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1 8.3.4

2 Learning Outcome… Articulate multiple geopolitical theories.

3 Geopolitics “Geopolitics is the interplay among geography, power, politics, and international relations”. AKA: Real Life.

4 The Germans School Friedrich Ratzel
“The State resembles a biological organism whose life cycle extends from birth through maturity and, ultimately, decline and death. To prolong its existence the state requires nourishment, just as an organism need food. Territories= nourishment. “ Friedrich Ratzel

5 Today’s Secret Word is…
Lebensraum Means “living space” Used to describe the geographical area of Ratzel’s “living space”. Originally applied to colonies, but Haushofer helped Hitler re-interpret it. Lebesraum was adopted by Hitler. Eastern Europe was to be Germany’s “living space”

6 The British/American School
“Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland, Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island, Who rules the World Island commands the World”. …what I’m saying is land-based power is stronger than sea-based power. If you own Eurasia (Europe and Asia) you pretty much control the world. Sir Halford J. Mackinder

7 Video: (3:15-7:24 only)
Heartland Theory Video: (3:15-7:24 only)

8 Critical Geopolitics “Intellectuals of statecraft construct ideas about places, these ideas influence and reinforce their political behaviors and policy choices, and these ideas affect how we, the people process our own notions of places and politics”. Us vs. Them!!! Gearoid O’Tuathail John Agnew 

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