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Harassment, Fraternization & Hazing

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1 Harassment, Fraternization & Hazing

2 Harassment Harassment in a workplace is ANY conduct, which makes another person feel uncomfortable, inadequate, embarrassed or threatened in ANY way. Such conduct must stop and never be repeated when; the victim makes it known to others that the conduct is perceived as OBJECT ABLE.

3 Sea Cadet’s Definition
Harassment is a form of discrimination that involves unwelcome advances, and other verbal or physical conduct when submission to or rejection of such conduct is made a condition of a persons’ position or job, or when such conduct interferes with an individual’s performance or creates an intimidating hostile or offensive atmosphere


5 Sexual Harassment Is the infringement of a person’s human rights to be able to work in an environment free unwanted sexual attention or pressure.

6 Sexual Harassment may take the form of:
Verbal Abuse Teasing, Whistling or Insults Demands for Dates or Sexual Favors Remakes about someone’s clothing or body Unwanted touching

7 Other Types of Harassment
Telling “dirty jokes” Rude gestures Name-calling Teasing Hazing Forced participation in activities which the person does not want to participate

8 Traffic Light System of Behavior
Green Light Performance Counseling Touching that is institutional in nature, showing concern A polite compliment Friendly conversation

9 Traffic Light System of Behavior
Yellow Light Whistling Questions about ones personal life Explicit comments Suggestive posters or calendars Off-color jokes Foul Language

10 Traffic Light System of Behavior
Red Light Explicit pictures or remarks Using your status to get dates Obscene letters or comments Sexual assault Rape

11 Fraternization Definition Basically
spend time with people: to spend time with other people socially, especially people with whom you should not be friendly Basically You earn your positions and you earn your privileges

12 Hazing “Hazing” refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.  In years past, hazing practices were typically considered harmless pranks or comical antics associated with young men in college fraternities.

13 Hazing Hazing is a problem for fraternities and sororities primarily
Hazing is no more than foolish pranks that sometimes go awry As long as there's no malicious intent, a little hazing should be O.K. Hazing is an effective way to teach respect and develop discipline If someone agrees to participate in an activity, it can't be considered hazing It's difficult to determine whether or not a certain activity is hazing--it's such a gray area sometimes.

14 What to Do?? Use one’s Chain of Command
If continues inform that next in command that you want to speak to some one higher up If nothing else works one may always go to the Commanding Officer Keep in mind that the Commanding Officer will investigate to whether the Chain of Command was used Complains can be written or verbal But never use or the phone to place a complaint

15 Hazing If you have to ask if it's hazing, it is.
If in doubt, call your advisor/coach/national office. If you won't pick up the phone, you have your answer. Don't B.S. yourself. If you haze, you have low self-esteem. If you allow hazing to occur, you are a 'hazing enabler.’ Failure to stop hazing will result in death...

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