies curve. In addition to his new job, he was working on becoming an independent person as this was his first time being away from home. A year later, he moved back to Grand Prairie, TX for a new position at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control that was close to his house and allowed him to spend more time with his family. This time in Texas, John bought his own house which is close to his parents house, so he can help his parents as they are getting older. In February of 2002, John transferred with a promotion to Lockheed Aeronautics in Fort Worth, TX as a Senior Test Engineer.

5 April Profile Two: Zach Combs Zach Combs was born in Ames, Iowa in October of 1979. Before moving to Texas in 1991 he lived in Winnipeg, Canada, Denver, Colorado, and Ft. Wayne, Indiana. While he enjoys living in Texas, he prefers the colder climates he grew up in! Zach went to Plano East Senior High in Plano, Texas where he swam competitively for the school and on the City of Plano Swim Team. During high school he also enjoyed playing baseball. After high school, Zach attended Texas A&M University where he began as a Computer Science major. During his sophomore year (1999) he met the girl that would become his wife in August of 2002. Also during the same year he decided that the Electronics Engineering Technology program was a better fit for his interests. Throughout his junior and senior years at A&M he held various positions within the local IEEE-Tech chapter including Student Engineering Council Representative and President. Throughout college, he worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant helping to publish articles in national engineering educations journals. As a teaching assistant, he taught a microcontroller design course and a microprocessor architecture course. Before graduating in 2003, he also worked for the Commercial Space Center for Engineering at Texas A&M designing experiments for testing on the International Space Station. Zach graduated from Texas A&M in May of 2003 and immediately began working for the Mission Systems Integration & Verification Team on the JSF program. His duties have included process development for the Mission Systems Build process and leading various trade studies including flight test instrumentation and the development of an on-aircraft debug station for Mission Systems. He is also responsible for developing a strategy for Failure Modes Effect Testing (FMET) for Mission Systems. In August, 2003 Zach and his wife moved into their first home just in time for their one year anniversary. Zach spends most of his free time training for medium distance triathlons (Olympic and Half- Ironman distance) and hopes to one day compete at Ironman Hawaii. He also enjoys skiing, woodworking, and camping/canoeing in the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota. Like it or not, working on his new house has become a pastime as well!

6 Team Questions What do I need to do for tuition reimbursement? (REPRINT) Begin by downloading Form c-551 from the Corporate forms library. Fill out all of the personal information. You will need to go to the following SMU website and print course descriptions for all classes in the Executive Master’s curriculum. Also print out the program description from the above web page. The cost per class is $2287.50. You know what you paid for your books, so include that cost on the form. Also, request reimbursement for your application fee. Rie will be mailing me receipts for those of you who paid by credit card. As soon as I get them, I will get them to you either internally or at class in February. Mail this packet of information to EFS (address on form) for preliminary approval. You will need to include the $2500 deposit fee on this form. Through some additional research, this fee is part of actual tuition. SMU understands that tuition rates will increase by 3-7% a semester. To keep our tuition standard for the remaining semesters, the $2500 fee will be required this first semester. After the two lines of class tuition, add a line for tuition deposit. Include the word document from David that explains the tuition deposit. This requirement will no longer occur after this semester. Yes, EFS will cover this. This will put you over the $5250 mark, so be sure and add a piece of paper requesting full tax exemption. If you have any questions you would like addressed for the next newsletter, please submit to one of the people below. If you have ideas for social gatherings, ideas for spending out monetary allotment, or want to volunteer for social events or newsletter work, let Johnathan know. Thanks. Johnathan Foster SE-IV Class President X 32679 David VonZurmuehlen Director of Marketing SMU School of Engineering 972-473-3475 Jeremiah Stoker SE-IV Vice President X 78821 I would like to add a section to the newsletter for announcements, congratulations, sympathy, etc. If you have news you would like to share with the team at any time, let me know. Likewise, if you learn of classmates on bereavement or FMLA related absence, let me or the team know so we can support our classmates. Thanks.

7 The Lockheed Martin Star, the Lockheed Martin logos, F-35 JSF, F-22 Raptor, ADP Skunkworks, and F-16 Falcon are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, some in the US Patent and Trademark Office. All rights reserved. All product graphics are courtesy of the Lockheed Martin Corporation (so I think) and may not reflect or fully represent actual product deliverables. The SMU Mustang and SMU logos are trademarks of Southern Methodist University. All rights reserved. Disclaimer

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