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Religion Presentation: Lutheran By: Abby Dillmeier.

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1 Religion Presentation: Lutheran By: Abby Dillmeier

2 Origin of Lutheranism When: October 31,1517 CE Who: Martin Luther (founder) Where: Germany Luther posted his ninety-five theses on the door of the Church at Wittenberg in Germany. His theses challenged the doctrines presented by the Roman Catholic Church that he thought were inconsistent with the scriptures the church was preaching.

3 5 Things Lutherans Believe 1.“Grace Alone”, Based on God’s Holy word, a person is forgiven and enters Heaven by God's grace alone. 2.“Faith Alone”, A Lutheran believes that we are forgiven and enter heaven based on their Faith Alone. 3.“Scripture Alone”, A Lutheran believes that all teaching that claims to be Christian must come from the Bible. 4.Lutherans Believe that one true God, the “Triune God”, who exists in three forms, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 5.A Lutheran believes that on Judgement day which is an unknown date, Jesus Christ will return. On that day everyone dead will rise and those still alive will be transformed.

4 Lutheranism is a Universal Religion -People anywhere can practice Lutheranism -Some areas such as the Midwest have a higher Lutheran population, however it is still accessible to a large majority of people.

5 Universal Religion Continued This map shows that Lutheranism can be accessed in most areas of the US.

6 Lutheranism is a Hierarchical Religion -In European countries, Lutherans are led by Bishops. In Scandinavia Lutheranism is the established religion and the services are led by Bishops

7 Lutheranism Diffusion -Diffused after 1517 through Saxony into other German territories such as Scandinavia in the 16th Century -Spread to America in the 17th Century

8 Distribution of Lutherans within the last 15 years in the US.

9 Sacred Places: All Saints Church All Saints Church,aka Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This is the site where the ninety five theses were posted.

10 Sacred Places Continued: Augustinerkloster (Augustinian Monastery) -This is the Monastery where Martin Luther became an Augustinian Monk in 1505. -The Monastery is located near Erfut Germany

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