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Rachel Taylor AP Human Geography September 20 th 2013

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1 Rachel Taylor AP Human Geography September 20 th 2013

2 Born on February 15 th, 1861 – Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England: “dreariest of the midland redbrick towns” Born into good family – Father a doctor Helped him discover his interest in medical geography Well-traveled from a young age – French governess – Shaped interest in geography

3 Gainsborough Grammar School Epsom College – Developed enthusiasm for historical geography Christ Church: Oxford – Specialized in animal morphology – Last 2 years: geo, history, & law wide.jpg

4 1880: He & friend win 5-year Jr. Studentship in physical sciences 1885: First lecture on physical geo 1886: Membership of Royal Geographical Society 1887: Appointed to Oxford Readership 1892: First principal of University Extension College 1893: Founded Geographical Association 1913-1946; 1916: Chairman of GA; President 1923: Chair in Geo., London Univ. 1944: Charles P. Daly medal riginal.gif

5 “The Scope and Methods of Geography” – Environmental determinist Britain and the British Seas – 1 st comprehensive account of geomorphology in Britain “Geographical Pivot of History” – Intro to Heartland Theory

6 Heartland Theory: Idea that any political based in heart of Eurasia could gain enough strength the dominate the world – Whoever controls E. Europe, controls world Based on Alfred Thayer Mahan’s theory of naval domination – After Ind. Rev., land travel could be more efficient than sea; thus, less relevant

7 http://birminghamwarstudies.files.w

8 Concluded Heartland struggle would be between Germany & Russia Closed heart-land important because of inaccessibility Thought Germany had edge When Nazis invaded Russia, approach into Heartland

9 Chapter 8: Political Geography Particular name & theory not mentioned General theories regarding role of geography & war – How it impacts alliances & who cooperates Key Issue 3: Political and Military Cooperation p. 257 http://www.stepupforisr content/uploads/Israeli- and-American-military- cooperation.jpg

10 By: Rachel Taylor

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