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Evening of Pentecost Facilitated Discussion

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1 Evening of Pentecost Facilitated Discussion
Christ Renews His Parish – Regional Support Team Feb 2014

2 Opening Comments Initial EOP at Holy Trinity was abbrev. version of Called & Gifted program Holy Trinity CC created subcommittee for EOP Format is combination of what’s in the manual and excerpts from Paul Scheuerman’s notes Facilitated EOP three times, received positive feedback EOP structure is broken into 2 nights – 1st night mirrors a typical formation meeting and 2nd night is a “going forth” ceremony No perfect solution to keep people on the retreat “high” – this brings formation to a closure and equips them with tools to continue to live their life more fully in Christ

3 Preparation Make sure you work with the CC or parish office in advance to reserve a place to have both nights of Pentecost Reach out to CSD & LD at least 2 weeks in advance – most likely just one of them will take the “lead” for Pentecost Share the script with the CSD/LD so they know what is expected of them (one of them will facilitate most of the 2nd night) on both nights & to remind their team about it Find someone to do a short 5-10 min. witness talk on the first night (could also be someone who shadows you as facilitator) Need to schedule a deacon or priest for 2nd night to bring Host for adoration plus give 5 min. reflection talk on ACT 1:6-11 & 2:1-4 (Pentecost) Show up early and arrange chairs Print out copies of the handouts, song sheets, etc.

4 1st Night – Brief comment on the Evening of Pentecost purpose (5-7 min):
I’m Jesse! One good example of what happens after Pentecost is me here as facilitator When I went through CRHP, I kept wondering “What’s Next?” “It only gets better” So, what’s the next objective? (I add personal reflection of where I was at Pentecost – on fire with the Holy Spirit of course!) If you think back to the night of Discernment, the decisions for our roles for putting on the retreat were primarily made by the Holy Spirit That’s how we need to decide where we go from here (what gifts, or charisms does God want to bring out of you and share with others?) (Emphasize this – without prayer & discernment, you will resort back to anxiety over the major decisions in your daily life) Need to keep in mind that you may not necessarily feel a strong and immediate call to partake in a particular ministry (Need patience)

5 1st Night – Bible Enthronement & Scripture reflection (25 min):
Bible Enthronement by team members Pass out song sheets & Sing “Come, Holy Ghost” (sing w/ or w/o music CD) Opening prayer – Led by the CSD (or LD) Team members will break into groups no larger than 6 at tables for discussion (or stay in group circle – depends on how many people attend; use for 15+?) Scripture Reading – Matthew 7:24-29 with group discussion questions from Handout #1 (watch time to determine # of responses – can go long w/ 1 big group discussion)

6 1st Night – 2nd Scripture reflection (15 min):
Scripture Reading – Matthew 13:1-9, (parable of the sowing of the seed) “What type of soil are you in right now? Are you happy with this or do you want/need to change?” Other group discussion questions from Handout #2 (watch time again to determine # of responses – should be min. into it) Next is 5-min. break (usually becomes min. as everyone gets chatty)

7 1st Night – Intro to Call To Holiness & Witness Talk (15 min):
How is “Christ Renews His Parish” aimed at renewing our parish life? Have to match the parish growth opportunities to each of our own personal call to holiness But what we give and what we take on has to be realistic, cannot be a burden Witness will give testimony on how Christ Renews has changed their life (how have they grown, how have they struggled – good to hear both sides so encourage him/her to be honest)

8 1st Night – Call to Holiness Table Analogy Presentation by Facilitator (20 min):
Our life is like a table with four legs and the table has to sit on a solid foundation/floor which is Christ. These four legs are prayer, scripture/study, community and service. All of them are necessary (must be balanced). While the table may stand for a time without one of them, ultimately it will fall.

9 1st Night – Building My Life on Christ (Prayer/Study):

10 1st Night – Building My Life on Christ (Community/Service):
Continue to meet monthly w/ current or existing CRHP team (need accountability!)

11 1st Night – Closing Comments (5 min):
Announce next meeting night and time Hand out Personal Reflection Sheet to be filled out and pondered during weeks between Pentecost gatherings. Also, ask them to bring their Personal Commitment sheet to the next meeting (memorized if they don’t have it?) Hand out Discerning a Call to Service sheet and Service Opportunities within CRHP sheet. Closing Prayer (by CSD or LD) Bible Dethronement & Sing “Come, Holy Ghost” Total time of 1st night is about 1hr. 45 min.

12 2nd Night – Introduction (15-25 min):
Recognize that some may come the 1st night and not the 2nd night and vice versa (not a big deal) Arrange chairs in large group semi-circle with table on the side for the Host, 2 kneelers & 2 candles CSD (or LD) talks about this being the conclusion of the CRHP formation process. Now the challenge is how to live this experience in daily life at home, at work, in the parish, in the community. This is done by our personal commitment to follow through on the four legs of spirituality and perhaps continuing to meet as a team on a monthly basis CSD (or LD) gives Scripture Reflection (ex. Luke 10:1-9, John 8:12, Matthew 5:13-15, Matthew 11:25-30, John 16:12-15) This part has been done differently each time by the CSD/LD – most of them give a natural “send-off” type of talk

13 2nd Night – Procession of Blessed Sacrament (30-45 min):
Procession of Blessed Sacrament by Deacon or Priest with candle bearers while singing “Come, Holy Ghost” Quick opening prayer – led by CSD (or LD) Scripture reading & 5 min. reflection – ACT 1:6-11 & 2:1-4 by Deacon/Priest Team approaches Blessed Sacrament 2 x 2, and kneel before Sacrament and quiet reading of their personal commitment before the Lord (I suggest taking 1 minute each and I usually do this along with them). Stand up and conclude with the “Our Father” Priest/Deacon give final prayer of commissioning and blessing, and sending forth (laying on of the hands w/ quiet prayer). “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” is sung as Blessed Sacrament is processed out of room by Deacon/Priest and candle bearers (everyone else stays in the meeting room) Total time of 2nd night is about 1hr. 15 min.

14 Conclusion Any Questions?
Please let me know who wants all of the Pentecost-related documents sent to them via My

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