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The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV Executive Masters Program Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Ft. Worth.

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2 The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV Executive Masters Program Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Ft. Worth

3 The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV May 2004 From the Class President Fellow Classmates- My apologies on allowing the newsletter to fall behind schedule. The tighter summer schedule and F- 35 production start has made it more difficult to find time to work on this. I have plans to catch up as long as you guys can support deadlines…something some of you have not been able to do. To make this a success, I need your help. All of you should have at least started your paperwork for tuition reimbursement. Check the Q&A section at the end of the newsletter for details on that subject. Begin brainstorming how you want to spend our money this semester. Do you want to do something with another class, do you want to do a Christmas party, just be thinking about it and have some ideas. Please have some suggestions, no apathy needed this semester or youll find Johnathan at home with a second PlayStation and some new games. On a side note, in June my mother was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. There is a medicine that has been out for the last few years that seems to treat the disease. She is having many gastrointestinal issues that is making her recovery long and difficult. We are still hopeful for almost a full recovery, but we have a long road ahead of us. In the event things get tough, I apologize if I get too ornery, just let me know and Ill try to focus harder. Should you have any questions, concerns, or ideas feel free to contact me. Until then, I remain Sincerely Yours, Johnathan Foster SE-IV Class President x32679 Upcoming Events Aug 27 – EMIS 7312 First Class Aug 28 – EMIS 7303 First Class Summer Birthdays June 4 – Johnathan Foster Aug 27 – Wendy Schreier Aug 29 – Brian Steele

4 August Profile One: Alicia Kacel Alicia was born on January 2, 1980 in Detroit, MI. When she was six her parents moved to Waterford, a Detroit suburb, where she lived until going away to college. In high school she played volleyball, basketball, and was in the marching band. She attended Michigan State University where she started out as a pre-veterinary student but then switched to mechanical engineering in her sophomore year. In college, Alicia enjoyed football games, going out with friends, and working in a coffee shop when she wasnt studying. She graduated with honors in December 2002. Soon after graduation, Alicia accepted a job at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and moved to Fort Worth in January 2003. She currently works as a fuel and hydraulics engineer on the F/A-22 program. So far shes been having a great time getting involved in everything the metroplex has to offer. She plays indoor and sand volleyball at LMRA. Her indoor team won the league championship last season and has recently started playing in a new league for ultimate Frisbee. Some of Alicias other hobbies are playing the piano, rock climbing, camping, and going out dancing with friends. She also enjoys boating, barbecues, and hot weather! In the future, Alicia hopes to move to Colorado and get a house in the mountains. So far she is enjoying her time in Texas at Lockheed Martin and will continue to do so until she can explore another area of the country!

5 Team Questions What do I need to do for subsequent tuition reimbursement? Begin by downloading Form c-551 from the Corporate forms library. Fill out all of the personal information. You do not need to resend program and class information. The cost per class is $2287.50. Submit the statement you should have received from SMU regarding the amount you owe. You know what you paid for your books, so include that cost on the form and copy the receipt. I highly recommend you FAX to eliminate any issues with snail mail or STAMPS. Again you will be over the $5250 mark, so be sure and add a piece of paper requesting full tax exemption. Last semester some students in other classes were taxed for some reason, so be sure and include that document stating this is work related and is tax exempt. If you run into problems, let me know. If you have questions, contact EFS then contact me with the outcome. Oh, and I guess it would be good to print your grades from Access and send them, too! If you have any questions you would like addressed for the next newsletter, please submit to one of the people below. If you have ideas for social gatherings, ideas for spending out monetary allotment, or want to volunteer for social events or newsletter work, let Johnathan know. Thanks. Johnathan Foster SE-IV Class President X 32679 David VonZurmuehlen Director of Marketing SMU School of Engineering 972-473-3475 Jeremiah Stoker SE-IV Vice President X 78821

6 The Lockheed Martin Star, the Lockheed Martin logos, F-35 JSF, F-22 Raptor, ADP Skunkworks, and F-16 Falcon are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, some in the US Patent and Trademark Office. All rights reserved. All product graphics are courtesy of the Lockheed Martin Corporation (so I think) and may not reflect or fully represent actual product deliverables. The SMU Mustang and SMU logos are trademarks of Southern Methodist University. All rights reserved. Disclaimer

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