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A Introduction to Honors Physics By Tyler Lee Mr. Laba.

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1 A Introduction to Honors Physics By Tyler Lee Mr. Laba

2 About Mr. Laba Name: Mr. Jeffrey Laba Titles:US Science Department &12 th Grade Dean Location: Upper School Email: Education:B.S. UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS M.S. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS Employed Since 1989 (That's 21 years)

3 Syllabus Go Get help (trust me you are going to need help) –When do I get Help? Mon. - Fri. Periods 3,4,7 (pd. 6 by appointment) Mon. - Fri. After School. HONORS PHYSICS QUARTER GRADING –Tests 40% Homework Assignments 30% Quarter Paper/Presentation 15% Laboratory Reports 15% Do Well On Everything !

4 LATE POLICY (Do not turn things in late, this will defiantly hurt your delicate grade I Know from experience) –Assignments are due at the end of the day that they are due. Although some exceptions will be made for long absences, the late policy for this class is as follows One Day Late 25% late penalty (by the beginning of the period the following day) Two Days to Two Weeks Late 50% late penalty Over Two Weeks Late no credit Syllabus Continued…

5 Tracking the acceleration of cars on Midway using teamwork as a class to perfectly start all of our stopwatches. The Good Times

6 Having a day off of school to go to Six Flags for the day, to do a lab but it was a lot of fun The Good Times…

7 Learning about many of the physics of our daily lives. The Good Times…

8 The Hard Times Flatland although a good book can not be procrastinated it only becomes bad when you have to read it in two days

9 Ticker Tape although it seems cool at first wait until you have to count and measure the distance between each of little dots The Hard Times… You could use one of these, its a lot easier but you don’t know that yet

10 1.Do not procrastinate 2.Don’t break rule #1 3.Turn all your work in on time 4.Go get help if you need to 5.Learn as much as you can 6.Have fun Helpful Tips

11 “This class is hard … Let Me rephrase that this class is very hard.” (Mr.Laba) The Introduction to Honors Physics Use The website

12 Credits 400/flatland2.gif content/uploads/2009/09/tire-burnout.jpg PHYSICS92909AngularProjectileMotion614.jpg _stopwatch__1181927576__16476500.jpg logo.jpg LG.jpg

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