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Sexual Harassment Quiz (True or False)

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1 Sexual Harassment Quiz (True or False)
Making public comments about the body of someone you like. Telling a person about sexual things you’d like to do to them. Being a part of a group that grabs at people in the hall. Rating people’s bodies. Leaving sexual pictures in someone’s locker. Touching a person in a way that makes him or her cringe, protest , or move away. Threatening a person with sexual harm. Spreading sexual rumors about someone. Hugging someone after being told he or she didn’t want to be hugged. Writing sexual things about someone on a rest room wall.

2 Are the following cases sexual harassment? If so, how?
A group of male students makes rude comments about a female student’s appearance in the hallway. The female student does not know the boys and does not say anything. She walks away hurriedly. A girl keeps asking a boy to go out with her. He has said “no” repeatedly and is now beginning to feel embarrassed in front of his friends when she comes around. She makes fun of his masculinity using derogatory terms.

3 Are the following cases of sexual harassment? If so, how?
A boy has started blocking the hallway when a certain girl wants to pass by. He says he just wants to talk to her and ask her out. She does not share the same feelings and has repeatedly asked him to stop bothering her. Two male students are always swapping dirty jokes in the hallway and both seem to be having a good time. Unfortunately, their jokes are often overheard by others.

4 What is sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is unwanted, unwelcomed, uninvited sexual behavior. Someone is being mistreated because of his or her sex. It is a type of discrimination. It makes a person feel uncomfortable and offended. It may be repeated or be offensive on a one-time basis. It is not flirting. ----- Meeting Notes (12/6/12 11:00) ----- what is your own definition? how does it compare?

5 Physical sexual harassment
Grabbing or touching someone, especially sexual parts Tearing or pulling at a person’s clothing Purposely bumping or rubbing against a person Kissing or holding a person against his or her will Impeding a person’s movement

6 Verbal sexual harassment
Comments about body parts Rating people’s bodies Sexual suggestions or threats Spreading sexual rumors Sexual jokes Using sexual orientation as an insult (homosexuality or bisexuality)

7 Nonverbal sexual harassment
Staring or pointing at a person’s body or body parts Making obscene gestures Displaying obscene sexual material on a locker or computer Writing people’s names, phone numbers, sexual suggestions or drawings in public places

8 What to do if you are sexually harassed
Tell the harasser to stop and that it offends you. If the harassment continues: write down times, places and witnesses. Report it. School officials are required to check out all complaints. Get some advice and help from a school counselor or parent

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